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  1. Looks like game is BBC Alba pick on Saturday at 6pm
  2. Pure speculation nuff said The Deity is still on ignore
  3. Fair enough Hope Tuesday works out better for you and you get the seats you desire
  4. No, I asked if you thought the club was happy No, I said as much in an other post and at least you got a response on an other platform For what its worth, I think the club are victims to Future Tickets lack of professionalism Sure they chose them for the job but in good faith
  5. I for one are not happy for you and those affected with similar problems but I am aware that there are some mitigating factors to consider Like Skyview may be culpable in the delayed shirts and Future Tickets too for failing to deliver a system that works on all aspects required ( worked for me but scant regards all others) The club has acknowledged this via SMiSA director’s communication What to do ?
  6. Do you think the club are happy with the situation, probably just as frustrated as you and others. They entered into a contract in good faith with Skyview, Future Tickets and Alan Provan. Skyview try a fly one and set back strip sales, Future Tickets have issues (could be a costly move to ditch them and also waste what has worked so far)and Provan is working on a new set up. Now if the SMFC staff are all sitting playing Candy crush or whatever fair enough
  7. Chill out, your in the ballot too Another what 3 weeks until a season ticket is useful, Club has admitted unforeseen problems with new ticket system. And what's the point of an online shop until we ( or Joma) have strips to order or sell. Also , Provan will need to finish fitting out the new shop and website too
  8. A goodwill gesture so it would seem
  9. Pre orders maybe down to Joma and other merchandise is now down to Alan Provan probably getting a shop refitted to his satisfaction along with a website to match Remember Joma sold shirts independently at a small counter in the old shop set up and no doubt have a shitload of shirts to rebrand with a new logo
  10. Failure again til next time
  11. Wait until Jack Ross finds out
  12. Ukrainian goalkeeper faced up Kane like trying to avoid a handball
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