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  1. Someone scored 5 minutes ago?!
  2. I love Arjen Robben. Fantastic player, probably the 3rd best in the world at the minute. What a career he's had.
  3. They're both absolutely terrible Oh well, it's just a strip.
  4. Couldn't go for a free next summer but could the season after I believe.
  5. He actually played 64 minutes, wiki is wrong (shock horror).
  6. Who cares? This is a referendum thread, not a cock measuring contest between two daft days out at the weekend. Why do you think yes is losing so heavily at the polls?
  7. The Nats are still getting a predictable hiding in the polls, new you gov one in the times tomorrow: No 54 Yes 35 The gap is growing, the momentum is with the union. No complacency though, let's win this with style.
  8. What abuse? I called the post a lot of shite. You must live in some kind of parallel universe if you genuinely think we shouldn't take advantage of the loan market. We scored 3 goals in the league cup final, 2 of them scored by loanees and 1 set up by a loanee. It amazes me that after that people still think that loaning players is a bad idea. What more evidence do you need? There's plenty of players who have EPL contracts and who are more than good enough for this level but who can't break in at their clubs. We should maximise this market to the fullest of our ability, if we don't, our rivals will.
  9. What a load of shite that post is. I take it you were complaining about Conor Newton and Isma scoring at Hampden when we won the cup? We'll never do anything with loan players eh?
  10. Hopefully more Paul Dummett than Ryan McGivern! Looks a great signing. Tommy has a fantastic reputation as a coach of young players down south, hopefully this is the first of many EPL starlets joining us on loan.
  11. Well of course? He can't leave for nothing though. So why would we negotiate down the compensation? Why not just keep him?
  12. Harkins has signed for Dundee on a two year deal. Building a St Mirren themed retirement home up there it would seem. Great news for us. Imagine if they try to play McGowan and Harkins in the same team? Remember when we tried that? I will be astounded if we don't finish at least 10 points above them.
  13. Ok that's not true. He will either leave for the full compensation or he will stay. He can leave for nothing in 2 years, not before then.
  14. Armed forces day was arranged by better together? Source?
  15. Can't take you seriously after you said it was a 'certainty we were going to get relegated' last season. Do you even take yourself seriously?
  16. Yep about 2 seconds ahead ha. Means you know when to look up ;)
  17. He just sound like he hates football. He's been paid a lot of money to go to Brazil and watch the World Cup, yet he makes it sound like he's been asked to clean bedpans. c**t.
  18. They're certainly a close second.
  19. I think they've been quieter on the England national team this time around, and no wonder, what an embarrassment they are. It's the EPL they go on about. They'll say ' What a goal by James Rodriguez - once tracked by Man United ' for example. FFS. They then said the 'big clubs' are looking at him like he's a break through star. Monaco paid 40 million for him for goodness sake, he's been one of the best players in Europe for years. Oh and he kept pronouncing his name wrong.
  20. Agreed. Him and Andy Townsend are the worst pair known to football, I have it on mute and 5 live on.
  21. What a ridiculous waste of money. I assume all the yes campaigners will be condemning this too.
  22. I think he was afraid he would go to The New Club and cost the club 200k approx. He did also say that we had offered him the best contract the club possibly could.
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