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  1. The treatment of Shaughnessy is just odd. He’s clearly a better defender than Gogic, but for some reason the manager would rather play Alex out of position than play our captain. It’s simply hindering the team.
  2. Watt’s been a dud, so far. Thought he was terrible again yesterday. The game against Celtic next week will be his last for us till April. Our only other game in March is at Tannadice, and he can’t play. I’d be amazed if he was playing for us next season.
  3. We aren’t playing at parkhead next week Bud 😂
  4. Spot on. He’s clearly a very capable striker at this level, as he’s showing with Ross County. Let’s hope we give him more of a chance next season.
  5. One for the stattos. Eamonn Brophy scored two and set up two today. Or scored one and set up three depending what the dubious goal panel says. When was the last time a St Mirren striker had four goal involvements in a Scottish top flight match? Meanwhile our strikers continue to struggle to find a coos arse with a banjo. Zero goal involvements between the two of them today, for the fifth (5th) game in a row.
  6. A low bar but yes probably. Second half he was good. Still looks over weight and unfit though, and was no surprise he was hooked instead of an injured Main.
  7. I was clearly not referring to just this season. Now do the same work with all their minutes played for St Mirren and work it out 😂
  8. His goal to minutes ratio is similar if not better than Main and Ayunga. Despite him being injured for long spells during his time with us. Maybe one day we will actually sign a goal scoring striker.
  9. Quite a weird obsession with this statistical quirk of him not scoring at St Mirren Park, as if goals at home count differently from those scored away from home. He scored a fantastic goal for in a win against County last season. He's certainly scored more St Mirren goals than the three strikers we are likely to have available today - watt, jamieson and offord.
  10. Both teams could do with Brophy playing tomorrow. Thankfully - for us - he will be in the stand.
  11. I think we will win here. County aren't great on the road, and our home form is good, well it had been up till recently. 2-1
  12. TBH I think we are the most likely of the four teams to miss out. We are in awful form, the squad has been decimated with injury and a poor January transfer window. Thankfully Aberdeen are at Parkhead on Saturday, so a win against County should give us a nice cushion over them. Let's hope we can do it.
  13. The annoying thing about that is IU don't even think that Motherwell got their new manager bounce. They were hopeless, as they have been all season. Still managed to beat us comfortably right enough. Same old guff from our perspective, our form really is terrible. If our opponent gets a player sent off in the first half we can win, if they don't we are really going to struggle. Last nights game was similar to Hibs, Dundee and various other terrible performances since October. Dull as dishwater hoof ball, completely lacking in creativity, and we are now soft defensively too. Richard Taylor is not good enough to play for St Mirren. I thought he was at fault for the goal we conceded in his debut at Tynecastle, and I wasn't surprised he was bombed out the team after that. Out of nowhere he comes back in and starts at Parkhead, where he sells the first goal, gets sent off while giving away the second, and he starts again last night. Surely no one - including Robinson - was surprised when he sold the first Motherwell goal? I hope he never plays for us again. Our next two games will decide if we got top six or not. County home, St Johnstone away. Really we need six points but four will do. After those fixtures we have a difficult run in to the split. We go to Ibrox, Tynecastle and play Celtic at home in our remaining six games.
  14. That's Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon failed in their quest to 'lead Scotland to independence' Next, please!
  15. Very important game for us. We've only won three games against two separate teams since the 1st October, and Motherwell are the only team we have beaten who have ended the first half with 11 men in that four and a half month time period. The Well are certainly the worst squad of players in the league IMO, but you have to fear the new manager bounce. Win here and we will go 4th and be in the driving seat for top six. Draw or lose and we will stay 6th and it will be a chance to use our game in hand missed. 1-1
  16. Lo and behold, we are both out the cup. Could have played this on a Saturday afternoon in spring, instead we are playing it on a winters Wednesday.
  17. Oh yeah he got loads of stick from the north bank. We had a song for Kenny McLean and various other boo boy favourites too 😁I was a big fan of Dorman, but i think he's more popular now than he was when he actually played with us.
  18. Interesting to see the revitalisation of Dorman in our support over the last couple of years. I liked him a lot, but goodness me he was a big target for our boo-boys back in the day. I suppose he was a rare luxury player in the usual pragmatism of Gus' newly promoted teams. Would float around doing not very much for 90 minutes, apart from scoring a worldly that won us the game.
  19. I think we will take over 1,000, magic of the cup and all that. Hope we can at least make a game of it, but I suspect we will be 2+ down by half time.
  20. Then you run the risk of other games being postponed and ending up with a congested fixture list immediately pre-split. Not many games are postponed beyond March, and pretty much every midweek is free. Wednesday 22nd February is free, Wednesday 1st of March is free etc etc. In the unlikely event of a league game after the cup game being postponed, there would have been no fixture pile up.
  21. To be fair, two of our last three goals came directly from set pieces...But i do agree it's something we've struggled with all season.
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