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  1. Anyone travelling via Glasgow by train, give yourself time. Trains are currently fkd due to sheep on the line at Bishopton.🤬
  2. Absolutely mental that thanks to Dundee, you can't buy online or an eticket or buy at the game on the day.
  3. No-he scored 16 in each of his first three seasons-48 goals. By our standard, that's prolific.
  4. Looks like it. Why display top 1 with an alternative choice of shorts and socks but not top 2? Top 1 is a shocker. Real point and laugh stuff.
  5. If you are getting stuck at the payment page, hit return when you have entered in your CVV-that will work. I was ready for launching my laptop before that.
  6. Why would you chuck it if it is an eticket? You scan it at the turnstiles in the same way you scan a physical ticket. It's a short term measure until the plastic tickets are issued. If it's the tech knowledge that's worrying you, myself and I'm sure many more would be happy to help[emoji106]
  7. Yep, I've highlighted the discrepency above.
  8. From the club email last Friday Last Chance to Register and Reserve Your Previous Seat On Monday 12 July, season ticket holders who did not reserve their seat, will have the opportunity to do so. If you have not registered yet and would like to renew in your previously held seat, please contact us as soon as possible with the following details – Full name Contact number Email address House address Date of birth Seat row, number and section Email [email protected], or call the ticket office (0141) 840-6120 That doesn't say you have to pay for it by the 12th-just register and reserve. However, the SLO update today contradicts that[emoji848]
  9. You have until the 12th to register your existing seat, not pay for it. That way it won't be put up for general sale on 13th. Start of August to then actually pay for it.
  10. In that moment, we'd won the league. The celebrations were wild on and off the pitch and I wouldn't have swapped that for knowing before Mcknight scored that Dunfermline had actually won. It was beautiful.
  11. Livingston away 5 weeks ago. Arrived back in Paisley,got off bus, walked 20 yards, slipped on ice in Moss St, broke my ankle in 3 places. F**king magic[emoji2959][emoji37]
  12. Saw Francis Dunnery (It Bites) last Thursday at St Lukes. Perfect recreation of the Once Around The World album. Was at the Tron on Saturday night to see Noah Gundersen, excellent set. Next up is James Grant on Thursday.
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