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  1. This is doing the rounds on twitter for the away kit. Don’t know if it’s genuine??
  2. Can he play right back? Anyone would be an improvement on O’Donnell.
  3. How low is this from Accies?? Their underhand tactics to win or scrape a draw at any eye-bleeding or cost is in evidence here. Any shady tactic to get an advantage. Our team talk is already taken care of by them for the next time we play them.
  4. Looks accidental. Be really unlucky to get done for that, but as said above, with the muppets at The SFA who knows?? Is there not a ruling that if the ref sees it and took action (yellow) it’s deemed as dealt with?
  5. Was speaking to him briefly outside the ground on Saturday and he said with a bit of frustration there were strict rules about coming back after a head-knock so must defo concussion. Didn’t get a timescale from him as we nearly got knocked down by the Accies team bus.
  6. What a strike. I miss wee Stevie Mallan.
  7. We can play much better, but deserved a draw yesterday. Disallowed goal was onside and Magennis really unlucky not to score with the 2 great strikes that hit the woodwork. Marking was really poor for both their goals. Accies game is massive next week.
  8. Was brilliant. Was just a lad, but had a great view of it too. Frank was in the box jogging back up the park and had a nibble at McAlpine who had the ball in his hands, causing the crowd to react and make the ref turn around just as McAlpine had a nibble back. Frank hit the deck and we got and scored the resulting pen. It was hilarious, but not if you’re an Arab. Too young to remember his first stint with us, but McGarvey was a character and a special footballer too.
  9. Really disappointing performance tonight. Sat far too deep with a pish defence after our goal and could’ve easily been a bigger defeat. Only positive was McGinn getting his goal. All about the Finland game now.
  10. Experience, dig, composure, height, versatility and committed attitude. Only question mark is his legs at 35, but looks like a great piece of business. Good luck and welcome back bigman.
  11. Bit out of the blue this one. Jack is a great competitor and wears his heart on his sleeve. Great attitude and ball winner, but falls a wee bit short with the ball at his feet. Hope he grows in confidence at Morton and gets the chance to develop his distribution. Wish him the best of luck and hope to see him back.
  12. Livvy pumped them 4-1 up there and if our players turn up like they did the second half yesterday we are as good as Livvy. It’s on proper grass which will help us too. We need our strikers starting to deliver though. Heart says 2-0 Saints, heed saying 1-1.
  13. Painful defeat today. Some of it self inflicted and some down to poor final ball and finishing. Thought McAllister looked another level compared to everyone else on the park in the second half. Just didn’t fall for him, but some of his passing and movement was superb. Felt sorry for McLoughlan, think he struggled with the ridiculous surface. Was getting the ball caught under his feet, causing a few mistakes, but he didn’t hide and kept offering for the ball. Obika looked clumsy and was dominated by their defenders especially in the air, but hopefully he’ll improve with game time. Our fullbacks got in some good attacking positions, but their delivery wasn’t great. Magennis took his goal brilliantly, but the goals we lost were cheap. Livvy bossed the midfield first half, but Saints had the better of the second half and Livvy couldn’t really have complained if we snatched a draw. What about that ref??? He was absolutely honking. Lost control of the game and is the reason I’ve lost my voice tonight. Gave us nothing and constantly got conned by Livvy’s antics, especially the left back that came on and feigned the head injury. Still early days, but already starting to see the same pattern of Livvy stretching away from us. Hopefully we can get a big result against County to turn thins around. A wee thank you to Stephen McGinn. Made my son’s day when he posed for a photo with him outside after the game. Seems a real gent and ended our frustrating day on a real positive.
  14. Ffs 2-0. Mistake at back. Out of nothing. Completely against the run of play. Sickener
  15. Deservedly one down. Terrible game of football on a windy dry sticky pitch. We have no excuses with the goal. Free header from a corner is poor poor stuff. Need to get it forward quicker second half. Players struggling with surface and looking sluggish in midfield. Foley been the pick of our players, although they are bossing the midfield. Need a big turnaround if we’re getting anything out of this.
  16. Bit blowy and a crap pitch against a team on good form, but got good feeling about today. 3-1 Saints. Magennis, Andreu and Junior junior grabbing a third late on. COYS!!!
  17. Just laid on the second at the death there. He’s more than holding his own down there. Great to see.
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