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  1. Lewis Morgan

    I’m sure JR has said likewise in interviews.
  2. Stephen Mallan

    So if we got "Hee haw" for mallan what was the actual figure?
  3. Where are they now ?

    Mark Corcoran also works with Robb at Bee Inspired.
  4. Stephen Mallan

    I don't necessarily agree that it does nt matter when we sell him. IMHO the earlier the better that way JR knows exactly what his budget for the coming season is, and allows us to get our business done early. Apart from anything else if other teams are interested, they will know they need to act now or move on to other targets. It's all about opinions.
  5. It would explain why the surface is always in good nick. I think the real grass is grown a few inches longer than the artificial stuff that way the fake stuff does nt get damaged when it's cut
  6. Are most of the big English clubs pitches not hybrid pitches, a mixture of Astro grass and real grass??
  7. Harry Davis

    What is the extent of his knee injury? Looks like he's had a few in the past, hopefully he will be back fit sooner rather than later.
  8. Should we copy Hearts?

    I thought he was saying to keep Sutton and Irvine.
  9. Really? I've bumped into him a few times and he's been the exact opposite, loves to talk about St Mirren.
  10. I did nt call him a cheque book manager but I think you'll find the financial issues stemmed from years of spending out with their means
  11. Was Jimmy Calderwood not partially responsible for the financial mess that Dunfermline found themselves in. I can't see him fitting in with our limited budget.
  12. It's all about opinions, but in Mallan, Morgan and Walsh I think we have 3 very good attacking midfielders
  13. Yes the squad which on paper is one of the strongest in the league. I am not arguing they have under performed, but who honestly thought at the start of the season when the squad was assembled we'd be where we are now. There are gaps, left back and a ball winning centre mid for me but the squads not dreadful. We have a forward line where all 4 have scored goals regularly at this level. A goal scoring midfielder in Mallan and with a bit of work a potentially decent centre half in MacKenzie. We need someone who can get the best out of our current squad!!
  14. I'd like to think any potential manager is looking at our squad, which in the main is a strong squad for this league, and thinking how he will be able to get the best out of them and propel us up the league.