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  1. And the United match after that. Worst case is 3x 3-0 defeats to teams around us. Our season could effectively be over before the end of October. So hopefully these matches won’t be forfeited and we can replay them at a later date.
  2. Didn’t think he was junk last season, inconsistent yes, but not junk. I thought he put in plenty of crosses on Saturday, but agree both he and Foley have not looked as interested this season.
  3. I couldn’t wok out what our formation was. Looked like three at the back at times, but Foley was often the last man, which is mad if we were 4-4-2 with Foley in midfield. Sharon has been invisible for me - I didn’t know he was playing against Thistle until he was subbed off. Similar today. Once McCarthy is back we need to revert to a back four.
  4. Actually struck his pen really well. Must admit I was not at all confident he would score.
  5. So pens it is. Very lucky to get back level and take it to pens. QoS should have been well out of sight by HT.
  6. Absolutely. He’s off the mark already and I believe he’ll come good and get us the gaols we’re looking for. Give him time ffs !
  7. No doubt that was not one of Erwin’s best - nothing came off for him last night - however, I do believe he will come on to a game and get goals for us as the season progresses. How many games did it take Obika to get off the mark ?
  8. I don’t disagree with your comments on the scoring exploits of some of our recent strikers, but rather than focus on the negative side, let’s be positive about Connolly‘s impact - have we found a player who can contribute the goals from midfield that in recent years have been missing ? His finish was good and composed, as was Obika‘s, however, Tait’s header was the best of the night for me.
  9. 7 points. Victories against Accies and United Draw at Livi
  10. In an attempt to get this thread back on topic.... Regardless of the result at Pittodrie the match against Thistle represents a chance to steady the ship, for the team to restore some confidence and get a result. No reason we shouldn’t win this by a few clear goals, apart from the fact we’re St.Mirren, and playing very poorly at the moment. 3-1 victory with goals from Erwin, Junior and Shaughnessy Will be keeping my finger crossed though !
  11. Not missed anything. I watched all the matches in September and on the back of that have decided not to pay for any more away games until we start playing better football, starting with Dons tomorrow night. I am of course hoping my merge effort at a boycott will lead to an unexpected positive change in our fortunes ! I will still use ppv for our home matches as a means of financially supporting the club.
  12. Love your optimism, but I think the best we’ll get is a lucky draw 1-1 Unless Dons get more than one player sent off.
  13. Agree it was probably a low bid, but can’t help think we’re only advertising the fact he could be for sale in order to try to generate some more interest. I know he’s club captain but, if he wants to go, then perhaps it’s best to sell now, as long as we can bring in another couple of players now. And unless we start picking up points soon I suspect we’ll need significant funds for the January window. Need a decent sell on % too Mallan on loan along with McGregor wouldn’t be bad either (I’m assuming they’re not injured)
  14. Agree, we are so negative. Passes always backwards or across the park and always too slow. Never in front for the player to run onto. I see Obika is on so hopefully we’ll be more positive this half.
  15. We can disagree on that, however, I don’t think we can go with 2 up top until we can get the midfield functioning properly. If we can sort that then I’d be much happier. Maybe that’ll happen when Flynn and Magennis return.
  16. I feel exactly the same. No idea why, other than the fact it would be unexpected.
  17. Erwin up front alone with McGrath behind him.
  18. Don’t disagree. Connolly must start, and I’d prefer Durmus to McAllister. However, someone has to be watching Burke at all times
  19. Me too. I’d have taken him back in a heartbeat over the summer. Shaughnessy, McCarthy and Popescu would have made a very decent back three. Oh well not to be, so we move on ...
  20. I expect we’ll see them at some point, but likely from the bench.
  21. Same for me. Picture and sound were much better quality than the Livi game, although we did lose the commentary for a couple of minutes in the second half. Big improvement though.
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