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  1. And how was it, hopefully spectacular? Loved it, although we didn't get the 2nd encore that every other night on the tour got as H felt his voice was going. Could live without hearing Gaza again but Seasons End, Fantastic Place and Estonia were stunning.
  2. Marillion at the Concert Hall tonight
  3. Thommo at Ibrox, Junior at Raith, Gillies v Dundee Utd in 2001.
  4. Lloyd Cole in Hamilton tonight. Not a fan so being dragged along by the Mrs. Thankfully it's acoustic so I'll be spared the majority of his godawful new album
  5. King Of Birds album launch last Thursday was a cracking night at Stereo. 23 years since I last saw the Gorman brothers in their previous Murmur guise 😲
  6. James Grant and Diesel Park West double header in Darvel next March. [emoji106]🤯
  7. The slight difference in expression on Danny's face cracks me up. Looks proud of the home top, looks like he's thinking "I know, right. It's shite' in the away pic[emoji23]
  8. James Grant this weekend in Millport King Of Birds next week in Lochwinnoch. I get to go to all the glam places.
  9. Francis Dunnery at Manchester Academy on Saturday, playing the whole of It Bites debut album[emoji869]
  10. Eckersley signing announced by Forfar twitter 10 mins ago.
  11. Francis Dunnery in Manchester in a few weeks, Rory and The Island just after that. The excellent Aslan are playing a rare Scottish gig at the end of March. Looking forward to that one.
  12. Saw Marillion in Bremen the weekend before last; met Steve Hogarth outside our hotel. Think I probably came across a wittering fanboy but I don't care! Peter Murphy was superb last week at SWG3. That's me done for the year-29 gigs.
  13. Second half was a gutless, abject disgrace. No fight, no heart, no clue.
  14. Pele at The Admiral the other Saturday were superb. James Grant in Edinburgh last night with a string section was a great night as always. This week is Gary Numan with an orchestra at the Concert Hall then Michael Cassidy at SWG3.
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