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  1. Played well and could’ve got something on another day. Gordon was probably Hearts best player which tells you something. Tanser going off was a blow, McAllister isn’t as good on or off the ball. Tanser was winning everything in the air up that side but Hearts stated to get more joy there when he limped off. We don’t take our chances and as long as that continues we’ll struggle. Fair dues to Kingsley for his freekick. Some finish and not much we can do against that. Thought the second yellow was very harsh. Freekick maybe, but the Hearts boy dived. Bad day at the office. Need Tanser fit for Wednesday. Squad starting to look very thin, especially at CB. If we don’t win against County we are starting to get into bother.
  2. I’m still in shock here that we didn’t get that pen. Incredible that he didn’t give it. The standard of refereeing up here is Sunday League not that the game was of a much higher standard. It was a blatant handball and happened just before the ft whistle. You couldn’t write it.
  3. He made a stupid mistake. He has apologised to Sevco and St Mirren. He called out the Sevco fans for behaviour that was selfish and putting lives at risk through the spreading of Covid before the vaccination was in place. Everyone in the country was making big sacrifices at that point. Sevco as a club and their players actively encouraged this behaviour. No action from the SFA. Their fans on their recent visit to St Mirren Park spray painted graffiti around the stadium, broke more than 100 seats and sang sectarian songs. No action from the SFA (as far as I’m aware?) Did Sevco apologise to St Mirren for the damage their ‘supporters’ caused that day? John Needham let St Mirren down badly with his use of language in criticising Sevco fans, due to his position on the Saints board at the time. I was initially split down the middle about whether he should resign or not, but as time goes on and we all reflect on the blind eye that the SFA have turned towards the “Old” Firm for decades, especially the blue half, I think his apology is enough. I understand people saying that he is sinking down to Sevco levels, but there’s a big difference. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but at least he has taken responsibility for his unacceptable behaviour and said sorry, unlike Sevco. All the other Scottish clubs need to stand up against the institutionalised bigotry that seems to be accepted by the SFA, as well as the preferential treatment that the pair of them receive and John Needham resigning is giving in to them. Time to move on.
  4. Looks like we thought we just had to turn up today. Team look flat and tired. Tanser’s confidence looks shot. Rockets need inserted by Goodie at halftime. Brutal first half against a poor Dundee side.
  5. Just echoing your experience unfortunately. Tried but failed to get through to the ticket office by phone today for the same reason, live on the other side of the country. Hoping to buy a ticket for my son and I for the Hibs game over the phone and pay the postage to get them sent through. Left a message but no reply like many others by the sounds of things. Got a wee bit of sympathy re the shirt sponsor fiasco and finally got our season tickets through, but the ticketing situation is disappointing and unacceptable. Needs sorted sharpish.
  6. I thought Connor looked superb today. His touch, composure and distribution (in the main) was excellent. He was starting to link up with McGrath in the second half too. Goodwin was saying post match that he’s needing a few more games to get up to speed so should get even better.
  7. Only positive so far. He looks excellent.
  8. Just saw our disallowed goal on telly. Very unlucky to get it disallowed and should’ve been 1-0 up. How McCann didn’t see a second yellow for scything down McGrath on the edge of the box is an absolute joke. Yes, we are definitely struggling at the moment but not getting much help from decisions either.
  9. If Christie’s tackle on Erhahon had been out on the touch line and he was wearing a Saints shirt he would’ve been off. Still no excuse for Power’s challenge. Was not looking forward to today’s game but everything went against us today. Jak sold more goals today than he did all of last season, nae manager, Power losing his marbles, a good goal disallowed and Celtic on good form. Not the first time we’ve been pumped there. Need to put today behind us quickly and hope Goody makes a quick recovery and gets us clicking.
