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  1. Unwanted distraction from a very important game in just 3 days time. No injuries please...
  2. Are you sure the referee will allow 18,002 vs 11? Surely in breach of some pitch invasion law
  3. WUM I know but If only it was a passing game, the ball is permanently covered in snow. Nothing wrong with an effective long ball game, we can't even do that!
  4. Reliable as ever captain. At least this time it can't be blamed on tippy tappy football! We are horrid to watch.
  5. We're still in contention for finishing bottom too if you want to look it at that way. No wins in 5 or 6. Everything ain't as rosy as is being made out in some quarters. I don't think we should bag him either. Just my belief that we ARE underperforming in a few areas when you compare with other squads in the league. Also my belief that he is being given some slack due to his history ETA - Had a chuckle at your opening statement. That shows our standards as a club in the last 15 years rather than some sort of benchmark. Even more bonkers when you consider we sacked the man who delivered those 'high' finishes
  6. You have to feel that if this was any manager other than Goodwin, serious questions would be getting asked. Anything other than at least 4 points from our next 3 games and we are in trouble
  7. Spot on, with all these injuries we'll definitely be needing his presence to make up numbers on the bench
  8. Oh for goodness sake. It's Gavin Reilly all over again
  9. Yes, that's a good point. Striker is tiring and we don't have many options to replace him upfront...
  10. A midfielder on for a striker If your face fits I guess. Other results going our way I guess is a positive
  11. When did Morelos sign for Livingston. Non-existent Old Firm forum for this pish
  12. Our toothless attack loses the ball at one end as the opposition race up the park and we concede a soft penalty Imagine my surprise
  13. You're correct, however, Flynn is probably our best player (definitely our best midfielder by a mile) and would do a job almost anymore i'd imagine (remember he was slated by many for not being up to scratch in the Championship never mind top league, bonkers!) I believe SPS's point was that he should've been playing in his best position? Water under the bridge now though.
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