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  1. I worked in worked in Ferguslie Mills leaving for a Coat's subsidiary in England in 1970 (If my memory hasn't failed me). There was No1 Mill cotton spinning, No 2 Mill doing acrylics, No 3 Mill cotton Spinning, No 8 Mill yarn twisting and No 9 Mill yarn twisting. There were other departments such as yarn winding. I worked in the Counting House in the Technical Dept but following a re-organisation got transferred to Hungerford in Berkshire with Davidson Industries. Ferguslie and Anchor for that matter were major complexes and would suggest that Anchor was the bigger when you include all the recreational ground that they had. On the whole good times
  2. Spent my formative years there. …… it was a long long time ago……. Late 50s/early 60s
  3. Tommy Bryceland, Gerry Baker and "Cockles" Wilson .....
  4. Did he not go in goal in a game at Love Street against Motherwell when DIck Beattie got taken off with a broken ankle/leg following a tackle following a tackle/clash with Bobby Roberts or has my old mind really gone downhill
  5. Would that be Graham’s Bus Depot further along Hawkhead Road opposite the Cemetery ?
  6. Fabulous photo. .... Having worked at Anchor Mills this photo shows the expanse of the place and also the magnificent sports facilities they provided. If memory serves me well The Mercerising was at the top end of the sports field. The sport’s facilities were first class where we had a cricket ground (one of the best in the West of Scotland), 3 hockey pitches, at least 2 football pitches, 3 if not 4 bowling greens and 6 tennis courts. The pavilion was great where we played badminton in the top floor and 2 snooker tables in the basement. Spent many happy sporting days there in the 60’s early 70’s
  7. I understand a fee has been agreed ......
  8. Have it on very good authority that Aberdeen enquired about him and couldn't afford him so I would suggest he is out of our range.
  9. Bit of a trivia question ..... who scored the first international goal against Banks and as an addition .... who scored the second ????/
  10. Two very very poor umpiring decisions have cost us a place in the finals in 2019 and both by the same umpire I believe It is time that the ICC gave Associates the same support as the major teams and with this being a very important tournament DRS should have been available. IF so both decisions would have been overturned and we may have gone on to win both games. If I had given those decisions questions would have been asked by the Association and possibly further training given. This should not happen at this level
  11. Yes he did play for Ferguslie CC. Hoisted me over the pavilion for a couple of 6's in evening match. As has been said a real gent.
  12. MY first match was in the mid 50s. We lived in Seedhill Road and remember my father taking me to Love Street to see Saints play Hamilton Accies. All I remember from that day was seeing Jackie Neilson playing as he lived close to East End Park which was close by. Been a life long fan ever since and brought my two boys up to be fans as well. Have some wonderful memories ..... seeing players like Lapsley, Neilson, Bryceland, Gemmell etc from the 59 team and not forgetting George Mclean, Jimmy Robertson, Gordon McQueen, and many others. Have seem some right dross as well but there isn't enough space to list them all. Missed the Fergie years due to living in England but was always the first score I looked for. Got to admit this is about the worst Saints team I have seen but there is always tomorrow and things can only get better
  13. I can say 32 in my case including interim managers and Iain Munro who was only in post for 1 day. 7 since 2000 and 4 since May 2014 .... nothing like having consistency .....
  14. Just back from the Peterborough v West Ham game and KS came on as a sub in the second half. Looked good and showed some nice touches and would have definitely done a good job for us in The Championship. I suppose that is football
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