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  1. Can he play right back? Anyone would be an improvement on O’Donnell.
  2. How low is this from Accies?? Their underhand tactics to win or scrape a draw at any eye-bleeding or cost is in evidence here. Any shady tactic to get an advantage. Our team talk is already taken care of by them for the next time we play them.
  3. Looks accidental. Be really unlucky to get done for that, but as said above, with the muppets at The SFA who knows?? Is there not a ruling that if the ref sees it and took action (yellow) it’s deemed as dealt with?
  4. Was speaking to him briefly outside the ground on Saturday and he said with a bit of frustration there were strict rules about coming back after a head-knock so must defo concussion. Didn’t get a timescale from him as we nearly got knocked down by the Accies team bus.
  5. What a strike. I miss wee Stevie Mallan.
  6. Just in. That was pure frustration today. Accies are a brutal outfit. Only positive is they didn’t steal a goal from a long throw or set piece. The inept ref couldn’t or wouldn’t deal with their spoiling tactics either. Suppose we have to concede that Accies frustrated Celtic last week too, even with 11 and getting beat. We huffed and puffed with nice touches, but not in the key areas, resulting in no penetration(bit like my sex life). Morais worked his socks off, but doesn’t seem to have it. Still think that was a good shout for a pen though. Our final ball, slow build up play and lack of a finisher is costing us at the moment. Should’ve got a point last week and a win today, but things are shaping up like another dogfight of a season again. Hope I’m wrong.
  7. Fair dues, voice of reason. I’ll lend you my Saints specs for the second half though.
  8. Looked like a pen on Junior. Looked like a push when he was about to shoot. Ref bottled it or is it my black and white specs again? Why would he go down there??? Need to move it much quicker second half.
  9. Traffic crap on the drive through today, but at least it’s sunny in Paisley. Big game today. Interested to see how Broadfoot links with McLoughlin and how Durmus does. Think he looks a potentially exciting player for us. Bench looks full of good attacking options. A win would change the mindset, even if it’s a last minute deflection off Morias’s arse. We’re due a wee rub of the green today too. COYS!!!
  10. We can play much better, but deserved a draw yesterday. Disallowed goal was onside and Magennis really unlucky not to score with the 2 great strikes that hit the woodwork. Marking was really poor for both their goals. Accies game is massive next week.
  11. Was brilliant. Was just a lad, but had a great view of it too. Frank was in the box jogging back up the park and had a nibble at McAlpine who had the ball in his hands, causing the crowd to react and make the ref turn around just as McAlpine had a nibble back. Frank hit the deck and we got and scored the resulting pen. It was hilarious, but not if you’re an Arab. Too young to remember his first stint with us, but McGarvey was a character and a special footballer too.
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