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  1. Three ex St.Mirren players score in shoot out.
  2. Victor is the best player ever to have played for St.Mirren
  3. “Radio controlled mobile grocery services. Orders delivery daily” Paisley slightly ahead of the curve then in terms of lockdown preparations.
  4. We finished above them just two seasons ago
  5. Let’s boil this down to the important issues 1) After the phone call he had with JG on Wednesday, Wank Broadfoot was never going to play for St.Mirren again, certainly not this season 2) What’s left is, either he is not going to not play at all, or he is going to play for Kilmarnock 3) If he plays for Kilmarnock, does he improve their chances of dodging the drop. Most would agree the answer is yes which means our chances of dodging it are reduced. 4) There is a financial benefit to us if he goes to Kilmarnock, he is off the wage bill and maybe we got some transfer money for him. 5) Here is the judgement call; is that financial benefit worth the increased chance of us being relegated. We will never know for sure, that’s why it’s a judgement call, but we’ll look a bit stupid if the final game of the season is a winner takes all relegation shootout and he scores the only goal. 6) If we had kept him as we were entitled to do and deprived Kilmarnock of a valuable player, this disruptive presence in the dressing room is a red herring. We would be contractually obliged to pay him but if management believed would be troublesome there is no contractual obligation to have him anywhere near the stadium or training ground.
  6. The second is a blind par 3. Waiting on the third tee you would see the balls from the game behind coming over to the green. As kids we used to put one of the balls right on the lip of the hole and get a good laugh at the reaction of the guys when they came over the hill.
  7. I see Coleraine, where he is now manager, has a game tonight, live on TV.
  8. I’m watching Rochdale v Newcastle on Match of the Day just now and I noticed Craig Samson amongst the coaches on the Rochdale bench. Good goalie for us and I understand he is a decent guy, but if he hadn’t left us a year ago to join Sunderland I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t have signed Hladky. Now bearing in mind that firstly, Hladky is better than Samson and secondly, we dodged the drop in May by the skin of our teeth, I think the only conclusion we can draw is: thank you Craig and well done Sunderland.
  9. I’ve just realised I’ve been alive in eight different decades. Not sure how I feel about this.
  10. I see Killie have sacked the manager Might Broadfoot be recalled from loan. I hope not, he’s been decent when I’ve seen him. I think Waters is also on loan from them.
  11. What about selling him and using the money to buy Popescu. I’ve not read all the posts on here and I appreciate someone else may have made exactly the same point
  12. I see he scored tonight. For Burton. Against Sunderland.
  13. The point is that, I don’t think we can assume if Jack was still here we’d be having a good season. Last year with a team including Morgan, our best player in recent years, we lost heavily in cup ties against premier league teams. Remember 0 - 5 to Patrick Thistle, that was just last season, and it was live on TV. The year before, a 2 - 0 win at Dundee was great but we were then gubbed by Celtic in a game where our competitiveness was comparable to this year. I thought Jack was a good manager and I was sorry to see him go. Although I would’ve questioned his sanity if his response to big clubs trying to recruit him was “Nah, I’d rather stay at St.Mirren” Sunderland fans see him as a nice guy but tactically naive and out of his depth. Sound familiar? Maybe we would be doing better if he was still here but I’m far from convinced. I can’t shake the feeling that you could make a strong case for believing that OK and JR are mangers at roughly the same level.
  14. Sunderland fans’ forum is full of guys shouting for Jack Ross to get sacked.
  15. Ginsberg, Charbonniere, Klos Waterhaus
  16. Nah, doesn’t count, I say we were joint top before that game. I think the real answer is about a year ago.
  17. I see we have started moving up the league, and doing it while we are not playing football. Surely this has to be classed as pretty impressive, I’ve heard that good teams can be judged on how they do when not playing well, clearly we have taken this concept to a new level In fact, has been an instance this season when we have moved up the league when we are playing?
  18. Is this Gus signing up members of his family (Hee Hee)
  19. That’s not true, there are plenty of small clubs out there but we’re not one of them. We’re not a big club either, we’re somewhere in the middle.
  20. I’m pretty sure McGarvey got his first cap after we sold him to Liverpool but before he got his first game for them. In fact I’m not sure he ever got a game for them.
  21. In other words, which of them do we have a better chance of finishing above next season, PT or L?
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