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  1. Just call Baz and don’t be so negative [emoji56]
  2. A simple yes or no to can you use a smartphone would have sufficed Not continue your sad vendetta But needs must [emoji57] enjoy
  3. no but you did... maybe I only repeated the part of the question Baz chose to ignore
  4. Just wondering Can you scan your ticket from a smartphone ?
  5. Much better framed options for this October compared to last year. https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/257-october-2-pot-spend-details Should avoid the need for a face saving donation request. https://www.smisa.net/news-archive/5-general-smisa-news/260-festive-friends-charity-donation
  6. Another charge against TRFC and we and SFA and SPFL continue to accept their behaviour Easy money though Or they adopt the refuse ticket option domestically and save us all the hassle
  7. £22 for away fans unless youknowyou then £27
  8. Already discussed on existing DL Legend thread
  9. 644 home seats available ATM with loads of room in W1 and 7 Very discerning customers in those blocks
  10. Original deadline was 11th August for Family stand ST holders to move. So this is either a generous wee token to their worth or ticket sales are poor. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3021-rangers-tickets-on-sale-to-family-stand-season-ticket-holders-3
  11. Off hand I can recall around 3 people saying they were out Crucially there is no evidence they actually did May well be at the wind up
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