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  1. Delighted we have offered Nathan Flanagan a full contract, my Annan supporting pals have raved about him this season.
  2. Absolutely delighted to have Gary with us for (at least) another season. He was my shout for PoTY but I had almost resigned myself to him leaving to play at a higher level, Motherwell are desperate for centre backs and I'd half expected him to go there. Well done Jack, keep them coming.
  3. It's Brechin. The weather doesn't get warmer.
  4. Tried to but a season ticket tonight following the Online Store link on the official site. Took me to a page saying "Under Maintenance ", not to worry ; it also says it will be up and running by 11 MAy(sic). Can hardly wait.
  5. I think you are confusing "value" and "cost".
  6. For a start they can tell chancers like Barnsley where to stick such a derisory offer for the most talented player in the Scottish Championship. Scouts will have seen Mallan and reported back on his worth and value, I have no doubt he is worth multiples of 200k. Equally I have no doubt he will move on this summer but when are we going to say enough's enough and sell players for their real value? We've had our share of baw bootings with the ridiculous under valuations of players in the past.
  7. 200k for Stevie Mallan in the same week that the Govan team sell a youth player to Chelsea for half a million quid. Once again we are being robbed.
  8. If I knew anything about football I'd say that letting Jordan Stewart go is a mistake, think he's got a good future in the game. On the other hand, Jack Ross probably knows a wee bit more about football than I do.
  9. Don't ya just love opinions? From your essentials list I'd say only Stelios and Loy fit that tag. Smith has a lot of heart but he's a bit too slow for that position, Davis would be a great addition but I doubt we can afford him, likewise Eckersley (we need Stelios and Irvine so keeping Adam might be considered a luxury), Billy has been a great shot stopper but just doesn't inspire confidence, Todd might be alright but his lack of appearances suggests Jack doesn't have him in the essential category.
  10. I'm glad I took today off to continue the celebrations. Just need a few paracetamols, another four hours sleep and a fry up. Brillant weekend in Edinburgh and great to read through these pages. The importance of the Ross effect cannot be overestimated, I doubt any other manager in our price bracket could have turned this around. The January changes were important but the change in personnel wasn't what lifted us from 10th to 7th, it was the managerial skill to get a set of players to start playing with belief and freedom. Thanks Jack. Shull - Where was the Gary Mac photo taken? Was this at Easter Rd during Jack's half time talk?
  11. I know people who watch Annan every week and they've been raving about Nathan. Apparently opposition managers are aware of him too and he's getting more than his fair share of fouls from the sort of dinosaur defenders that operate in that league.
  12. Yup, Billy has made plenty of saves but his indecisiveness when dealing with crosses, poor distribution and basic mistakes like yesterday are not the hallmarks of a top class keeper. Just hope he gets some confidence back for the next two crucial matches.
  13. Full time whistle at Easter Road on 6 May. (My birthday, coincidentally, for all those wanting to buy me a pint after the Hibs game).
  14. It's kinda like Gary Neville getting the Valencia job because he's a good TV pundit. Except Neil McCann is a rubbish pundit and Dundee is a shithole.