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  1. I wonder if thread demolishing like this is one of the reasons fewer and fewer people bother with this forum these days? I’ve signed back up with P&B because I’m scunnered with the lack of debate and humour and the endless point scoring drivel on here. I know I’ll not be missed but a lot of interesting posters have given up before me. Over to you Bazil for the inevitable last word.
  2. Confirmed on SFA site. Live on BBC and Premier Sport.
  3. Didn’t Jim say Quaner came here to get fit and put himself in the shop window? Can’t see him being here next season but hats off to him for chasing every ball tonight. Really hoping we can retain Jak and Ilkay.
  4. Except it wasn’t. Maybe I’d have been better watching on hesgoals.
  5. Confirmation of a sad truth: Obika is actually our best striker. ☹️
  6. I paid my tenner and QoS confirmed payment received but still couldn’t watch. Unfortunately other links available ☹️
  7. Overrated. Try the Coach & Horse (if it ever re-opens).
  8. I hear Jack Ross has been on the phone to Fitzy enquiring about Finlayson and Mason.
  9. The Silver Thread. Christ, I’d totally forgot about that place. I never usually drank there, only went for the bands. In fact I had to google it to remember where it was. In my defence, it’s been more than 30 years since I lived anywhere near Paisley.
  10. Can somebody help me out. I’m sure I saw Elvis Costello playing the Bungalow in 1977/78’ish. My mate who was there that night is certain it was the Apollo. I’m sure I’m right but with my memory it could have been Ken Dodd at the Kings. Anybody help me out?
  11. Your employer probably would be investigated and, as seems the case with Celtic, they were found to have done nothing wrong, I wouldn’t expect any action against them since they appear to have done everything reasonably expected of them. I would expect your employer, or Celtic in this case, to investigate and if they found the employee to have acted against instructions and to have brought the employer into disrepute to dismiss the employee on the grounds of misconduct.
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