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  1. bababrooks

    Thomas Stickroth Goal...

    lol...me too
  2. bababrooks

    Thomas Stickroth Goal...

    The whole bus put on a bet....if I can remember correctly it was 80/1 on grand national day ! happy days
  3. partly agree, though I do think there was bias against st mirren...2 out the 3 penalty shouts which were in my view good ones and the pass back which actually hit a grounded saints player for the second ICT goal was questionable....ref and linesperson were abysmal in my opinion and get paid more than most gate payers get in a week. Collum is a dick but I do agree that there is to much personal shit stirring and not enough positive talk about the top of the leauge team....
  4. loved the way we struck back after ICT scored there goals.......front line are awesome with goals written all over them. Big thumbs up for reilly......the guy is a work horse! Big shout out for changing the doom and gloom at our not so new stadium...f**k it's becoming a fortress. JR and team are bringing the dream....piece out and roll on Saturdays.
  5. bababrooks

    Mixu Paatalainen

    Last night was the first game we've not scored in! 2 wins, 2 defeats and a draw.......the problem is the bitching forum users that are never content, it's partly your fault we're where we're at. Cup win and the highest leauge position for years couldn't save Lennon from the poison the forums spread. Time to get a grip on reality and start feeding positive vibes to the youths or it's party over for our club! Get a grip or put your money on the table if you think you can get us into the ELITE top six.
  6. bababrooks

    Builders - Recommendations?

    PM sent....
  7. Skilled with both feet and an eye for goal......superb stuff. Maradona would be pleased with that peach!
  8. Kudos guys. Your part of StMirren history. Enjoy and congrats to you and all the background team.
  9. God loves a trier Mr High Horse!!!!!!!
  10. Animal my good man! if your a saints man it has nothing to do with Rangers...forget them. This is your choice to decide what is best for the Saints. Only one choice that I can see and it's stairing you in the face. Concentrate on the saints and forget about Rangers..Celtic..Man U and think about the bigger picture. we were almost gone until S.Gilmour jumped in and you should pause and take a breath.......SMTID! COYS!!!!
  11. no brainer..one way forward and the chance for fans to decide, it's a chance in a million! the only people that can't get the scope of what can be achieved have not st mirren but themselves at heart. I'm sorry stsid but you're like a light bulb on and off and it makes me wonder what you as a person has to achieve out of this? one team and the fredom to voice your best will for the club.......man, that is more than any true saints fan can ask! PS: Broonie.....whats your shout? i am voting you as my voice!