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  1. The reason Juventus play in black & white stripes is down to Notts County. So technically what you want is a Notts County strip. Incidentally, went there a couple of seasons ago with 2 members of this forum. Tidy little ground. And a great day out.
  2. In no particular order... 3-2 v Celtic, 2013 League Cup, en route to winning the trophy. 2-1 at Ayr 2000, late late late winner by Paul McKnight 3-2 at Motherwell, aka 'The Great Escape' 2-1 v Hearts, 87 semi final 2-1 away to Raith, 2000, not just one late goal, but two. So many others, from many years before or after. But these are the games where I REALLY lost it when we scored. And I think that's what makes them most memorable. All the cup wins are up there too, but excluded as per the OP.
  3. This looks very promising. And in fact, almost regardless of how successful he might be, what's already important is that it's a crowd pleaser, one for us to feel excited about. Practice set pieces and cross balls all summer long, use them next season, and he will get us the goals we want.
  4. Change the red bits to white and the white bits to red and that'll do!!Oh, and just keep the black bits black, in case you were wondering!
  5. The truth is that JD are getting the same kind of exposure (albeit on a far smaller scale) that big club owners in England get where they own the club, so they change the stadium name, put their name on the jerseys, and plaster their brand everywhere possible.Difference is they own the club and invest millions in it, so why shouldn't they!? JD, on the other hand, just use us for their own ends and get all these benefits cheaply because we seem to have an absolutely diabolical aptitude for striking any kind of really good deal. And they are in no way accountable to the fans, or give a shit about them. Numbers on their yearly report, nothing more.
  6. Is this yet another player who can't shine for us but can produce the goods elsewhere? We're not great at bringing players' talent out, are we!? Not quite sure why. Is it because we're a rather impatient, critical, demanding support? Hope so.
  7. What an absolutely amazing day and night!! They reckon there was close to 250,000 people in Leicester last night! Got great views of the bus with all the players and the trophy on London Road. Picked my spot well so I was right next to it! Then on to the crazy scenes in Victoria Park. Unbelievable. All the players on stage, everyone celebrating, flags waving, people cheering & singing. All very, very good natured, with everyone having a drink of one thing or another. And all topped off by a surprise 4 song set by Kasabian live on the stage. Just brilliant! What a fantastic time. Will live long in the memory.
  8. Borrowing slightly from the Spurs fans, yesterday the song was "Barcelona, we're coming for you!"
  9. It's a bit of an unusual one, there's not really an obvious main rival.For most Leicester fans the biggest rivalry is probably Forest. That's the team who get 'mentioned' in songs most often, and the atmosphere when Forest are in town can be quite heavy, but mostly from Leicester towards Forest. Forest and Derby is the real derby match though, much closer to each other. Games against Villa can be pretty intense too, although nothing like a typical derby. Any game against a Welsh team tends to be a big deal, as do the expected Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea type of games. But no, not any true 'blood & guts' derby matches.
  10. What a day. What a night. I've never seen anything like it...! I was 15 when we won the Scottish Cup, but I still celebrated it! I've seen us win that, plus the League Cup, the Challenge Cup, and the second tier league 3 times. Add to that the Anglo-Scottish Cup and countless Renfrewshire Cups, plus cup semis and European adventures. But I've never seen anything like Leicester today. f**king mental! Mental! But good mental! I started this thread as a bit of fun, as a Saints fan living his life following a second team because he had to move away from Paisley. I never thought I'd see this! Especially as the city I've moved to isn't London, or Manchester, or Liverpool. But Leicester... I'm very proud tonight. This is my adopted city. It has my heart now, and I love the fact that I live somewhere that has a lot of the things I've always loved about being a St.Mirren fan. One city, one team, all in it together. Underdogs, battling against the established teams. Passionate fans, all with one aim, one hope, dreaming for that impossibility that might just become possible. It's happened here this season. And who is to say that SMFC can't do the same? We can dream. Everything is possible if we believe. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the Champions League next season, and who knows, 2 in a row!!?? COYS COYB
  11. It's because it's relative. Like it or not as St.Mirren fans, we're in a completely different world to the English Premier League. In fact, the winners of any league in Scotland are in a completely different world to any team in the English Premier League. That's just a fact. But if anyone out there doesn't think that a team who were just over a month away from relegation last season, then went on an incredible run to stay up, then followed that up the following season by winning one of the most difficult leagues to win in world football, losing only 3 games so far, ISN'T a fairytale in modern day football, then I don't know what is!!??
  12. Get home on Friday morning. Saturday will be quite some day!!
  13. I'm currently watching the sun set over Manhattan, drinking cocktails on the 102nd floor of the One World Tower. But I feel on top of the world! WE. HAVE. DONE. IT!!! Leicester City are the Premier League champions!!! How unreal does it feel to say that!? I've lived in Leicester for over 7 years now, it's been hard moving away from my home town and my family, friends, and home town team, St.Mirren. But tonight I feel enormously proud to be an adopted Leicester boy. It's my city, it's where I live, where I've met loads of great new people. It's where I took an underperforming, underdog team to my heart, and started to follow their fortunes. And now, this. I cannot believe it. And there will be the mother of all parties in Leicester this Saturday! Go on you Foxes! Claudio Ranieri, you are immortal!
  14. Watched updates on BBC Sport online from mid air above the 'western seaboard' yesterday. Happy with a point. Means Spurs cannot drop a single point now. Even a draw at Chelsea tonight and the dream becomes a reality. I was getting texts about how crazy Leicester was on Sunday night. It should be even better this coming Saturday, all going well.
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