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  1. Victor is probably the best player we've ever had on our books.
  2. Somebody on Raith Rovers thread said we're talking to Vaughan. Anyone on here know what he's like? Could he do a turn for us?
  3. I think Alex Smith looks a bit like Alex Ferguson in that picture.
  4. Did the offer include a reference to lending him back to us for a year?
  5. Hmmmm. If he congratulates us for finishing in a lower league position than any of years he was in charge is that not going to look a bit like "gettitupye"
  6. Your logic is the same as saying that - if I buy a ticket in the national lottery I'll either win or lose. Therefore it's fifty fifty. What you're doing is thinking that I've got a ticket which is a loser and someone else has a ticket that is a winner, it could have been the other way about therefore fifty fifty. Where you're going wrong is that you're not taking into account all of the other tickets that are losers.
  7. Four teams go into the playoffs, one gets promoted,the other don't. One in four is promoted. Out of four teams three stay down and one goes up - which is three to one 25% of the teams in the playoff is promoted, 75% are not. In other words 1 in 4 or 3 to 1. If you were asked to give a definition of the expression 3 to 1 and were asked to do so by means of an example then this playoff process would be an ideal means of achieving that objective
  8. Just looking at that Saints lineup. No political correctness in those days.
  9. Jim Duffy mentioned on the radio last night that Cappielow doesn't have a manager's office.
  10. Just reviewing the title of this thread and thinking I have seen Yes and I've seen the Stranglers. Yes were better. I also think I can remember seeing The Members in The Bungalow around 1980. Is that ringing a bell with anyone else?
  11. I've got the same level of contempt for both of them, I was watching it as a neutral. I thought no penalty. I wouldn't have been surprised if the ref had given it. But I'd have categorised as soft.
  12. Re the Saints v Rangers game, I think I can remember the Evening Times had a colour poster as an insert. The Saints team on one side and a photo of a couple of Rangers players running out the tunnel on the other.
  13. I was talking to a Spanish guy tonight. He was meaning to say Aberdeen but actually said aubergine.
  14. I liked this effort from a few years ago