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  1. Thanks for clarifying your argument.
  2. You can play whatever game you want to play - that's up to you. I repeat again that I was merely claiming that we are no worse off after the exodus to Easter Road. I appreciate what Jack Ross did for us when employed by St Mirren but things seem a bit more secure under Jim Goodwin.
  3. I didn't - but did not want to stretch my case too far back into history.
  4. Sorry I can't recall Jack Ross ever managing St Mirren in the SPL - was he not off to green pastures by then which left St Mirren in a hell of a mess which we are only now just recovering from. So how can you claim he has a better record than JG? Hibs probably have a budget 3 or 4 times the size of St Mirren's. In less than 2 seasons JG has achieved a steady improvement in St Mirren's standing in the SPL - something which JR never aspired to.
  5. I stand corrected. However, his current employers seem to have a predilection for anything St Mirren - John McGinn, Jason Naismith, David Porter, Darren McGregor, Jim Goodwin (unsuccessful), Craig Samson, Stevie Mallan and Kyle Magennis - oh and not forgetting our kitman.
  6. It's you that now has me confused. I was merely making the point in my original post that whilst Hibs seem to have had a strong hankering after our better players (and other employees) we have ended up with a squad (especially after the recent signings) after 2 years of Jim Goodwin in charge, which is just as strong as if they had stayed at St Mirren. I would not disagree with your comments on Paul McGinn but do not consider that there is much between him and Marcus Fraser. Nor was I suggesting that Mallan and Magennis would not be competing for places in the squad but that they would not be automatic first choices. In my opinion both Jamie McGrath and Jake Doyle-Hayes would edge them out based on current form/fitness levels. And the reason people keep referring to Jack Ross years after he has left St Mirren is that he has had a long history of signing our players and coaches compared to those from any other club.
  7. More of a Jim Goodwin Good thread.
  8. I think it is an indication of how well JG has recruited in the past year or so that the 2 McGinns, Magennis and Mallan would be probably no more than squad players and that applies also to players who went to other clubs - eg Hladky and Naismith. It is also questionable if Ross would have done a better job as manager than Goodwin. However, that is all conjecture and (my) opinion. But I remember when Goodwin had the chance to go to Hibs as a player he chose to stay at St Mirren which perhaps shows he has that commitment to the club which was perhaps less evident with (Saints till I die) Ross.
  9. I did not mean to lose you - sorry for that. My main point in posting this topic is that I would seriously question whether any of our ex players would be automatic first team choices (other than McGinn and McLean) although the likes of Lewis Morgan is another who might come into that category.
  10. Many of us mockingly refer to Hibs as our 'B' team - they have scavenged our manager, players, coaches and (even) kit man over recent years. Having listened to some of the commentary on their game at Parkhead against Celtic's 'B' team where they struggled to compete positively for most of the game (until they were a goal behind), it made me wonder how many of our ex employees, wherever they are now, would be first team choices for St Mirren today (including the manager). Obviously, John McGinn and Kenny McLean would have a chance, but who else can you think of would replace what we've got at present?
  11. Ethan has so much potential - and is one for the future. However, it is time that Flynn, MacPherson and Foley got the chance to take the pressure off him while in this dip in form.
  12. Possibly - but for effort rather than quality.
  13. If that's what he meant - I would agree with him. 'Well made the usual mistake of sitting back and wasting time - instead of continuing to outplay us as they had been in the first half. Our effort wasn't lacking this afternoon, but the quality certainly was.
  14. One minute the St Mirren TV commentator is saying their goalkeeper hasn't had a save to make all game and then when we score from our fortuitous penalty our goal was well deserved - maybe he meant 'Well' deserved.
  15. Again I would disagree with you. We are a bit behind Motherwell in overall quality - but hopefully now closing the gap.
  16. That would suggest that they are fortunate to be ahead. I would choose to differ with you on that.
  17. Based on our performance in the first half today and on last week's at Kilmarnock, our seventh position in the league definitely flatters us.
  18. Predictable selection - other than no Obika
  19. Now with Brophy signed until the end of the season, should he start up front with Obika tomorrow? Or should he be bedded in to give him time to get to know his new team mates? https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3879-eamonn-brophy-joins-saints-on-loan
  20. Agree with your thought process - but I was assuming that we start with 11. For example, I feel that Mason and Erhahon are off the boil at the moment and should be 'rested'.
  21. Out of today's squad and others who were not included for whatever reason - who should not start against Motherwell (again?) based on current form or merit?
  22. To cap things off today - our B team were gubbed 3-0 at home by Livingston.
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