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  1. Will not be at this match but will be watching on Sky. Difficult to call. Would normally expect an away win in this fixture, but had recently been thinking optimistically that their poor form would allow us a chance of getting our first victory of the season however, with Hedges coming back, I think a point is the best we’ll get on Sunday - and our winless run will continue into October…
  2. I believe he did score for them in their last match - also think he got a red card in the first match of this season.
  3. What happens if you bought a ticket for the game but then can’t attend due to COVID ? Asking for a friend …
  4. Have checked Morcombe’s lineups for the last couple of games and haven’t seen Non’s name - anyone know if he’s injured, unfit or just deemed not good enough ?
  5. I’d actually settle for that right now. Although I suspect that come Sunday my heart will be leading my head and I’ll be hoping for a victory, however unlikely that may be.
  6. Opted to cut the grass this afternoon, just stopped to check the score. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. Back to the lawnmower …
  7. Thanks. Received ours now too. The club came through in the end. Probably get gubbed, but I’d still rather be there to witness it in the flesh than watch at home. Fingers crossed.
  8. After a follow up phone call and second voicemail message I have just received the promised call back. All good now and about to order tickets online. Thank you Weebud
  9. Thanks, my son just said the same thing. Do you know of they email the tickets ? Currently travelling and won’t be able to collect from the ground.
  10. Well doesn’t look like we’ll be going to the game tomorrow. Phoned Livi this morning, and told they’d delivered all tickets to us so I’d need to contact our club. Phoned ticket office, voicemail, left name and number but like many others on here, nobody has called. So I Emailed the ticket office, and to the surprise of absolutely no one , no one has replied. Gutted.
  11. Anyone know if we can get tickets on the day ? I’ll be heading north from Edinburgh on Saturday and if timings work (and I can convince the family) it could work perfectly.
  12. How the mighty have fallen. I’m sure it’s not long ago I thought he’d have made a good signing for us !
  13. Wish we set out to win games rather than not concede.
  14. We are making Hearts look good. Not laying a glove on them.
  15. Against the run of play, but to be fair, we haven’t really created any clear cut chances.. Keeper will be disappointed that got past him.
  16. Well, that me just purchased the match on ppv. Would love to have been there, along with my wife and son , but as not a ST holder there’s no chance of that. Heart says home win Head says score draw
  17. Haven’t seen that but if so it’s not good.
  18. Great seeing fans at games again. Northbank in good voice behind the goal.
  19. Pitch looks very poor. Almost as poor as is. So disjointed. No rhythm or structure to our play at all so far.
  20. Good to see us scoring ! Good to hear both Brophy and Erwin getting the scoresheet today too.
  21. Really not sure what to make of this story. I don’t know enough about Power, and what he could bring to us.
  22. Magennis getting pushed further down the pecking order. Along with Malian.
  23. For me, Tait is one of our best, and most versatile, players and I would not be looking to replace him, without consideration to our current wage structure.
  24. And Aber to provide some “bite”.
  25. I’ve always liked Polworth. I can’t believe he’s only 26, with plenty experience, and just the kind of player we could do with in midfield.
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