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  1. There has certainly been an upturn in fortunes in recent and that has to be commended... However, it is absolutely incredible that there is not only 1, but 2 sides as bad as us down near the bottom. Accies, Dundee and ourselves (particularly the latter 2) have to be among some of the poorer sides to have played in this league in recent years. In any other season any of the 3 would be long gone by now.
  2. And that one decent corner was taken by Ryan Flynn! Baffling that KMc was then allowed to fluff another couple of corners after that
  3. Big 3 points! Not the prettiest and i’m hesitant to say either team deserved it... but we’ll take it. Special mentions to Baird who strolled the 90 mins and Flynn who has taken a lot of criticism. Good to see the players smiling and showing some fight. Onto the next...
  4. I can see us making some cash off him. He’s easily Top 3 Premiership class. Today... that’s the kind of performance we need to use as a springboard. With hard work like today you always stand a chance. Special mentions to Hladky and the back 4, rock solid. Very special mentions to the much maligned Ryan Flynn and Greg Tansey, well done all though.
  5. Hence, we’ll see how they react... that squad reacted well to what was thrown at them and stayed up. Post, obviously. No conclusions being drawn. Both squads have struggled to keep a lead. You remember the Hibs game at home just a few weeks ago too, yes? I thought it was a spirited performance too. Will be interested to see how we react and hopefully this is a positive turning point.
  6. Good result, do have to question the squad’s mental character though. In the great escape season it was very much down to a never say die attitude. That’s twice away from home this year we’ve drew 2-2 after being ahead twice each, this would be a crucial extra 4 points, but not to be... Hopefully the players take confidence from a well won point into an important part of the season.
  7. Must be awful being so deluded seeing things that aren’t really happening... In all seriousness, how do you know how optimistic I am about general things? Even the most positive fans are admitting we’re in trouble. I ignored what you said because I asked for facts, I knew you wouldn’t give me any. It is already too late IMO, mistakes are mistakes and the damage is done. C’est la vie.
  8. Comparing him to Stubbs is completely pointless and not relevant at all, we all know AS was awful - it’s been done to death. All you’ve given me there is opinions, no concrete facts: where are we sitting? what’s our points tally? how many games have we lost against bottom 6 sides? And before you say it; it’s NOT Stubbs’ team, stop looking at the past and focus on the dross tactics we’re getting served weekly.
  9. Gus as manager would be a fatal mistake from the board. He is far from a jobber though, he turned us into an established SPL team from a poor mid table Championship team and for that he is a St Mirren legend. It was however time for him to leave when he did. He should never have been brought back to the club IMO, the whole reason he left was to “take the club to the next level” but that’s an argument for another day. I just said on another thread - how far do we let toiling managers continue? I get that we can’t keep sacking managers after 6 games or anything ridiculous. OK has had months now. Imagine if we gave Tommy Craig 6 months in the championship or Ian Murray a full season or Alex Rae all of 2016/17? I am certain there will be a get-out clause in OK’s contract. Regardless, much the same as we can’t afford to bag managers all the time, I do not believe we can afford to give OK a 6 month tactical internship in the Championship.
  10. 2 tired phrases I keep seeing: ”I believe he has something” ”We can’t keep bagging managers” What is it exactly that he’s got? Aside from the tag of being St Mirren’s worst ever manager statistically? Aside from struggling to get a team to play for more than 45 minutes per game? Aside from an awful GA record? Aside from some glaring tactical howlers on a weekly basis (such as setting up to play 3 at the back against an in-form Motherwell side who play with width)? Aside from an eye-bleeding style of football? Aside from the mind numbingly repetitive interviews? Aside from the excuses list as long as your arm? And why is it exactly “we can’t keep bagging managers”? What does that mean exactly? Do we just stick with managers for a set duration of time no matter how bad a job they’re doing? How far do we let that go? Until we’re back at the foot of the Championship? League 1? League 2? So someone enlighten me, what has OK shown you? I think OK seems like a good guy who wants to do well and i’d love for him to be a success but the facts are above and unfortunately they’re pretty damning. We’re going down with a whimper and we can’t afford to give him a 6 month tactical internship in the Championship.
  11. Stop hiring and persisting with jobbers clearly not doing a job because apparently “we can’t keep sacking managers” - whatever that drivel means!
  12. What’s holding us back is that both BOD’s in recent years have hired several jobbers with poor managerial skills who have in turn signed a raft of jobbers who aren’t very good at football - that is holding us back.
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