  10. I think JDH is a talent. He was superb in his first few games; something to prove, playing further forward? He’s not looked as interested since coming back from injury. Maybe thinks he too good for us and his celebrations after the Killie shoot out were pretty muted. He seems keen to get out as soon as possible. Ethan shows some touches of class at times but lacks consistency. He also looks a slow at times and today he looked like he was way off the pace trying to track back. I’m sure the pitch at Hampden is the same size as St Mirren Park, so shouldn’t have been more of an issue today?? Still young so hopefully will kick on. McGrath does drift in and out of games and I’m not sure why. His delivery and touch on the ball is brilliant, but he is quiet for long periods. Think he would tick with better players around him/better shape. Our midfield shape didn’t work today, again. Totally agree there’s too big a gap between midfield and up front. We definitely need to strengthen in midfield. Would be delighted if Flynn could get fit and a long run in the team. He’s been a massive loss this season. Think/hope Brophy and wee Henderson could have big seasons for us next year. Would be sad to see Obika go. Dennis looks like he will score goals with service. Quaner was always leaving and was unlucky with injuries. Not had enough football to see him sharp and at his best. Was happy to see him come on today(hindsight is a wonderful thing). Goodie is going to have a bit of a rebuild on his hands over the summer but we do have a strong keeper and defence to build from.
  11. Absolutely gutted like the rest of you. The chances we missed today are a real sore one. St Johnstone we’re quicker and stronger today, but other than Jack’s wonder save from a the header and the opener, all the Fakes chances were from range. We missed better chances and that’s why we’re all greetin into our beers. Fine margins. Some of the long runs that the Fakes made from their own half unchallenged were hard to watch. We definitely need more bite and and legs in the middle for next season. Looks like big Jon, possibly McGrath (if we get a decent offer), JDH, Connolly, Flynn (massive talent but body starting to pack in) and Durmus could be ofski. We need to try and try and keep Durmus. Thought he was excellent today, but needs to play further forward in front of a back 4. Jim needs to lift the team and do everything in his power to get 7th. Could be the difference between 2 new players in prize money. The one silver lining is we don’t need to panic about rushing through our UEFA licence now.
  12. Erhahon is only 19 and still has a lot to learn. He lacks consistency, but has a great shield/turn on him the keep the ball (like J McGinn)and shrug players off. He can pick a good pass and finished the offside Obika knockdown well. His decision making can be frustrating at times but he’s good at playing the ball out from the back under pressure. He’s also scored our goal of the season so far. I think he could develop into a great player for us. McPherson I’m not too sure about. We’d have won that with a full squad tonight. A Brophy or Dennis playing off Obika instead of Erwin, a McGrath or JDH in midfield instead of McPherson. The squad is tired and thin. I wonder if Jim has his eyes on the Livvy game waiting longer to make subs. Still think we shaded it tonight.
  13. His shoulder got initially injured in a very late challenge by Welsh going for a header. Welsh went through the back of Jamie, leading with his shoulder, well after the ball was gone. Jamie pulled up just after that, again grappling with Welsh, but the damage was obviously from the earlier challenge. Poor challenge by Welsh and looked premeditated. 63499083125__2E5D10B6-921F-4D87-B414-7B38AC8F164B.MOV
  14. This is doing the rounds on twitter for the away kit. Don’t know if it’s genuine??
  15. Can he play right back? Anyone would be an improvement on O’Donnell.
  16. How low is this from Accies?? Their underhand tactics to win or scrape a draw at any eye-bleeding or cost is in evidence here. Any shady tactic to get an advantage. Our team talk is already taken care of by them for the next time we play them.
  17. Looks accidental. Be really unlucky to get done for that, but as said above, with the muppets at The SFA who knows?? Is there not a ruling that if the ref sees it and took action (yellow) it’s deemed as dealt with?
  18. Was speaking to him briefly outside the ground on Saturday and he said with a bit of frustration there were strict rules about coming back after a head-knock so must defo concussion. Didn’t get a timescale from him as we nearly got knocked down by the Accies team bus.
  19. What a strike. I miss wee Stevie Mallan.
  20. We can play much better, but deserved a draw yesterday. Disallowed goal was onside and Magennis really unlucky not to score with the 2 great strikes that hit the woodwork. Marking was really poor for both their goals. Accies game is massive next week.
  21. Was brilliant. Was just a lad, but had a great view of it too. Frank was in the box jogging back up the park and had a nibble at McAlpine who had the ball in his hands, causing the crowd to react and make the ref turn around just as McAlpine had a nibble back. Frank hit the deck and we got and scored the resulting pen. It was hilarious, but not if you’re an Arab. Too young to remember his first stint with us, but McGarvey was a character and a special footballer too.
  22. Really disappointing performance tonight. Sat far too deep with a pish defence after our goal and could’ve easily been a bigger defeat. Only positive was McGinn getting his goal. All about the Finland game now.
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