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  1. New rules not in effect until Saturday anyway
  2. Dunno , just happy you thinking me a youngster 😉
  3. Well then.... and no time or dates to reschedule postponments in SPFL ???
  4. Leagues 1 and 2 suspended for 3 weeks. An interesting few days ahead with all that Scottish cup interaction of untested players at the weekend and ties postponed from the weekend due to be played this week.
  5. Various managers speaking during the week about problems signing players This due to players not wanting to move far from families during lockdowns etc This maybe is a sign of the reverse Speculation but possibly Jon sees a return south as a good option atm due to the COVID restrictions on travel and this seen the sooner than expected arrival of Brophy (plus Dyers comments) to the club Then again like Dennis, carrying a knock and not fit
  6. I think Albion Rovers have an investigation pending due to a postponement
  7. Seems he has been playing with himself since June on furlough strong right arm
  8. alanb


    Good luck Junior
  9. Probably the Americans pissed off at BoJo claims of Brexit allowing Britain to be world beating vaccine makers
  10. But!!!! Who to believe !!?? Too much confusion all round
  11. Will watch with interest to see how this blatant and very public breach of guidelines and procedures is treated by the footballing authorities! SPFL are only interested when or if a game is cancelled, but SFA maybe, but will not hold my breath A game cancelled trumps public health concerns in Scotland Galloway happily in the public eye
  12. Such a difference in how to handle a pandemic in football Lot of games cancelled in Championship and League One too over the weekend SPFL board would have a field day If only we asked for a rearrangement too
  13. The red card for Draper though!!!? Would not be happy if that was a Saint getting two bookings there But. Fcuk em
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