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  1. Disappointed but probably a bit early to right off our season. I don't think a single one of our guys played anywhere near their potential, poor defence, invisible midfield, ineffectual strikers. Thought O'Keefe looked decent when he came on.
  2. THIS is the reason I moved to Dumfries. To see us presented with the Championship trophy before Christmas. I knew there had to be a reason.
  3. Best news in a while. Tony needs to start lobbying UEFA right now: winning the Championship this season should guarantee us a place in the group stages of the Champs League. In Jack we trust.
  4. Yup, got to be the worst ticketing site I've ever tried to use. I've been a saints supporter for nearly 50 years and I've never had a season ticket mainly because I've lived a fair treck from Paisley for decades. Travel, work and family commitments mean I rarely get to more than 10 home games a season but, being swept along by the feel good factor, I tried to buy 2 tickets for the main stand. The computer said "No".
  5. You're bad.
  6. Stupid thread.
  7. If he stays, great. If he goes, thanks for keeping us up with some of the most entertaining football we've seen for years.
  8. Delighted we have offered Nathan Flanagan a full contract, my Annan supporting pals have raved about him this season.
  9. Absolutely delighted to have Gary with us for (at least) another season. He was my shout for PoTY but I had almost resigned myself to him leaving to play at a higher level, Motherwell are desperate for centre backs and I'd half expected him to go there. Well done Jack, keep them coming.
  10. It's Brechin. The weather doesn't get warmer.
  11. Tried to but a season ticket tonight following the Online Store link on the official site. Took me to a page saying "Under Maintenance ", not to worry ; it also says it will be up and running by 11 MAy(sic). Can hardly wait.
  12. I think you are confusing "value" and "cost".
  13. For a start they can tell chancers like Barnsley where to stick such a derisory offer for the most talented player in the Scottish Championship. Scouts will have seen Mallan and reported back on his worth and value, I have no doubt he is worth multiples of 200k. Equally I have no doubt he will move on this summer but when are we going to say enough's enough and sell players for their real value? We've had our share of baw bootings with the ridiculous under valuations of players in the past.
  14. 200k for Stevie Mallan in the same week that the Govan team sell a youth player to Chelsea for half a million quid. Once again we are being robbed.