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  1. So you can now download match tickets to your smartphone. Shame you still can’t view and select seats using an iPhone. Ticket section of website is still a disgrace and people have been pointing this out for years. When is the Club going to sort this out? I use my iPhone to view and select seats for concerts, cinemas, airplanes and theatres but still can’t do it for this Mickey Mouse website.
  2. Interesting that Jim Goodwin thought Gollum had a good game.
  3. Not good to hear Jim say two weeks in a row he had set out his team to exploit breakaways. It ain’t working Jim.
  4. I didn’t think there was much between the teams today. Big difference is none of our strikers are good enough for the Premier.
  5. Harry Davis (CB) scored more goals than JM will ever score for us.
  6. Disappointed we started with one up front at home. Particularly against a Hearts side that is really struggling. In his post-match interview Goodwin said he set out the side to catch Hearts on the breakaway. That sounds sadly negative and doesn’t bode well for games against good sides. Thought we looked much more likely when we switched to two forwards.
  7. The Old Firm Stand (North) and The Old Firm Stand (South). The few that can read will help the majority find the correct stand.
  8. Ricky. A simple “like” would probably be more appropriate. That’s what the “like” function is for. There honestly is no need to comment on every post on the forum. If you simply agree, a “like” is fine. If you disagree with a comment, ignore or post your counter argument. If you feel there is something to add that will bring a different point of view, post your comment. Hope you take this in the constructive fashion it was intended.
  9. Strikes me as a “meh” signing. Two year deal for a player who one of our rivals was happy to offload seems a bit generous. Would rather we had gone for Naismith. (Or Popescu, obviously).
  10. Gary Mac starting on the plastic pitch is a surprise.
  11. Thanks for offering to stop going on about it. I am delighted to accept your offer.
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