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  1. I was at Fir Park today and I couldn’t believe how poor Hamilton were. No fight, no effort, no idea. Really expected more for a team fighting for survival, especially in a derby game. I can only assume Agent Rice was working his magic. Hopefully more of the same from Agent Clarke on Monday.
  2. The Hearts “fans” certainly don’t belong in the diehard category. Pathetic to see so many leaving throughout the last ten minutes.
  3. I agree he looked better but still a long way from being match fit. He was knackered and little more than a passenger with 15 minutes to go. Only to be expected considering his lack of playing time this season before joining us. The absence of suitable midfield replacements on the bench must have been the reason he wasn’t subbed.
  4. Hope that’s true. His double save in the first half was outstanding.
  5. Not just that, think of all the money I’ll be handing over to Scotrail and Edinburgh publicans. It’s a disgrace.
  6. From BBC website: Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes backs midfielder Greg Tanseyto rediscover best form with St Mirren after switch from Pittodrie. (Press & Journal) You’re right Derek, the lads too good for us. Take him back (please).
  7. Would “One game at a time” be too much of a cliché?
  8. Maybe, just maybe, the manager who replaces Kearney will be a better man manager. Maybe the new manager will build his players up before an important cup tie instead of declaring them to be underdogs.
  9. Oran comes across as a decent guy. To be honest I’m surprised he hasn’t done the decent thing and tendered his resignation by now. Sadly he has been found to be out of his depth and we need to find a replacement to avoid the financial disaster of relegation.
  10. And Hladky (when he holds the ball instead of punching it away).
  11. Popescu is the only one of the new arrivals who would get a game for any other team in the league. Good job shipping out the deadwood, shame the signings don’t look a whole lot better.
  12. Great interview. Kearney clearly doesn’t need any lessons in man management, parts of that were almost Fergie-esque. Hopefully he’ll be looking out the Sambas for Saturday.
  13. Nobody anywhere near Mallan on the edge of the box. Ffs.
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