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  1. Have it on very good authority that Aberdeen enquired about him and couldn't afford him so I would suggest he is out of our range.
  2. Bit of a trivia question ..... who scored the first international goal against Banks and as an addition .... who scored the second ????/
  3. Two very very poor umpiring decisions have cost us a place in the finals in 2019 and both by the same umpire I believe It is time that the ICC gave Associates the same support as the major teams and with this being a very important tournament DRS should have been available. IF so both decisions would have been overturned and we may have gone on to win both games. If I had given those decisions questions would have been asked by the Association and possibly further training given. This should not happen at this level
  4. Yes he did play for Ferguslie CC. Hoisted me over the pavilion for a couple of 6's in evening match. As has been said a real gent.
  5. MY first match was in the mid 50s. We lived in Seedhill Road and remember my father taking me to Love Street to see Saints play Hamilton Accies. All I remember from that day was seeing Jackie Neilson playing as he lived close to East End Park which was close by. Been a life long fan ever since and brought my two boys up to be fans as well. Have some wonderful memories ..... seeing players like Lapsley, Neilson, Bryceland, Gemmell etc from the 59 team and not forgetting George Mclean, Jimmy Robertson, Gordon McQueen, and many others. Have seem some right dross as well but there isn't enough space to list them all. Missed the Fergie years due to living in England but was always the first score I looked for. Got to admit this is about the worst Saints team I have seen but there is always tomorrow and things can only get better
  6. I can say 32 in my case including interim managers and Iain Munro who was only in post for 1 day. 7 since 2000 and 4 since May 2014 .... nothing like having consistency .....
  7. Just back from the Peterborough v West Ham game and KS came on as a sub in the second half. Looked good and showed some nice touches and would have definitely done a good job for us in The Championship. I suppose that is football
  8. FWIW I was talking to the linesman who was not involved in the Goodwin incident, think it would be the stand side, and he said that neither he, the referee or the 4th official saw the Goodwin incident but the other linesman was going mental over the comms link and brought the refs attention to the incident. He advised the ref that Goodwin had led with his elbow into the back of Sutton's head when they jumped for the ball. He did say that Teale had seen what had happened. Didn't ask about the first yellow card. He did say that he was impressed with Saints, particularly in the first half, and that we moved the ball about well and played some nice football. Looked very sharp and fit and if we had had a goalscorer it would not have been a surprise if we had gone in at half time 3 - 0 up. Hopefully we can keep up the level of performance for Wednesday and give Hamilton a doing.
  9. Great result yesterday. The team had a better balance with Magennis on the right and Newton in the centre. McLean was different class and Wylde brought something different when he came on but why does DL wait so long before making subs. Think we are a better team without Goodwin with the midfield trying to pass and play instead of lumping the ball up the park. Looking on the BBC website for the match stats it appears that we only committed 2 fouls which in itself says a lot about Goodwin not playing. Thought the centre of defence looked quite solid although Killie were only playing 1 up. Both centre backs need to practice heading the ball. Next 3 games will be hard but if we can get 2 points from them it should put us in a good position for the run in.
  10. I am going as a good mate is a supporter. From what he says only £5 for me so that is a bargain
  11. Just picked up on this again and I remember the Anchor Rec well. Played cricket, hockey, tennis and badminton for Anchor for many years before I moved down south in the early 70s. Had 3 hockey pitches, football pitch and one of the best cricket pitches in the west of Scotland. The groundsman had the little cottage at the gate, one of them Charlie Brown, was in the cricket team. Great memories
  12. Was christened and married in St George's East now St Matthew's. Was also in the St George's East Scouts for a number of years The "pub" used to be the General Post Office and was a huge rambling place with the goods yard behind. Often used to see the Scammell units coming out with their trailers of goods to do the deliveries Happy Days !!!!
  13. Think you are correct. Spent my "formative years" at the John Neilson
  14. The JNI scout Hall was called "The Bield" Both my elder brother (sadly no longer with us) and I were in both the cubs and scouts (7th Paisley) and my father was Group Scout Master before he moved on to become Assistant Diostant Commissioner for Training. For those of you interested the family name is Crawford
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