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  1. Whatever happened to the huge black white and red one from the northbank that used to make regular appearances ?
  2. The West stand the main stand the away stand and the let's kick them out and be more interested in the bigot stand
  3. Who gives a f**k they can tap my phone all they'll find on it is porn sites and b&w site
  4. No chance the new scum would do that. They ruined Scottish football with there greed in the first place
  5. I agree with all of the above here. The price of following your club home and away is getting ridiculous, a can go and spend £30 on a Saturday and that's admission price and a meal for me and my 2 kids, going to a game I'm £60 odds an away game I'm closer to the £100 Mark.
  6. The 2003 president of Kenya is a saint's fan since I sold him my top
  7. My point is that our banner was refused shown took off the guy's rightly so, but Celtic never asked shown nothing done. My question to the board would be why is that
  8. I get what your saying the guy's asked told no do it banner took off. Celtic don't ask do it and nothing happens. So 1 rule for us and 1 rule for them attitude that is rife in all clubs in Scotland
  9. Not if faraway saint keeps putting picture'sup of his Sunday reheat or Lord pityme puts pictures up of what he's stole out a bin
  10. Not on Facebook it's got more shite on it than this lol, the only thing this forum has is No one puts pics up of there dinner
  11. No I don't give a f**k about human rights and that shit. But the thing that pisses me off is one rule for them and another rule for us attitude that is rife all the way from top too bottom of Scottish football.
  12. He's technically right there faraway, it basically is discriminating between two sets of supporters.
  13. No doing away games this year mate waiting to move into my new pad lol
  14. Mattman I find you to be a rude young boy please stop liking my posts or I need to send Kane to deal with you lol
  15. Nostalgia ain't what it used to be! I remember many games at the old dear which could have been played in a library and not upset the librarian! Also true bud, it's just like the saying go's love it or leave it.
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