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  1. Torfason is pretty unusual to be fair
  2. https://dunnottar.scot/st-mirren-home-1981-82/ Try that. That vendor has an incredible catalogue of retro shirts for scottish clubs. @john scott
  3. I'd imagine we will be fine, thank goodness for giving away the extra stand against the sisters
  4. Ideally he'd be controlling more games. I don't think our style of play has allowed any of our players to do that this year. Not the right position or game situation for him last night - forced through injury. With that in mind I think he done the leg work we needed him to, certainly not the worst i've ever seen. Our top league assister this season. 8 goal contributions in the league, Obika has 9. Not too bad IMO. I agree about McGrath - he was very effective.
  5. Bit harsh people criticising Jakubiak and Andreu IMO. We're all guilty of frustration at times but I don't think anybody warranted it last night. Seems to be fashionable to pelter some players, before christmas it was Obika and Waters. Now the same people complaining about that at the time are rounding on the likes of Andreu and Morias. FWIW, I thought Jakubiak was great last night and had been a really good foil for Obika. Andreu came on and gave the pressing we needed as our legs had gone
  6. Tactically spot on from Goodwin (if a little deep late on). Football played on the deck, forward at pace - as it should be. Solid no nonsense defending to accompany. Foley and Famewo were immense at the back. Wallace - class oozing out him in the middle again. No failures whatsoever in the team, but I think biggest credit goes to Obika, Waters and McGrath - all 3 have had absolute pelters at times - but all 3 really battled well tonight. We be positive and win our individual battles, we win games.
  7. Judging by some of the posts on here you'll need to add a 'backwards in my seat facing anywhere but the pitch' option... including myself probably in all fairness
  8. What's nearly as bad as the rhetoric Goodwin is delivering every week is the people seemingly buying into it without any question. I can handle defeat, certainly at Celtic Park - but i'm struggling to remain unconcerned by the subs and interviews. I found it quite ironic we had Tony Fitzpatrick on the field last Wednesday proclaiming once again we should be a top 4 side, meanwhile the manager sets us up to not lose every week. I really hope we buck the trend on Wednesday night
  9. I can only speak for myself and i'm not really in full meltdown mode (yet). I don't think most of the reaction is to this result in isolation. I think it's carried over from Wednesday night in particular and also the previous 10 or so games. Hearts and Hamilton are picking up the odd win now even against the OF which isn't obviously ideal. Personally I think the writing has been on the wall for much of the season with our flaws and we are now very much teetering on the brink of a half decent league finish and disaster. Wednesday is massive.
  10. The left side of our defence's distribution is extremely questionable at times
  11. Don't know how to deal with Edouard's runs and as usual the midfield ain't picking up men
  12. Hadn't actually considered this possibility. Perhaps explains Wallace given his lack of game time and Jakubiak seems to be struggling to get match sharp
  13. We're now in March and it strikes me that Goodwin doesn't yet know his best 11 and doesn't seem to trust a high percentage of the squad. Wallace MOM midweek - dropped, Jakubiak and Obika partnership working better than previously with Andreu or Morias - dropped, Durmus probably our most creative player of late - dropped Interesting afternoon ahead
  14. Thanks, I must've been sound asleep by that point
  15. I'm pretty sure Wallace was taking them?
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