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  1. Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    But it is in the bag, we’re only pretending it’s not already won.
  2. Title winning boost. Well played Sir Jack.
  3. Come on, those are all made up names aren’t they?
  4. Jack Ross Must Go.

    He said/ he said nonsense. Can’t we not be happy that we’ve got the best manager in living memory? (Spoken as a Bud who has been a supporter since 1968).
  5. St Mirren V ICT 6th Jan 2018

    McGinn was top man yesterday. Would be great to see some footage of the ICT claimed goal yesterday. We were sitting in line with the goals and it looked as if ICT might have had a decent shout. Samson made some incredible saves yesterday but he seemed to go to sleep for 10 minutes around that incident.
  6. Just didn’t turn up today. 2 points dropped.
  7. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Lol. Tesco’s busier and much safer. I wouldn’t leave my car parked there overnight but it will be fine during game time.
  8. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Tesco’s closer to the ground.
  9. QOS v St Mirren 23rd Dec 2017

    Dobbie is better than Morgan? I’ll have a glass of what you’re drinking.
  10. Much better second half. Quite a number of players slightly off the boil but still too good for the hammer throwers.
  11. St Mirren V Morton 28th Oct

    Two points dropped, pure and simple. M*rt*n were poor and unfortunately we decided to have an off day today. From my vantage point Lewis was well outside the box when pulled down. Foul but no penalty. Sloppy stuff for their first equaliser. 70 yard kick from their goalie should have been dealt with. Good attacking play for our second. Morgan pass, collected by Smith (MoM), great finish by Reilly. Their penalty? Who knows? There were enough warnings and it could have gone either way. To be honest, I wish officials would penalise defenders more often for blatant pulling and blocking. Had a great side-on view of the Reilly pen. 100% penalty, the fact Saints players didn't complain is irrelevant. I wonder if the ref will be the first to be demoted 2 weeks in a row? Another huge game next week, hope we turn up.
  12. Timely reminder. Maybe we're not as good as we think we are.
  13. Smfctickets

    So it does. Nice one, thanks CC.
  14. Scotland Football Club

    We're on our way to...............(anybody got any idea where the finals of this tourney are?)
  15. Jack Baird - 1 yr extension

    No, Lewis Morgan was deservedly MoM but Jack had a very assured game in defence - didn't put a foot (or head) wrong all day. Excellent performance from the young man.