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  1. doonhamer

    Jai Quitongo

    Can he play centre half?
  2. Thought we started pretty well and their first goal was against the run of play. Expected us to have a bit more energy in the second half but we really didn’t make the Govan team break sweat.
  3. doonhamer

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    That’s just daft. What was Samson supposed to do with a forward charging towards him with every chance of scoring? The mix up was was certainly not his fault and I’ve no doubt he did the right thing. His save was the icing on the cake.
  4. doonhamer

    Saint Mirren v Dundee 4th August 2018

    Fantastic way to start the season. Half way through the second half I would have happily taken a draw but to have competed against and ultimately beaten Dundee with a team that is still work in progress was brilliant. Mullen and Smith both gave everything and I’m delighted they’re playing for us rather than against us. Need to mention big Ross Stewart, he’s a big improvement on the player he was before going out on loan. Hope the Ross County transfer isn’t the “done deal” some people are talking about.
  5. I wonder who asked that. And how disappointed he was by the reply
  6. doonhamer

    Queens Park v St. Mirren Betfred Cup 24/7/18

    Shut your mouth you prick. Who are you to decide how someone reacts to bad news?
  7. doonhamer

    At this point, what do we still need?

    How do you know this?
  8. doonhamer

    At this point, what do we still need?

    Faith. You gotta have faith.
  9. doonhamer

    St. Mirren v Sunderland, friendly 21/7/18

    Will our cut of the McGinn fee be enough to buy out Stubbs’ contract?
  10. Not bad for a bunch of strangers. [emoji106]
  11. doonhamer

    John McGinn

    Said the cleverest man in the room.
  12. doonhamer

    John McGinn

    You said Jolson “is still revered”. I believe that to be a lie and you have done nothing to make me think otherwise. The positive comments you have found from your Google search are from a time when it would have been career limiting at best for a black spokesperson to say anything different. Years ago I had a boss who always had to try and be the cleverest person in the room. He was generally hated but I always felt sympathetic towards him, clearly his behaviour was driven by inner demons. Every time I read one of your posts I’m reminded of that little guy.
  13. doonhamer

    John McGinn

    Ffs for someone who regularly criticises Googled responses, you’ve done some nice research there. Name one contemporary writer who lauds Jolson today. As far as the porn industry goes I’m happy to concede you probably know a lot more about that than I do. And you are absolutely right to say you can’t educate me.
  14. doonhamer

    John McGinn

    “The black and white minstrel thing was about entertainment for a start” as was bear bating in less enlightened times. Do you think the minstrels are still entertaining? If not, what has changed? “Al Jolson for example was and still is revered in black communities.” No he’s not. Where is your evidence for this lie? “women wouldn't freely engage in it in virtually all countries of the world.” “Freely”?
  15. doonhamer

    Players who must go

    John McGinn must go!