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  1. Another WB tweet seems to suggest otherwise Family have sought Police advice and other tweets suggested the shirts are in Singapore 🤷‍♂️ So police unable to act Maybe Black and White Magazine will serialise this story in future editions
  2. On your question I would certainly block the numbers calling and/or report to relevant authorities On Twitter, block and report also. Personally I would seek to continue the conversation with the family member who engaged with him on Twitter, looking for a mutually acceptable outcome and ignore the self appointed detectives on the case Don’t have a website
  3. Nothing defamatory in the magazine, only relating the story so far and hoping for an amicable ending Do wonder why Mr Shirts deleted his Twitter and shut down his website
  4. The story is documented in the latest Black and White magazine copyright protected
  5. Sadly the guy is a waste of a career and has way too much baggage
  6. Totally agree… but enough about you 😉 ( meant to be tongue in cheek like previous post)
  7. They will soon run out of symptoms at this rate ( or seasonally adjustable )
  8. I have a hankering for the good old days when once you manage to get an appointment at the doctors and he tell you “ it’s just a virus, take a couple of paracetamol, you’ll be fine” 🤷‍♂️
  9. No doubt down to vandalism from glasgow teams fans. Preemptive strike
  10. Power cut/ burst pipes in North and South stands tonight
  11. Close, if talking in decades (still you’re a wee bit out by one)
  12. Struggling to name a Saints diehard who managed us and win anything of note in my lifetime
  13. Pretty poor vote engagement as usual Apathy or "Just don't give a fcuk"
  14. Enthusiastic amateurs in a football sense, all were business savvy Hence they employed a football manager etc, some better than others but well intended On the treasurer, let’s call it misguided loyalty or maybe he his party to the evidence others seek. Either way his donation was not required and charity benefits
  15. I thought given concerns they were invited but chose not to attend Those running our club since I started supporting have always been “ enthusiastic amateurs” in my eyes, some better some less so. Anyone donating to the just giving page should have learned where to click the anonymous button and done so
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