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  1. St Mirren Scoreboard

    Sorry for delay in a reply here I never saw this question popping up. Away back at the start of looking for a Scoreboard, Brian Caldwell looked into that option of having it rotate to face the road and be used as advertisement space. It could be done but was felt at the time as not an option. The costs to enable this was very expensive and put it out of reach for the club.
  2. Sons first match for his birthday

    Just to let you all know I am now in contact with the family and we are attempting to sort things out. Thanks to SMFC for their help in sorting this as well. Together we achieve[emoji209][emoji460][emoji834][emoji833]
  3. Sons first match for his birthday

    The Fans Council are in contact with this supporter and have been in touch with board member Alan Wardrop, we are trying to arrange things with a tour of the ground, visiting the supporters bar etc
  4. St Mirren Photos & Vids

    Ian Munro Gordon McQueen
  5. electronic scoreboard birthday wish

  6. The Fans Council are holding another foodbank collection at this Saturday's match against Ayr. We had a great response to last year's appeal where we collected enough food for 626 meals. If you can please help us again to beat last year total. Thanking you in advance
  7. Remembrance Day

    Because we have a game on Sunday the 11th and will be holding it then. The Fans Council have organised a piper and the Veterans from Erskine will be guests of the club.
  8. FAO Mr Dickson I am a member of the Fans Council and I do not get a pass nor do any other council members. I also work for the club on a match day and do not have nor can I can't get a pass for any car park. So Mr Dickson can you please tell me where you get the info that we have all passes.....or can you please tell me how to get one.
  9. NFL shop at Braehead

    Thanks for info
  10. Tam McGarry Minutes Applause

    The one with the flag and flowers placed on his seat. Sent from my SM-G900F using Black & White Army mobile app
  11. Tam McGarry Minutes Applause

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the picture that was taken down at ground after Tams funeral. Who's picture was it so that I can get permission to use it on the LED, I am planning a wee tribute during the minutes applause . Thanks for any help Sent from my SM-G900F using Black & White Army mobile app
  12. It would. You will have to pay council back money they gave for naming rights Paisley 2021 Stadium Sent from my SM-G900F using Black & White Army mobile app
  13. Ryan Hardie

    Signed till Jan Sent from my SM-G900F using Black & White Army mobile app
  14. Season 16/17 Home & Away Kits

    FAO some..... Remember a football strip is just for a year it's not for life