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  1. Never mind their manager, can we get their chairman. Consistently has them punching above their weight and always has an eye for a good manager. Managers never have a bad word to say about him. How many Alloa managers have gone onto better things compared to St Mirren?
  2. I won't get into Kearney too much, he's leaving and no longer has any influence on my club. Something stinks around this though - there were quiet rumours about this 2 months ago, and then viral, then quiet paper talk, now the same issues have came to a head. Dodgy, and it's quite odd to see those painting him as an angel. Onto the guys running the club... I had almost forgotten the contempt the fans were treated with throughout last year and particularly coming to a head at the playoffs... Just as well we're not trying to sell season tickets, eh? 4 weeks off and straight back to utter contempt. I don't like to try pass judgement on when people should take holidays... but if my job is to help secure assests for a company and I have a limited window to secure quality assests to allow the company to perform well, i'd probably not be permitted to take holidays then... If I was a Chairman and a key member of staff was leaving before the start of an important period for the business i'd also probably not choose to go then, or be permitted by a BOD... There is ongoing legal issues, I get that, but why radio silence altogether? Acknowledge there is something going on or for goodness sake, at least confirm something with regards to the friendly people have thousands of pounds tied up in.
  3. Never a dull moment at St Mirren Park... groundhog day!
  4. 5 posts of absolute nonsense in quick succession. Usual post-building and desperation to have your ugly opinions all over the forum. You need a life outwith the electronic walls of this forum sir.
  5. And you're another sad man who doesn't attend games yet mouths off constantly on an internet forum about matters you really don't have a clue about - you 'support' the club via social media, the papers and hearsay. Do you know we don't play at Love Street anymore?
  6. If you don't strive to be the best you possibly can at your passion then you're not really that passionate about it. Absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of ambition - makes a change from the West Coast negativity where only the OF matter. Let's talk up our great club a little, who else is going to do it? People don't like TF saying these things because 'we'll get ridiculed' - what age are you? Sticks 'n' stones and all that
  7. He was brought in after the summer so i'd imagine it's effective as of the next 12 months. Even at that there will still be departures, it's just where we are in the football food chain.
  8. Confirmed as gone, along with Jackson and the loanees. For the first time in a long time I feel we are going into a summer with almost everyone you would ideally like to have signed up, already signed. We have a very good spine of players to build a squad around.
  9. Popescu is a class above. Having watched some of the dross the likes of Hearts had last year he is easily top 6 class. Unfortunately in Scotland top 6 class does not equate to £350K, or even half of that... An excellent player but we as a club cannot fall back into the habit of spending daft money for the sake of it like the 90s - McGinn money or not. Having said that, if he's available for something more reasonable, say £120K-£150K then we should definitely consider it.
  10. Or we can continue our investment in youth as we always do... and bring in some good quality, experienced Pros from Europe to fill out the starting XI. If these 4-5 senior were being brought in from England it would cost a hell of a lot more
  11. I did... Your point makes no sense Seargant Backtrack. Why would we need to look to the future when we're already achieving this?
  12. You're right and they are. Erhahon played more games than all 4 European lads (despite a suspension and at least 1 injury I can think of) Cammy MacPherson played 1 less than Musek and a handful less than MH and Hladky, he suffered from at least 2 injury spells or he would've featured more i'm sure Fellow academy graduate Jack Baird had the joint 2nd most appearances this year and is now the longest continuous servant at the club Kyle Magennis suffered from 2 long term injuries, despite this he came back and played more games than Musek and Corbu. Hladky and Popescu were fully fit from January-May and played only a handful more games than Kyle I am big fans of the Eastern European boys too but your point makes no sense and I can only assume is a windup attempt, you can't buy experience as they say - these foreign boys already have experience and to be fair to them all 4 could play and offered a different dynamic to our squad. We have more products of the SMFC Youth Academy in the squad than "cheap labour from relatively impoverished overseas countries"...
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