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  1. Farting in a lift is wrong on so many levels.
  2. They can get the whole lot tae f**k IMO 28 teams will enter in the first round: 12 Premiership U20s, teams placed 3-10 in League Two as well as 4 Highland League and 4 Lowland League teams. First round games will take place on August 2 and 3. Second round: 14 winners from round one, teams placed 1 and 2 in League Two and teams placed 3-10 in League One Third round: 12 winners from round two, 10 Championship clubs, teams 1 and 2 in League One Fourth round: 12 winners from round three, 2 teams from Northern Ireland, 2 teams from Wales. Draw will be regionalised to keep Northern Irish and Welsh teams apart.
  3. The Maxwellton Bar (now the undertakers) was also called the Mill House. The Copper Coin was previously,I think, The Western Bar although I'm not 100%
  4. Dived against us to gain a penalty for Hearts in 2000/2001 Cheating c**t.
  5. I think his real problem was, if he came from the Middle East and was a jew, why did he have a Mexican name?
  6. Was just about to post the same http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/36306986
  7. Oh look, Motherwell lying down to Celtic...or are Celtic just blowing them away?
  8. Having gone over my earlier post, I don't think I missed anyone during that period of 11 seasons but I'm willing to be corrected. By my reckoning, in that period the club's spend and returns were... Total paid £2,838,000 Total received £3,778,500 Which gave a net transfer surplus of £940,500
  9. Well, going from 1981-82 until we were relegated in 1991-92, IIRC and backed up by the 125th anniversary book...(feel free to correct, fees in 1000's ) 81/82 In Tony Fitzpatrick 150 Out Peter Weir 220 Andy Dunlop 35 82/83 No fees in or out 83/84 In Rowan Alexander 27 Drew Jarvie 4 Neil Cooper 12 Derek Hamilton 4 Out Billy Stark 70 Eric Sinclair 7 Chic Charnley 1.5 84/85 In Jim Rooney 47 Brian Gallagher 43.5 Kenny McDowall 32.5 Peter Godfrey 32 Out Billy Thomson 82.5 Frank MacDougall 106 Rowan Alexander 25 85/86 In Frank McGarvey 94 Out Frank MacAvennie 350 Mark Fulton 52 86/87 In Paul Chalmers 15 Ian Ferguson 64 Les Fridge 54 Out Jim Rooney 8.5 Steve Clarke 422 87/88 In Keith Walker 53 Robert Dawson 34 Mark McWalter 53 Billy Davies 6 Mike Conroy 76 Brian Martin 97 Out Ian Ferguson 900 (46 to Clyde) 88/89 In Peter Weir 135 Paul Kinnaird 90 Out John Butler 20 Mike Conroy 40 89/90 In Gudmunder Torfason 160 Roddy Manley 250 Fraser Wishart 285 Tom Black 70 Tomas Stickroth 400 Out Ian Cameron 215 Brian Hamilton 285 Neil Cooper 30 Peter Weir 40 Tommy Wilson 50 Paul Chalmers/Keith Walker 200 90/91 In Alan Irvine 20 Julian Broddle 40 Out Billy Davies 160 David Winnie 265 91/92 In Roy Aitken 150 Lex Baillie 90 David Elliott/Chic Charnley 250 (plus Shaw and McWalter) Out Brian Martin Tom Black 240 (combined)
  10. where did I try to defend him? I was also at the game and Celtic just blew us away in the first half. As has been shown, you talk a load of pish, eg "Celtic needed 5 goals, they had got them by half time" Wrong and wrong.
  11. Really? Jim Stewart, an Ayrshire man and former Rangers player. are you really suggesting he lay down to Celtic? No they didn't. No they hadn't.
  12. Primer, an absolute head-f**k of a time travel movie. Only 80 minutes long, there's a 20 minute youtube video explaining it.
  13. Alexandra, situated in Neilston Rd opposite the entrance to the RAI Astoria, Lawn St at the entrance of what was Arnott's car park Glen, corner of Gilmour St and High St Kelburne, Glasgow Rd La Scala, High St, opposite junction with Moss St Palladium, Weighhouse Close, now Paisley Centre car park Picture House, High St Regal, corner of High St and Lady Lane West End, corner of Broomlands St and Queen St
  14. Official statement The 13 are... Sean Kelly Jim Goodwin Alan Gow Steven Thompson Stuart Carswell Cameron Howieson Scott Agnew Barry Cuddihy Jaison McGrath Alex Cooper Keith Watson has also left St Mirren having agreed a deal with Premiership side St Johnstone. David Clarkson and Lawrence Shankland also return to their parent clubs after their loan spells with St Mirren.
  15. If genuine he's gone right up in my estimation
  16. We should be resigning Callum Gallagher, 8 goals is a decent return from his wide position.
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