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  1. Rod McAree is available. Got to think our Board would admire his pedigree.
  2. If the height of Oran’s ambition is to be a PE teacher and manage a part time Northern Irish team then who are we to stand in his way? It sounds as though there may be faults on both sides but onwards and upwards. Hopefully we’ll be able to hold on to the next manager for a full season.
  3. Normally I don’t give a flying duke what the strip looks like, but that home strip is absolutely horrible.
  4. I doubt if we could afford the terms McAllister expects and Muzek would be a mibbe for me.
  5. You’re absolutely right. There is no point to twatter
  6. Let's Laugh At Jack Ross Thread No, let’s not. Far too many folk here with short memories. Jack rescued us from oblivion and moved on for a whole lot of money and massive opportunities. I blame him for nothing. Can’t pretend I follow the ups and downs at Sunderland so I’ve no idea why he failed to gain promotion but I’m certainly not going to laugh at him.
  7. I wouldn’t be surprised but has this been announced anywhere?
  8. Good draw. Could only have been improved if M*rt*n had been included in our group. I know it’s akin to fish in a barrel but I can’t get enough of beating them.
  9. Another opportunity for me to say “ Thank f**k I’m not on Twitter”. If Twitter is populated by attention seeking knobs like English I’m happy to steer clear.
  10. Jesus f**king Christ. Do we really need this thread tonight? Can’t we be allowed a couple of days of relief/enjoyment without armchair managers chipping in with where we went wrong and “what do we need for next season”? Some people need to learn how to live in the moment and enjoy themselves.
  11. Are are you his agent? What energy did he show tonight? Another one in the clear out list this summer. I’m not saying he’s a total donkey but he’s not far from it. See ya Cody.
  12. No he didn’t. Cracking hat trick last week but tonight he showed why he hasn’t been given game time. First touch isshocking,a professional footballer needs to be able to control a ball better than that.
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