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  1. Dunderheid Dan's Lawn Tennis Thread

    Professional tennis tournament on this week at Scotstoun. Free to get in for a swattch.
  2. During the post match chit chat, John Sutton said to the asked the Dunfermline guy why they're so far behind Saints when the Pars have a significant financial advantage. Hmmmmm. What?
  3. So, live TV games then. Four in the last month or so, 2 wins, a draw and defeat. Not outstanding but definitely pretty decent.
  4. The Bigger Picture

    Dunfermline have had a decent 2017.
  5. Stelios's weak header in the run up to their third goal; look at the shadows when you see it again on the TV. It's pretty clear that the sun was in his eyes
  6. Ryan Flynn Signs

    First ever St.Mirren player to have nine letters in his name when only one is a vowel.
  7. Lewis Morgan

    Sinclair is not that good. Morgan would've been more effective than him for Celtic today.
  8. The motif on his cardigan identifies the brand as All Saints. D'ye think that's a deliberate but subtle way backing the team with some adult appropriate tailoring. Or is just wearing it because it's quite nice and he got it from his mum at Christmas?
  9. In football the primary objective is to score more goals than the opposition. That is not the same as outscoring them by the maximum possible margin. Now if you are one, two, three or so goals ahead you are entitled to go for more because they could score and get back into it. Or in a league game there would be nothing wrong with going for the biggest possible winning margin because at the end of the season goal difference could be an issue. But in a cup game, up by seven at half time, show some respect, there is no need to humiliate anyone. Secure the victory, get out of there and into the next round. That is the objective and there is no ill feeling on anyone's part.
  10. Livingston game

    May be good news. A couple of our decent injured guys could be fit for the rearranged game.
  11. Well party politics, sit down, take a deep breath and believe it. Here are the facts: he was booked. There is plenty of debate elsewhere about whether or not it was justified, but that is not relevant to my enquiry. Looking at the other replies, no one has so far has mentioned another instance of a St.Mirren being booked for diving. Does this mean that those of us who were there today witnessed something unique in a game that, for me at least, was otherwise forgettable.
  12. Has that ever happened before? I can't remember it, although my memory is not up to much.
  13. Teams you have a strong dislike for!

    Motherwell. Their hatchet men gave our talented youngsters a kicking in a cup tie in 1977. I haven't forgotten and I know how to bear a grudge. Also they have polluted the Premier League for far too long.