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  1. alanb

    January Arrivals

    and not very tall either https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvan_Ebanks-Blake
  2. What I can’t get about Lyons second yellow was that the ref seemed to play an advantage when the ball broke to the left. Then after play broke down,pulled back to the free kick. If he thought dive,then stop play right away and award free kick. For a while the ref lost the plot and let similar or worse pass off without interfering.
  3. http://www.afcfylde.co.uk/loan-deals-expire-for-kellermann-and-williams/?doing_wp_cron=1546946128.3710110187530517578125 Who pulled the trigger?
  4. alanb

    Speculation Thread

    http://www.afcfylde.co.uk/loan-deals-expire-for-kellermann-and-williams/?doing_wp_cron=1546946128.3710110187530517578125 AFC Fylde's version, specifically vague to not say who triggered clause
  5. alanb

    January Exits

    Neither.... After dinner speaker.
  6. alanb

    January Exits

    Seems Heaton has worked his magic again
  7. alanb

    January Exits

    What about Lyness ? Out of contract ? Would be nice to now hear of an arrival.
  8. alanb

    Plastic Saints?

    Only if it happens/ed
  9. alanb

    Plastic Saints?

    Who won?
  10. alanb

    Plastic Saints?

    Is the Ralston facility open to the community to hire or solely for SMFC players , officials and youth team members ? From the google links for the football camps, it seems schools and the air dome get used but not the academy facility, so only community benefits would be ??
  11. alanb

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    Not abuse but criticism
  12. alanb

    Motherwell v St Mirren 22/12/18

    More tinkering. Good that Lyness keeps his place but Edwards. come on, must be blackmail going on as he is never a footballer.
  13. alanb

    SMiSA Chairman

    Yep A thread for question suggestions from members to ask the Chairman via SMiSA and Baz answers all beforehand Plain rude interjection too
  14. alanb

    The 3 Monthly Spend

    At least the pitch looks "Ring Fenced".
  15. alanb

    David Nicol To Stand Down..........

    https://www.smisa.net/component/sppagebuilder/16-director-election-2018 Link to rules at page bottom