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  1. Absolute nightmare, opened up the thread on my phone and it came up with the first post … from January. Thought we’d signed the bigman for next season. From elation to disappointment in 2 seconds. Hope we still have a chance of getting him to stay. Would be a massive signing if we could get him.
  2. Very true and I don’t blame him for taking the job, but his increased wage packet, his squad’s wages and the self entitlement of many of the Aberdeen fans make it all the more sweeter for a wee “diddy team” like us to finish above them.
  3. Anyone else take as much pleasure as me out of Goodie’s post match interview. Raging at the ref, which I can understand. Ethan should’ve been off and didn’t see much wrong with their disallowed goal. He bemoaned the ref’s performance and the fact that “We should’ve finished above St Mirren which is the difference between considerable prize money.” Will be forever grateful for what Goodie has done for us and think of him as a club legend but I cracked a massive smug smile listening to it. Nae luck Jim…
  4. Very good result under the circumstances. Rode our luck but dug in well. We are not as high up the league as we might have wanted but we survived today and quite enjoying the view sitting above Goodie’s Aberdeen. Staying above Aberdeen could be the budget for a new player next season or pushing out the boat for Gogic. He’s been brilliant since he arrived.
  5. He’s been great so far. Probably make Goodwin more determined to sign him for the sheep next season unfortunately.
  6. Just back home after a great trip to Paisley, 3 generations of Buds on tour. Really enjoyed the game and an excellent team performance. Everything went to plan and a nice reception for a club legend at HT too. Rejuvenated Main has transformed into a new player the last couple of games, topped off with beauty today, the strike and the take down were quality. Pleased to see the bigman starting to click and looking that he could actually be an asset next season. Even without my black and white specs on, what was that ref all about today? He had a shocker. McCarthy looked a bit shaky at the back but his teammates got him out of jail a couple of times. Gogic definitely runs in Duracell batteries, he was everywhere and we should be pushing the boat out to get him signed! We’ve managed to come good at a crucial time. I was fearing we were heading for the playoffs but Robinson must’ve used the wee break before the St Johnstone game to sort things out. Hopefully the feel good factor continues into next season. What a contrast of emotions compared to the Dee and Fakes fans. Feeling much more optimistic than I was a couple of weeks ago. Loved it today.
  7. He looked suspect for our goal last week but not sure how good a defender he actually is?? He’s definitely a big lump who’s got a bit of dig and his height would be useful at set pieces. Wouldn’t be surprised if Robinson is sounding him out but hopefully better options for us out there.
  8. Newport have knocked back our offer for Norman so looks like he won’t be heading up here unfortunately. If we can manage to sign Gogic up that would be a massive boost. His energy and attitude has been brilliant. Looks like a real team player too. Imagine there might be a few teams in for him now it seems he’ll consider staying in Scotland.
  9. It’s hard to believe that Ethan is still only 20. I still think he has the attributes to be a top player but he seems to have hit the buffers, whether it’s due to attitude or coaching, it’s hard to say. Maybe a fresh start and a new environment is what he needs. He’s been with us since he was a wee kid and it’s possibly gone a wee bit stale. Would love to see him reach his full potential with us but it looks like he might need a move. Don’t know how happy he is with us?? Can Robinson get the best out of him? I know developing youngsters is rightly one of his priorities. If we can get a decent fee/sell on, it might be the best for both parties, but I’d be sorry to see him go as I’ve always had really high hopes for him.
  10. Think Saturday’s performance and result will give the team a nice wee injection of confidence and we will build on it against Dundee. Be nice to get one over McGhee but don’t mind Dundee too much, with wee Danny Mullen and Gowser in their team. 2-0 Saints
  11. The players definitely lifted their game yesterday and it was a mixture of relief, surprise and joy that we got the result. They finally put in a performance similar to how they were playing on the good run under Goodwin, a big part of it being really solid at the back. It has taken Robinson too long to get them ticking, probably due to his different style of man management and his formation but the players need to shoulder some of the blame. They turned it around and were excellent. His interviews after some of the defeats have been really poor too, but credit to him and the team for stepping up to the plate against the fakes. We picked up nearly every second ball in midfield and looked more assured at the back again. Tactics, formation and effort all spot on. We are normally terrible at Perth too but they definitely wanted it more which should be a big worry for St J fans. Goodwin signed Main who has been woeful, but it’s interesting that it’s Robinson that finally got the best out of him. I’m quite optimistic about the team that he might build next season, even if “The Hippo” is part of it. Hopefully this is the turning point that most of us didn’t see coming. A few more wins and climbing a couple of places in the league for prize money and momentum would be perfect now. We are now looking forward to another season in the topflight with time for the new manager to build his own team.
  12. Ya dancer. HUGE win. Looked much more like a team today. Wee mention for Main who most of us have rightly slated. He put in a great shift and caused their hammer throwers at the back bother all game. Well done to Kiltie for his goal too. Great result and improved performance and a relief to get out of the rut. Enjoy your wee glasses of something nice tonight Buddies. COYS(the real ones)
  13. I’d happily take a draw and no injuries or suspensions to our 2 remaining fit centre halves (touch wood). If the team can’t get themselves up for this one we’re in big trouble.
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