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  1. I don't think it's unfair to say that on all evidence this season, Kristian Dennis is our most effective striker (granted we've not seen a fully fit Brophy yet). A lot was made of Doyle-Hayes, McGrath, etc being injured - to me we have missed Dennis the most and our form suffered almost as soon as we lost him. A win is a win, we done everything but score for most of the game and we'd have likely lost that last year. Onwards
  2. He was absolutely fine when he came on - comments like this make me suspect the extent to which some people actually view the games every week, and how much is based off popular opinion/social media and flashes of previous games. Not one player in the stripes had a poor game today and we were very unlucky not to gain all 3 points yet again.
  3. Despite being our top assister? You would think our academy players would get the benefit of the doubt from supporters, so far this week i've seen Erhahon, MacPherson and now McAllister getting slated. Bizarre.
  4. Opposition players are paid very handsomely to compensate for the (still unwarranted) abuse and comments they receieve. General employees of our club are not - totally below the belt
  5. As unlikely as it seems and I don't agree with him for what it's worth. With all due respect though, why is it funny?
  6. Simply not the case. We tried to have a go, unfortunately our execution was poor and Celtic caught us out with their system by sitting deeper and we failed to adapt. If anything Celtic took on our early season tactics of soaking up pressure and punished us when we tired and lost concentration.
  7. All the more reason to not get complacent. We've all seen collapses over the years at various levels. Hopefully the players take tonight as a lesson and push on with their recent form.
  8. Well, that should put 'Top 6 in the bag' chat on ice for a while. Started well - faded when McGrath went off. This highlighted how important he is and that all our other central midfielders are too similar, need to look for an alternative in the summer. It was pretty obvious soon after our system had to go out the window but we were reluctant to change unfortunately. Incorrect penalty award for me; very poor subs and a lack of concentration turns a tight game into a hammering. Real shame and hopefully morale is not too badly damaged.
  9. What a result. Great gameplan - decisive, varied play up top (how good were Dennis and McAllister?), solid in defence; tightly packed midfield and hard in the tackle. A good decision in hindsight by Jim to rest the likes of Flynn. On our day and with the right gameplan(s), we can beat anybody.
  10. As a side note; what is with the play acting? Seems to be creeping in to our games a lot, and we rarely benefit from it
  11. I have no doubt Goodwin will be in the press afterwards giving the usual Bafta-worthy performance but the blame is on him for this one. All eyes on him now in a big few weeks, just as far away from relegation as we are top 6... interesting times ahead
  12. Agree with other comments regarding our style of play, to me we give ourselves a mountain to climb before the first whistle some weeks. We are happy to play football between our CB's and JDH but once we step forward teams press us and we shell it long. It looked to me like Brophy was signed to provide an option for those long balls that are overhit and go behind the opposition defence. Hopefully we start passing forwards and pressing teams as no team in this league outside the big 2 warrant any respect.
  13. Contrary to boo-boy belief Erwin has been heavily isolated, against 3 physical defenders with not much service at all. Decent effort and good ball through to Connolly in the first half. Would like to see us firstly push up the park a bit more and also Erwin and Brophy up together for 30 mins.
  14. Not a particularly bad performance, but Rangers didn't have to really get out of 2nd gear to get the points. Different subs could've made the game a lot less comfortable for them i'd say; no real reason to have 2 defenders on down the left side after it went 2-0 for example, could've definitely changed upfront sooner and Connolly looked tired long before he went off. I'd take the opportunity to rotate against Kilmarnock.
  15. Presumably not on nullifying the league's top scorer and top assister all of 7 days prior.
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