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  1. Sad and a bit worrying that it’s ended up like this. Was optimistic about Kearney giving us a bit of stability this season, but he’s gone and that’s that. Go and get Goodie and an experienced assistant sharpish.
  2. Has been in my mind too since the Kearney rumours started; who the manager is can sway players signing or not. Be gutted if we missed out on him.
  3. It’s never straightforward stability with us. Jack last summer, now this. Suppose none of us know what exactly is going on, but got a bad feeling there’s no smoke without fire here. Oran needed time to sort out the total mess our team was in and against the odds, managed to keep us up. It wasn’t immediate, but the eventual turnaround was brilliant. He seems popular with the players and the fans. He handles himself really well too and must’ve learned a lot last season. Read an interview with Simeon Jackson this morning talking Oran up, saying he had firm plans for the team next season and that we’d be nuts to let him go. Was interested and optimistic about him having a whole summer window and a full season to take us forward. Will be disappointed if he goes, but like other Buds have mentioned, it needs to get sorted pronto. It will most likely take a new manager time to find his feet. If Oran goes we could do worse than Goodie with an experienced assistant. At least our latest drama has stopped people moaning about the new strips for a bit.
  4. Thank fek we didn’t have VAR watching Hladky in the shootout against the Arabs. Scotland did a Scotland tonight unfortunately. Poor reffing, poor game management by the players and poor management decisions re changes.
  5. Torfason!! Quality. Wit a player. Home kit is growing on me. Think it will look good on the pitch.
  6. https://www.footyheadlines.com/2019/06/st-mirren-19-20-home-away-kits.html Slightly better pictures in this. Apologies if already posted.
  7. Only able to catch second half, but Taylor looked excellent. Just what Scotland need, another left back.
  8. Would’ve been good to get him back. Don’t think we saw the best of him due to injury, but international experience, composed and quick. Good luck to him anyway and we move on.
  9. Look forward to seeing that. Most gifted player in my lifetime in my opinion, but a total heedcase. What he could do with a football, his speed, the vision he had, his passing and the goals he scored were all unbelievable. He also got lumps kicked out of him every game, especially compared to players nowadays. Would have achieved even more if he hadn’t gone off the rails. Too young to know enough of Pele to be fair.
  10. Yeh, noticed this tonight. Apparently they have a bit of cash behind them. Suggesting that some Championship sides are tracking him too. He’s been phenomenal for us since he arrived, so it’s inevitable that he’ll create interest from other clubs. Good that we’ve got him signed for next season, but won’t be surprised if he gets some good offers.
  11. Thought he did really well. Cool head in the madness. Made some good headers and interceptions. A good option to bring on in that situation. Met him with my son before the game. Absolute gentleman who I think has been a great influence in the changing room too. Cheers Anton.
  12. Was just thinking about Neilson’s transparent mind games over the last few days and the cojones comment came to mind. Peppercorns v coconuts cover it Robbie?
  13. Not long in and had a quick scoot through the highlights with a beer. Think most of us will remember this day forever. Pawllet deserved a red for his elbow on Popescu, their pen was soft if a pen at all, challenge on Duck was a clear 2nd yellow, Ducks red was a scandalous decision, to be fair Utd should’ve had a pen from corner 2nd half, but I think that numpty Beaton was due to take Utd’s last pen. Thought we edged it today, but I can’t go through that every year. Wee mention to the great performance of the ballboys behind the goals for the Utd pens.
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