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  1. Fancy us to win tomorrow night, I would be surprised if he didnt go with Caldwell upfront against the accies defence, they dont seem to be able to complete a back pass, so a wee bit of pace could help target that weakness. I would personally bring in Brown for Goody. Apart from those two changes, would be difficult to see what else would be change. The team played very well on Saturday, even when we went down to 10 men, we were still the better team. Saints 3 - 1 Accies Kello Naismith Cheesy Plummer Tesselar McGinn Brown Marwood McLean Wylde Caldwell
  2. Im giving information based on people i know who are in and around the club every single day, who are close to the player and have been for a number of years.
  3. Do you honestly think a player is going to turn round and tell someone their wages? Of course not. He is the highest paid player at the club. If that has something to do with the fact his dad is on the board is another story.
  4. He is , Hes on £3,000 a week, the hightest paid player at the club. Thommo on £2,500. I thought it was a joke when i first heard it, but apparently, its completely true
  5. Hes a good player, no doubt about that. He wears his heart on his sleeve. He NEEDS to cut out the stupidity, it will cost us more and more. We didnt look like the team with 10 men on saturday to be fair, but with him on the park, the result may have been different
  6. More signings due next 2 weeks , midfielder on loan from Newcastle and 2 players from man city on loan. No names mentioned but agent confident it will be before Motherwell game
  7. Heard today that the club are in "advanced talks" to sell the club. Could be confirmed before the end of pre season. Also spoke to James marwoods agent today. More players coming from man city and Newcastle apparently
  8. If it gets to the 3rd of september and we havent signed anymore players (i.e 2xCH, right sided midfielder and another striker), only at that point i would be worried. No point in worrying now. COYS
  9. Hopefully see a few trialists tonight, still need 4 players to have a decent squad for the season, dont think we are to far away
  10. Apologies guys... Was told that he was retiring. Source has received a swift boot to the tadger and been telt... Sorry team Cracking news but
  11. I have my sources!! My uncle best pal is Bryan mcausland
  12. Is it a terrible offer though? Lyle Taylor is a proven goalscorer and we could hopefully reinvest that money in the team
  13. Hearing , from a good source ..(wait for the skeptics) saints have received a 300,000 offer plus lyle Taylor for John McGinn
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