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  1. Only seven teams are guaranteed a place in the premiership next season. We’re one of them
  2. Winning the league

    Dry yer eyes mate. It’s a gentle wee thought experiment for a Saturday evening. If your in the mood for despair there must be more pressing issues than some piffle posted on a footie fans’ supports forum.
  3. We’re 12 points ahead of Livingston and we’re 10 goals better off in goal difference terms. That means if we lose our remaining games each by one goal and Livingston win their remaining games each by one goal we’ll finish the season on the same points and one goal better off resulting in us going up as champions. Going up as champions is what we all want so I imagine we’re all perfectly comfortable with that scenario. Remember this time last year we needed goal difference to dodge the relegation play off.
  4. Prize Money

    And we get a fat wedge at the end of next season regardless of where we finish in the league.
  5. I didn’t realise Davie Hay, legendary Saints manager, played for Brechin.
  6. Livingston has 7 games left. They could easily finish with 3 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats. They might do better than that but no one will be particularly surprised if that is how it pans out for them. Dundee United has 9 games left, they could finish with 5 wins, a draw and 3 defeats. Again that wouldn’t be a surprise, it fact it’d pretty decent in the context of their recent form. Morton for that matter could see out their final 6 games with 5 wins and a draw. That would be a surprise, in fact for them it’d be an outstanding finish to their season. Anyway, if that is what happens over the next few weeks, the league is already won. That’s right, we could play our remaining games with lineups consisting of 11 randomly selected diddies from amongst the people who post on here and we’re still finishing the season as champions.
  7. Stephen Mallan

    He did apparently. Hooked at half time after being blamed for Millwall’s first half goal. Wonder if we could get him on loan when we’re in the top division next season. And I don’t mean who could do with someone who liable to give the ball away in his own half when under no pressure I’m confident he’d be great for us in the premier league.
  8. Dunderheid Dan's Lawn Tennis Thread

    Professional tennis tournament on this week at Scotstoun. Free to get in for a swattch.
  9. During the post match chit chat, John Sutton said to the asked the Dunfermline guy why they're so far behind Saints when the Pars have a significant financial advantage. Hmmmmm. What?
  10. So, live TV games then. Four in the last month or so, 2 wins, a draw and defeat. Not outstanding but definitely pretty decent.
  11. The Bigger Picture

    Dunfermline have had a decent 2017.
  12. Stelios's weak header in the run up to their third goal; look at the shadows when you see it again on the TV. It's pretty clear that the sun was in his eyes
  13. Ryan Flynn Signs

    First ever St.Mirren player to have nine letters in his name when only one is a vowel.