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  1. Going to have to disagree. He didn't even inherit the worst squad in the league that season... unless you're meaning St Mirren squads, which in that case you're also wrong - lucky if it's even in the top (or should that be bottom) 10! Nice guy, plenty of charm with good man management skills. Poor-to-average tactician. He's at his level. The problem is not Oran Kearney leaving - it's a question of why either Jim or Gus (or both) recruited poorly. And why Jim's tactics and subs look very reminiscent of DL in his first season. DL was saved by Michael Higdon that year, Goodwin has Obika. Time will tell.
  2. Pity the squad is too thin to drop the 5 or 6 players we need.
  3. That was every bit as bad as the gubbing from Hearts which ended Stubbs' reign... How long does Goody get the way we're going? Rubbish setup, powderpuff at the back, toothless upfront and awful subs to top it off... We look to be going backwards - completely defeats the purpose of the negative setup for the first round of fixtures - negative, damaged limitations approach at Celtic Park only to ruin it today?
  4. And we won! Only for the second time this season. St Johnstone are poor but so are Hamilton and Hearts - we failed to beat both with your superstar midfield
  5. Much better yesterday - bit of confidence, bit of luck and it all came together. Obika linked up better as the game went on, Mullen proving his worth yet again and Morias even looked dangerous coming on. Stephen McGinn and Kirk Broadfoot - the kind of players every team needs. Experienced, played at a high level (and it shows), leaders, passionate. For those who are struggling a bit with the concept, when they 2 are fit and on the park - we're a better team. St Johnstone are a poor, poor team but we looked very comfortable yesterday.
  6. Comical Knows the score Comical x100 Knows the score Knows the score Knows the score
  7. LPM's net is bursting at the seams
  8. Intellectual addition to the discussion.
  9. A lot of opinion and not a lot of fact. The facts are he essentially rebuilt the team in Jan 2017 and kept us up, added another significant amount of players in the summer, followed by another handful of players in the winter to ensure we went up. All targets achieved. For starts you have Paul McGinn - our POTY as only a decent signing. I'd also argue 20 goals Gavin Reilly was pretty inspired and Ian McShane with some of the most assists in the league as pretty inspired also. Decent signings for that level. Both Ross Stewarts as you say are now playing every week and doing well. 2 more good signings in hindsight no longer at club thanks to Mr Stubbs. Stelios scored some important goals in his time. Where would we be without his double against Hibs in March 2017? Decent signing for that level. We've yet to see the best of Mullen - he was signed as a project player. Done well in Championship without scoring a lot of goals. Was hardly given a run of games last year and still ended as our top scorer. Your point about playing 5 games is bizarre - the like of Hilson and McCart were signed to fill gaps... as we know the likes of them came in and done a job when asked. That's the point in having a squad... Let's not forget OK had Gus M holding his hand during the window to bring in the players you mentioned either. By your own rather bizarre judging process surely Lyons, Dreyer, Duck, Corbu, Musek, Holmes, Ferdinand and Lyness all fall into only the decent/poor/or strange 'less than 5 games' category? Not so impressive when you look at it without bias.
  10. 2 draws (one thanks to a lucky OG) and a very fortunate win with a goal in the 90th min. After the Livi game we went on to lose 3 out of the next 4 games too. 8 points out of a possible 21. Don't let facts get in the way of your point.
  11. Kearney was absolutely rotten in terms of results until about the end of March. The football was awful the entirety of his 9 months here. Saved from stick due to his manner and 'good guy' image. Ross was the whole package aside from his first 2 months with a Rae team (albeit in a lower division). Good signing policy, good balance, attacking football, consistency. A real pity we never seen how he could translate this to the Prem. Hopefully Goody turns out a lot more JR than Kearney.
  12. We are toothless but Goodwin in the same breath as Stubbs and Craig is a joke. Stubbs and Craig not only didn't know a striker if one bit them on the arse, they didn't know defenders either. One also turned a midfield with the likes of Flynn, McGinn and Magennis into sheer dross. The other relegated a literal future Scotland midfield. At least with Goodwin we are clearly setup firstly to not concede goals, and its working. Unfortunately, we aren't scoring a lot of goals but we're not the first team this has happened to. All the best teams are built on a good defence. Goals will come and Goody will come good.
  13. St Mirren 0- Football Club As stated last week - we are solid defensively. We seem to have cut out the mistakes and continue to be good at absorbing pressure. Hladky, McGinn, Broadfoot, Flynn, Foley, Magennis is a good base team. The downside is we are awful going forward, lacking any kind of finesse, too predictable, too slow, wrong decisions... Mullen showed a bit when he came on - he has his downsides but he'd be an improvement and isn't as easily pushed off the ball. Held it up very well today. Aside from that we have nothing to change the game - McAllister hasn't had the effect many expected him to. Perhaps realising he only has a left foot and tries the spectacular too often. Slows the game down despite his pace. Shitfest it 'till January then pay the money for a decent striker?
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