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  1. Great strike from Henderson. Sounded like a decent Saints support there too.
  2. Terrific result for us, and pretty good elsewhere too. Was not at the game or watch it - relying on Open All Mics, but it does seem like we played some decent stuff and deserved to win. Sounds like Kiltie played well, which is very good news, and I look forward to watching Henderson’s goal on Sportscene. And with Brophy on the scoresheet too it sounds like a very satisfactory evening indeed. COYS !!
  3. I was at that game, in W6, and he was getting pelters, but only because he was the only Fake trying and offering any threat - he was only occasionally successful and we took great satisfaction in his multiple failures. I think he was subbed after getting booked. He was too greedy but probably chose not to pass to teammates because they were performing even worse than him that day. I was disappointed when he signed for the Dons as I wanted him in Paisley, if he’s fit, I’d take him. I’d also take a punt on Cummings, but seems he’s off overseas. Not sure about Griffiths but it’s a definite no for Lafferty. Thank f*ck I’m not our manager !
  4. Always liked him. Hated him when he played against us though !
  5. Someone on Pa&B suggesting McGrath could end up at Dons on a player plus cash deal and, while I don’t think that would be a great move for him, if that happens then I hope the player is Matt Kennedy. Not everyone’s favourite but I thought he was the only bright spark at the Fakes in his last season there - pacey and can take a man on and beat him. Hopefully it’s a moot point as we keep hold of McGrath and stop the hoofball.
  6. Believe I was in the Caledonia St end with my Dad for that match. Amazing. Was probably also my first strip. What a shirt - proper stripes, front and back with red numbers. SMiSA and BoD take note
  7. Like almost everyone on here I’m finding it extremely difficult to name only one, but if I can only name one then it has to be Tony Fitzpatrick. Legend.
  8. Merry Christmas every Buddie. Hope Santa spoils you all !
  9. Well we’ll, who’d have expected that, certainly not me, or the bookies. The proverbial coupon buster ! COYS !!
  10. Two very poor sides. Neither deserved to win, so a draw a fair result.
  11. I like Brophy. Shots on sight and offers more in his general play. Dennis needs a run in the team to show what he can do. I’d start Erwin before Main if we are to continue with one up top (and Brophy is out) What’s up with McGrath ? I’d forgotten he was playing until he sent that free kick into the stand.
  12. I would add that if we get pumped by an aggregate of 20-0 (or so) over the two old firm games on the back of other disappointments, JG will be on a shoogly peg …
  13. We’re odds on to be bottom by the end of the year, however, unlikely as it may seem, I do believe we’ll pull a couple of surprise results out the bag and only be 10th place - with County and Dundee below us. COYS !!
  14. A shambles at the ground queuing to get in in the pelting rain. Fighting with the stewards inside because of the shambles outside. Missed the first goal as wasn’t in the ground Didn’t see the second as distracted by the stewards. Soaked to the skin and we’re losing to a poor Aberdeen side. Should I have stayed home and put up the Christmas tree ? No. If I’m going to moan about the team use like to do it having witnessed it in the flesh. Very poor but I don’t see why we can’t get it back for a draw ……
  15. Agree. Wish he was still involved with the club in some capacity.
  16. Not sure he’ll get on the scoresheet but I hope he starts on Saturday. I don’t think the Dundee defence will be able to handle him. And certainly not Brophy ! We should win comfortably, but we’ll need to keep 11 on the park - which means not getting sucked in or retaliating to what I expect to be robust, over enthusiastic challenges from a side determined to prove the County game was a one-off. Watch out for Adam and Griffiths in particular.
  17. Think I’ll go to the County match. It’s only just over 2hrs drive for me and I think the offer of a pre-match visit to the Wimpy may swing it with the family.
  18. Another Saturday afternoon of hard labour in the garden beckons, so I won’t be watching the game. I’ll be relying on open all mic for updates. Then trawl through this match thread at FT. Fingers crossed.
  19. I expected the pundits to believe that if Livi can beat Celtic at home then they’ll easily manage to beat us. No reason we shouldn’t be able to win today but, like last week, I think a point is as good as we’ll get. I do hope we win though.
  20. I’m not surprised to see the bookies having Livi as favourites. I am, however, surprised to see both BBC pundits Amy Irons and Richard Gordon have us down to win 1-0 Unfortunately, Amy is on a terrible run right now …
  21. Scored tonight in a 4-1 defeat away to Altrincham. King’s now second bottom. Ross Stewart and Ryan Hardie also scored tonight a that’s their 7th or 8th league goals already this season. Not bad !
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