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  1. I witnessed first hand how Fergie got involved with the local community at a BB display where he was the inspecting officer and eagerly took part in an impromptu 5-a-side match with the boys in the Paisley YMCA building in News Street. My father also had several dealings with Fergie through his involvement in community based projects in the Paisley area. What stood out was Fergie's unique self-belief, enthusiasm and commitment to the development of St Mirren. It was just a pity that his time at Love Street ended on such a sour note.
  2. Aaron Mooy is another quality player who springs to mind who did not quite fit in for whatever reason at Love Street.
  3. Gus always did have an eye for (St Mirren) quality players. However, Mahrez himself still seems a bit miffed that he was kept hanging on for a response from St Mirren. If only ............
  4. I know it has been mentioned on here before, but how did we let Riyad Mahrez slip through our fingers in 2009? Especially when you see how he has performed in the two UEFA semi final legs against PSG when there were umpteen world stars on view between the two teams. You can now hear from the man himself how he missed the chance of a lifetime - https://www.sportbible.com/football/news-reactions-transfers-weird-the-story-of-riyad-mahrezs-failed-trial-at-scottish-side-st-mirren-20210505
  5. After the turmoil of that game - one outstanding plus point (apart from the result of course) is the classy performance by Jay Henderson. Another gem from the academy. Let's hope he maintains this standard of performance.
  6. Might be a useful option to have when our dinky little stadium is packed out at the end of Covid restrictions and the Buddies are regularly sitting in the top four as TF has promised.
  7. To the extent that we do not appear to have anyone other than JDH to win possession in the midfield.
  8. Correction - we started and finished with no strikers.
  9. Is there anyone on here who believes we should have finished above St Johnstone on merit over the season so far?
  10. It's easy to be negative after a result like this - even if it was so predictable. However, there is so much to be thankful for and hopeful about the future. There's not a lot wrong with our defence and midfield and we have some of the best young prospects in the country. JG has made huge improvements since he took over but we have been handicapped this season by injuries to players who could have improved our goal scoring potential. And for once - we are not facing the prospect of relegation - at least not just yet.
  11. We started off without a striker - in fact we have played most of the season without a striker.
  12. Because it was so obvious to most people that we are a bit behind St Johnstone quality wise at this moment in time. It was almost inevitable let alone predictable.
  13. We have played the season without a forward line.
  14. I hate to tell you ........ I'm afraid justice is done.
  15. It's obviously a much better game on Hesgoal than St Mirren TV and you're saving money!
  16. That's the only way we will score playing the way we are.
  17. If there were games being played at the Racecourse - it would be difficult to find one of a poorer quality than this performance in the SPFL.
  18. Why are we in our red away strip against the home team also playing in red?
  19. Looks like a 4-4-2 formation. My concern is where is our goal threat going to come from.
  20. This is a more crucial game for us than it is for Hamilton. If we lose we will not finish in the top six - if Hamilton lose they still have a chance of avoiding relegation, especially the way Kilmarnock are headed at the moment. Assuming of course that St Johnstone are not defeated by Ross County
  21. We will (not) do it 'the St Mirren way' - we will draw with Hamilton and St Johnstone will scrape a narrow victory over Ross County which will be enough to push us out of 6th place on goal difference.
  22. The only St Mirren related comment I can make is that in JG we now have the third longest serving manager in Scotland's top flight.
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