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  1. Aye, and they've all failed which is why you now clean the lavvies in Pizza Hut. P.S. Chop, chop! That "Bobbed Otter" won't flush itself!
  2. That description sums up a lot of people who regularly post on this website. The thread from a couple of seasons ago about a Church wanting to use St. Mirren Park to hold their services and the despicable way certain individuals behaved on the Referendum thread made it clear how intolerant and abusive some people on here really are. Some people can't hold back on their feelings on certain subjects and their blood boils through them until they can no longer control themselves as they froth at the mouth with their evil bile ways and their disgusting antics. Yet, the rules of this website state clearly when joining that such behaviour will not be accepted. Hhmmm...
  3. There's no need to wonder about it, Doctor. It is factually correct that some of our "fellow" St. Mirren "Supporters" love to hate the Old Firm than love St. Mirren. I suspect they are actually supporters of Celtic and Rangers in disguise and trying way too hard to hide their true leanings...
  4. Why do you often go back to a post you made after a while to add more to it? It's the sort of thing a troll might do...
  5. Alas, your green and white striped sports shirt is showing under your jacket...
  6. Faraway Saint has been sending you PM's as well I take it?
  7. Oh, and as it says on "Google"..."Happy 90th Birthday, Ma'am".
  8. These posts sum up society in general. One is just plain abusive and the other gives greetings albeit in a begrudging manner. All you needed to do was wish her a Happy Birthday or not bother posting in the thread at all. Why bother posting abuse to someone you have never met and probably never will? As for the begrudging post, it reminds me of people I used to come across in my last job who would start a sentence with "I'm not a racist but..." This forum over the past couple of days has almost been like a tribute to the very people in Scottish society that my fellow St. Mirren Supporters claim are "bigoted" and other words. It suggests that many people on here who proclaim to support St. Mirren F.C. are nothing more than Celtic and Rangers supporters in disguise. Maybe it's time a lot of you just accepted who you really are, come out of your closet and lead your life accordingly. It can't be comfortable pretending to be something you obviously are not - that fishy fellow from Arbroath or that "FTOF" chancer being prime examples. Anyone who calls himself "FTOF" is trying way too hard to disguise himself as a supporter of the magnificent football institution that is St. Mirren F.C. He obviously is more obsessed with them than he is with St. Mirren, hence his choice of username.
  9. Yeah, I see that's exactly what you do...
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