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  1. doonhamer

    Speculation Thread

    Can you name four better central defender targets who we could realistically afford?
  2. doonhamer

    Speculation Thread

    Motherwell have released Ellis Plummer. We could do worse.
  3. Ah. Close season postings, don’t you just love them?
  4. doonhamer

    Saint Mirren V Livingston 14 April

    Finally managed to get online thanks to an electrical storm here in Hanoi. Was the ground full?
  5. doonhamer

    Brechin v St. Mirren 7/4/18

    Periscope link would be ideal. Murder following the game from Vietnam via web updates
  6. Yup, great interview. Where did you find this?
  7. doonhamer

    St.Mirren V Dumbarton 24th March

    Yup. Thought he absolutely strolled it. Controlled the game from start to finish.
  8. doonhamer

    How many points will win the league?

    Still need one point to guarantee M*rt*n can’t win the league. I’m pretty sure that was the Board’s primary target for this season.
  9. doonhamer

    St Mirren v Falkirk 17/4/2018 (defo)

    I bought a ticket for the original date and luckily I was able to get to the (first) rearranged game. Work means I can’t go to the re-rearranged game. Anyone know the position with refunds?
  10. doonhamer

    St. Mirren v Dunfermline

    Stephen McGinn was fantastic today. Good to see him applaud when Mullen was announced MoM. Really wish Smith had squared to the unmarked Reilly instead of taking the difficult shot. Gavin is a superb goal scorer and just needs one to get his confidence back. Pleasing day.
  11. doonhamer

    St Mirren v Brechin Sat 24th Feb

    That was awful, maybe the pressure of being top of the league shouldn’t be underestimated. If we play this poorly on Friday there is every risk United will get a point.
  12. doonhamer

    Livingston v St Mirren 17th Feb

    But it is in the bag, we’re only pretending it’s not already won.
  13. Title winning boost. Well played Sir Jack.
  14. Come on, those are all made up names aren’t they?
  15. doonhamer

    Jack Ross Must Go.

    He said/ he said nonsense. Can’t we not be happy that we’ve got the best manager in living memory? (Spoken as a Bud who has been a supporter since 1968).