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  1. Why no community benefit option this vote ? Nothing offered for consideration ? or nothing deemed suitable for consideration ?. Whatever, no community option should be put up against a club option. A vote either Yes or No for both to be accepted or rejected. No need to have a competition every quarter.
  2. Me Availability Vs Cost of membership must make it about the dearest club to be a member of in Paisley if not all of the country. Joining fee plus subscription fees, I'd want it open at least every weekend all year.
  3. Oh he has and Oh yes he is. Or just seeking attention, best ignored.
  4. Cant see any booze being quaffed last year or any bar staff behind the bar (maybe camera shy though) nothing to see here, move along now
  5. Who bought what booze though bring yer ain bottle very vague
  6. Is alcohol on sale at this dinner though? May well be served with the meal but on sale I doubt
  7. Salvation army are doing the grub. Did they tick the "no publicity" box this year then ? Not like them to miss out on free publicity.
  8. SMISA got it wrong last year and put up the option for the dinner against others ( Goalposts won ) . Lesson learned this year for sure with stand alone choice votes
  9. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/115-community-trust/3203-festive-friends-2019 No mention of Salvation Army in this announcement though they may be the band for the dancing (hope not) SPFL and St Mirren Charitable trusts and at the very least SMFC are hosting the event . More donations then more goodies provided and able to cater for more guests. What's the problem here ?
  10. The truth is out there [emoji6]
  11. Nope missed out on that I fear Seems we have major conspiracy theorist/s out there who has lost their way and only see what they want to see
  12. https://www.stmirren.com/community/st-mirren-fc-charitable-foundation Ask these guys, not punters on a football forum. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/115-community-trust/3203-festive-friends-2019 All details of event here, cant see anything sinister to be concerned about.
  13. Maybe the Lord and Baz should nominate each other to attend the dinner and see first hand what happens,who attends and sees what is served. Become festive friends and live happily ever after
  14. Why lie ? A 3 year deal is the most worrying factor given his history though.
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