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  1. Player trading ?? Hardly surprising considering it was mentioned weeks ago. Stephen Robinson says St Mirren must balance the books in January after stretching budget - Daily Record
  2. Seen him along with Barbara Dickson recently at the Spree in Paisley... A good wee gig RIP Rab
  3. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    maybe that would be too much, sitting on the board with two Kibbleites and GLS...
  4. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    As far as I can see nothing but SG return has made the media and SG not getting back on club board a deafening silence A toxic atmosphere for Kibble seems non existent ATM and they may well see through all the lies* from their position (* = unproven facts)
  5. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    And where do the shares come from ? Why would Kibble even consider selling ?
  6. Glasgow Tigers did this when they rebooted their promotion at Ashfield a few years back and was relatively successful A friendly sponsor helps with costs even if you only target the younger fans, it’s a good look A goods Kibble SMiSA project for just before Christmas
  7. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    He is now a supporters association board member now and not back where he once was the main man He does have an agenda though
  8. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    Possible that beatlebud was the campaign manager🤫🤫🤫
  9. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    Possibly a SMiSA board split pro and anti SG/Kibble If on Twitter, it’s not hard to find the tweets given names of leavers are public and only one of the 4 has commented on this issue (JS) no names mentioned only bad feelings
  10. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    Indeed and after his scraping 4th place, a resignee suggested he only got elected due to their resignation… go figure I don’t doubt the reasons for quitting but consequences of doing so only made him a shoe in Clearly fearful of a greater % vote and did not want any risk of serving alongside him
  11. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    I posted a link to the T&Cs of the deal,if Kibble or SMiSA chose to sell then the other party has first option to purchase. Reading some tweets from a departed board member, the departures of two BMs was due to his proposed comeback,so he may well have his work cut out to convince the SMiSA board. They believed any costs spent getting more shares would be to the detriment of Academy, Charity foundation, SMWFC and no doubt pre match kids entertainment A side note of a toxic atmosphere re bullying also concerning at board meetings raised too
  12. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    He has been voted onto the SMiSA board not the club board and not been selected to replace Alan Wardrop
  13. Neither am I ( anymore ) As it happens,seems he is though...
  14. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    Remember that Mr Gilmour wishes to return SMiSA to the original plan of 70+% share holding. How is this possible ? Cancelling Kibble ? Canvas individual shareholders,getting them to sell their shares ? And where does the money come from to acheive this ? Kibble are in with the bricks now at the club, would be an expensive process to get rid. Apart from share price,legal costs too. An interesting watch seeing what happens next
  15. alanb

    Mr Gilmour

    Price paid probably A niche market so can’t imagine any bidding war happening but who knows Suppose the share value is ultimately what you are willing to pay to achieve your goal
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