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  1. As we wouldn't be able to leave Norwich til about 7ish tomorrow morning, the thought of not being able to get in, we're going to to give tomorrow's party a miss. Maybe it'll be a lucky omen as I missed the 2013 cup final as I was working in India, but was at the 2010 final. If the atmosphere is half a good as it was last Saturday it'll be fantastic. Enjoy fellow Buddies
  2. Apart from the from the last 15-20 mins, I thought it was a great performance. I probably have to take part of the blame having said after we went 2-0 up 'we could score 5 or 6 now'! But what a cracking atmosphere -absolutely fantastic!! 'Til next year
  3. Inverness here we come [emoji106][emoji106][emoji106]
  4. I hope not - i'm driving up for my customary one game a season this Saturday - it cant be any colder than East Fife last season - brrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. That figure has been quoted in the local press down here - it took a long while for Norwich to get him to sign as they wanted to insert a clause to reduce is wages if they went down. They lost on both counts !!
  6. Brew-c


    I have the same problem dmc, but get round it by 'refreshing'. Did you have to change something in your set up coz i find it a tad annoying?
  7. thanks guys - I have a feeling I never saw him play fully fit.
  8. After seeing the Paul Fenwick topic, I would like to know what peeps thought of Norrie?? As a genuine part-time fan, I never saw him have a good game IMO. Im waiting to be shot down
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