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  1. Great guy and a very good player in his pomp. It's the right time for him to move on though. I felt his best games for us came in the double winning season of 05/06 and in the season immediately after we came up. It was no surprise when Hibs came in and made him an offer we couldn't match. Will be remembered most for his place in the cup winning team though. He made a fantastic block with his em... Upper thigh... Very near the end of the final, game saving and trophy winning moment right there.
  2. Worth a punt. Not too long ago he was the main man in the national team and he's just turned 31. For all the reasons you just stated I can't imagine he's in a position to demand a high wage.
  3. See McFadden has been released by the Well. Definitely worth a look IMO.
  4. Yet more great news for our union. The nationalists just can't get any momentum going, and the reason for that is simply there is no case for independence. Can't wait for September so we can vote no and put this behind us once and for all.
  5. He isn't proven at this level though.
  6. If you look at the top level of football these days, very few teams play possession football. The era of it seems to be over. Look at Chelsea v Atletico, both teams spent most of the tie trying to give the other team possession so they could win it back and counter. Real beat possession playing Bayern easily by picking them off on the counter, just like Bayern had done to Barca the year before. I'd like us try to play that way. To do so we need some flying wingers on either flank, Wylde could be one and hopefully we bring in another in the summer.
  7. Speaking of aliases anyway, who are you on PNB?!
  8. As there's English interest in him, there's no chance he will be playing for us next season.
  9. Think that's confirmation bias there. If we had the worst goals against in the league but the best goals for would you be blaming our attackers? That's the point I'm making regarding Motherwell. They scored 25 more goal than us but conceded 2 more. If only we had the Motherwell forward players!
  10. I bet my forum membership on Tommy Craig not being our new manager
  11. Delighted Thommo has taken up the captaincy. The captain's meant to be the shop steward who represents the players interests to the BoD and the management team. Would have been a bit odd if our captain was also part of the management team. Don't imagine much will change on the park. I guess Goody will continue to lead the defensive players while Thommo leads the attacking players, as has been happening for the past three seasons. As far as I can see that's this all the issues resolved regarding the management team. It's now over to Tommy, Teale and Goodwin to get our squad built for next season.
  12. It's interesting. Most people have spent all season moaning about our defence and our average centre halves, the league table suggests this is actually one of the strongest areas of the team. We conceded less goals this season than second placed Motherwell aswell as 4 teams out the bottom 6. According to the goals against column we had the 7th best defensive record in the league. Meanwhile, according to the goals for column we had the 11th best attack in the league. Thank goodness for our defence I say, if it wasn't for them we'd have been in even more big trouble this year.
  13. If they are going to pay 100k for him I'll drive him back there myself.
  14. Watch out for France ;) Easy group and a nice looking squad.
  15. I also imagine Gary has no desire to return here. He did okay by all accounts in league 1, and I'm sure if Oldham don't fancy him one club at either that level or league 2 would take over his contract. Hopefully anyway, I don't believe he's got the necessary attributes to succeed at this level.
  16. Magennis is a decent squad player and I'd happily take him on a 1 year deal on relatively low wages as long as we sign another striker along with him.
  17. From a Cowdenbeath fan on PNB. What goes around....
  18. Just create a new account like the cool kids do!
  19. You quote me twice, throw in some personal abuse, then accuse me of attention seeking? Couldn't make it up
  20. Well, it was to do with the treatment of his brother.
  21. We will finish higher this year than we did in any year under Lennon ;)
  22. Well picked up, that's exactly what it implies. Danny had fell out with a young players parents. Sure you can guess what one.
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