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  1. Ha ha! This LOVENEST character/alias is some laugh. Is he related to Flareybob?
  2. Jack also liked an occasional “that’s a good question” in a lot of his interviews. Gave himself a bit of thinking time and gave the questioner a wee boost.
  3. How do you reflect on your career in football management now that it’s come to an end?
  4. 4-1 at half time yesterday, with the previous 3 games over after 20-25mins. That suggests fundamental issues with the players and/or the way we’re setting up. The manager had decided to put it down to the players in every after match interview. That’s not clever management and it’s not going to create a happy dressing room. The good managers tend to criticise players in the dressing room but defend them and take the blame when talking in after match interviews. The Board have a difficult decision to make. It’s not a decision that anyone should need to consider at this stage of the season but it’s the performances on the park that have led to the question coming up.
  5. Money has changed the game over the past 20/30 years. I get the impression that folk were far more relaxed in the past (pre 90s?) about results, performances etc. Entry prices were far more affordable as well. I saw a calculation that we’d be paying between £5-10 to get into football had prices risen with inflation since the 80s. With the money coming into the game and the need for all seater stadia and a greater emphasis on facilities, fans are more likely to act as customers when times are hard. I’ve got a season ticket, so will continue to go to home games but why would I pay £28 to Hearts to watch the current team? I was up at Pittodrie and the game was over after 25mins, same on Saturday against Livingston. Every fan has to balance the cost of football against their wider finances and the enjoyment they get from attending. As a fan, I don’t expect too much from the side - signs of organisation and motivation, playing to a suitable system and proving a bit of attacking excitement. I’ve seen 7 games this season and I’ve not seen much of any of those.
  6. See if we’re in a position of having to move on Cammy Smith to bring in other players, then the management are culpable for having blown their entire budget on a collection of signings and loanees that are well below the required standard. Morgan went back to Celtic and we let Hippolyte go to Dunfermline weeks ago. Why haven’t we signed someone that can play wide left if he wants to play 4-4-2? Our best performances seem to have come when we’ve played a 4-2-3-1 - Killie, Dumbarton and Dundee - so why are we fannying about with diamonds in midfield, 4-4-2 and fitting square pegs into round holes? Stubbs came to a club on the up, and a budget to sign his own players. Recruitment is a key part of any manager’s job and he’s come up woefully short. If only gorgeous Jack hadn’t left......
  7. He’ll be given a budget so will know what he has to play with. We were wide open from the 1st minute today but the system didn’t change. GMS is Aberdeen’s best player when on form and he was repeatedly left one on one with Coulson. Usually that would be spotted and the system changed to provide some protection for the FB. The management team seemed happy to let that happen throughout the game. We looked slow, sluggish and not really sure how we were meant to be playing. There’s no pace or invention up front and that back 4 isn’t good enough.
  8. I’d probably be regarded as high up on the happy clapper scale, but there are many worrying signs. Recruitment hasn’t brought in anywhere near enough quality (with Coulsen the exception), McGinn is the only leader in the squad, there’s not enough pace, telling players they can go without suitable replacements coming in and bringing in 3 trialists only two weeks before the season starts smacks of desperation. We’ve been spoiled for the past 18 months. Can anyone believe that we’re a fortnight away from the start of the season with Danny Mullen and Ross Stewart as our only credible striking options?
  9. I hope Stubbsy hasn’t created a rod for his own back with the ‘marquee signing’ patter. Are there any veteran ex Scottish Internationals out of contract down south and wanting to come back up the road e.g. Steven Fletcher? What are Kane Hemmings and Greg Stewart up to? Andrew Shinnie is apparently out of contract. Does Jonny Hayes still figure in Celtic’s plans? Hopefully, Stokes has burned his bridges.
  10. He's done a great job for us, and while it looks like he's been a bit underhand and disrespectful to the BoD in the way he's gone about it, it was too good an offer to turn down. no matter how much of a basket case Sunderland are. I think the time had come to get it over and done with, as all the interviews and speculation wasn't going to be helpful heading into the new season. He's certainly going to have to earn his money though - a young manager from a league that many in England don't rate, being appointed by a new owner at a club where promotion will be demanded this season. He's not familiar with the standard of the league or players he'll need or those he needs to get rid, and if Sunderland are sitting in the mid to lower end of the table after 8-10 games, him and the new owner will be under a lot of pressure. I can't see him being given until the January transfer window if things aren't going well. I know Jack says he likes a challenge and to solve problems, and he's going to have to do it quickly if he's to survive and flourish at Sunderland.
  11. Livingston were the only full time in League 1 last year. Ayr and Raith were full time this year and finished 1st and 2nd. It’s no great achievement to be promoted from League 1 as the only full time team.
  12. Halkett plays in the centre of a back three at Livingston. He’s been great but is he mobile enough to play in a 2 man central defence? I’ve seen Kane Hemmings mentioned as a possible loan target but it seems that Hibs may be interested in him as well.
  13. Superb idea. Fame at last. I’ve not read all this, but if folk disagree that Davis is the best defender in the Championship then fair enough. He’s not showy, reads the game well and I can’t think of anyone better.
  14. Yesterday was nervy, but we shouldn’t forget that these are good times. The past year has been one of the best in my 40 odd years of supporting the club, and it’s one we’ll all look back on fondly in years to come.
  15. It was one of those days. After the first half hour, sImple passes were going astray, we looked one paced and didn’t play with any tempo. That made for a nervy afternoon for everyone. However, we won a game that we would’ve drawn or lost not so long ago, and are 11 points clear at the top of the league. I’ve noticed that about McShane before - he attracts criticism but a lot of the time it’s because he’s trying to create and play a risky forward pass. He wasn’t any better or worse than anyone else yesterday but has become a bit of a whipping boy for some. Onwards and upwards.
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