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  1. Goal every 4 games at Premiership level. With all due respect, is that enough to keep us up? Probably need another striker to at least match that, plus some goals from midfield i'd have thought. ETA - I think Erwin has been brought in as a battering ram to allow somebody else to flourish. Perhaps Dennis will add the goals we need as you say
  2. And unfortunately for him he was intent on shipping out everyone and anyone who he hasn't brought in so there isn't anyone else to turn to... Did JG sign them? Did Gus? Did Gus agree or just scout them? Are they really that bad after all or are they just being mismanaged? All questions that should be answered to the fans who have forked out to support the club through difficult circumstances.
  3. Read the rest of my post... if I wanted trophy laiden seasons and superstar teams I would have supported the Old Firm - they are just 5 mins down the road at the end of the day. There would have been many steps the club could have taken to soften the blow of the age-old tale of a St Mirren player going to a bigger club - we are all used to this by now. Many fans are now fed up with the club's actions. There is absolutely no need or benefit to the statement we released. We should be gracious and concentrate on bringing through the next academy graduate captain, and short term look at a competent replacement to prevent what looks like a real danger of relegation.
  4. I am embarrassed to be a St Mirren fan at this moment in time. I can 'reluctantly accept' missplaced obnoxious statements masked as ambition every July; surrendering meekly every week on the park and crawling to safety every year; shambolic departures of managers every 18 months on less than amicable terms; that we are not a massive club and our good players will eventually go onto bigger clubs, usually for a fraction of the fee other clubs get; that clubs the same size or lesser than us get their moment in the sun whilst we are perpetually in an underachieving state... What I struggle to accept from the club, which is more down to a morality thing - near silence to the paying, loyal supporters; lack of professional behaviour as an institution year in year out; and complete lack of backbone or ambition.
  5. I recall a certain ex manager pulling this stunt - we will never know if this WAS the intention, however, it can't be denied that they share striking similarities in a lot of instances. The aforementioned ex manager was, however, exceptional at getting and keeping us off bottom spot, will the same hold true?
  6. McGinn & McLean both valued at that amount. Morgan and Magennis also both have potential to go for that kind of figure in the future.
  7. Anything less than £500,000 and a sell on fee (which it will be), then we may aswell shut the academy - what is the point in producing million pound players and getting a development fee every time?
  8. Not to be blunt but I think we will need more than 1 player to buck this trend.
  9. He is 34 next month, last season he also had Flynn in there with him (who we all know works tirelessly and is great on the ball), make of that what you will...
  10. We have hardly played well for a full 90 minutes in the past 18 months. Last year was accepted as some sort of success and as a result no mistakes have been learned from. League is far more competitive this year, thankfully the gap is narrow at this point and we are still in the 1st round of fixtures, however, things need to change very soon as we have all seen this before.
  11. Some seen this coming a mile off and were slated... for future notice it appears nine games must be the time to panic?
  12. Give the man a break, he was social distancing!
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