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  1. In football the primary objective is to score more goals than the opposition. That is not the same as outscoring them by the maximum possible margin. Now if you are one, two, three or so goals ahead you are entitled to go for more because they could score and get back into it. Or in a league game there would be nothing wrong with going for the biggest possible winning margin because at the end of the season goal difference could be an issue. But in a cup game, up by seven at half time, show some respect, there is no need to humiliate anyone. Secure the victory, get out of there and into the next round. That is the objective and there is no ill feeling on anyone's part.
  2. Livingston game

    May be good news. A couple of our decent injured guys could be fit for the rearranged game.
  3. Well party politics, sit down, take a deep breath and believe it. Here are the facts: he was booked. There is plenty of debate elsewhere about whether or not it was justified, but that is not relevant to my enquiry. Looking at the other replies, no one has so far has mentioned another instance of a St.Mirren being booked for diving. Does this mean that those of us who were there today witnessed something unique in a game that, for me at least, was otherwise forgettable.
  4. Has that ever happened before? I can't remember it, although my memory is not up to much.
  5. Teams you have a strong dislike for!

    Motherwell. Their hatchet men gave our talented youngsters a kicking in a cup tie in 1977. I haven't forgotten and I know how to bear a grudge. Also they have polluted the Premier League for far too long.
  6. Liverpool

    When I did the stadium tour, admittedly a lot of years ago, their trophy cabinet included - let's call it - the St.Mirren centenary shield. We played them to commerorate the centenary and they won it on penalties after a 1-1 over 90 minutes. If I remember correctly, they were European champions at the time. Liverpool that is, not St.Mirren.
  7. Falkirk sack Houston

    On their fans forum, Falkirk fans are debating possible replacements and imagining Jack Ross is amongst the candidates. Hee hee.
  8. St Mirren's stance on SFA EBT

    They also won two appeals, in fact the appeals they won were chaired by tax experts and the appeals they lost were chaired by lawyers. Most tax experts regard EBTs as a "legitimate loophole" and thousands of companies in the UK have used them. HMRC threatened loads of them to give them up and pay the tax they would otherwise have paid. If the final tribunal had found against the revenue, these other companies would have a case for going back to them and saying give us back that money we refunded. The cost to the public purse would have been huge. And before any of you ask, I'm a lifelong Saints supporter with as much contempt for the bigot brothers as anyone else. That doesn't mean however that I'm not interested in the truth in a story that has been spun out of control.
  9. Love Street. Now & Then

    Generous gesture....... haha good one. It was opened for people who wanted a quick getaway. As a kid, occasionally when I was tight for cash, I would wander along at about 4.00 and get in with the small group of freeloaders who hung about at the gate. In those days nearly everyone was pay at the gate, the season ticket target market did not include the riffraff. I was always conscious of the fact that you were paying for 50 minutes football, and it was the first 50 minutes not the last 40 minutes when games were usually won or lost.
  10. Brian Graham

    Last time we won our first league games of the season was 11 years ago. John Sutton scored the winning goal.
  11. Rory Loy

    What you're saying is that Saints has 1000 million supporters and all but one if them are better than that. This is news to me, I knew I supported a good club but until now I didn't realise we were such a big club.
  12. In Through The Out Door

    The reason they changed the spelling to Led is that if they had left it as Lead people who were reading it wouldn't know if it was pronounced lead or lead.
  13. Harry

    I see it's a one year contract with an option for another year. I wonder which side decides on the option.
  14. Stranraer v St. Mirren 15/07/17

    Can anyone else remember the days when our colours were black and white?
  15. Dunderheid Dan's Lawn Tennis Thread

    I like McEnroe. Have a read at his autobiography if you can, it's a good book.