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  1. Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Billy Davies - Stalking horse or genuine candidate?
  2. Next St Mirren Manager - Merged

    Kenny Jackett. But maybe he would be on a shoogly peg from the off. Seriously though I hope the board show ambition rather than just the run of the mill scottish dross we get everytime our management position comes up.
  3. Rae Must Go!

    If i started worrying about what fans of other teams thought about us I wouldn't be a St Mirren fan. Probably [emoji53]
  4. John Sutton Returns

    FIFY Next signing for buttons another solid signing from Alex Rae you might even think he knows what he is doing.
  5. The League Cup 2016/17 Will........

    Missing both home games due to being in the States. Hopefully were still in it by the time I get back.
  6. Season Tickets 2016/17

    Renewed this morning, happy with the price for my ticket £275, and a free one for my boy. Sorted.
  7. Smisa & Gordon Scott Submit Bid

    I am looking to set this up for myself and my 9 year old son. obviously my son doesn't have a debit card with which to pay his amount. It would appear that the go cardless details will have to match the details on the actual card itself. Is there a way round this or will he have to wait till he has his own debit card. sorry if this is a daft question.
  8. Merry Christmas Every Buddie

    Merry christmas to Buddies everywhere and best wishes to anyone who supports their local team.
  9. Airshow 2015

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdhnvPcpELo Loved the Vulcan and the Drakken and of course the Red Arrows, But the star of the show for me was the B-17 Flying Fortress never seen one in the sky before, lovely.
  10. Renfrew V St Mirren 30Th August 2015

    were you at the game caller
  11. Renfrew V St Mirren 30Th August 2015

    full- time some good goals and play from saints
  12. Renfrew V St Mirren 30Th August 2015

    0-3 saints fitness and ability shining through now