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  1. While I admire your consistent pessimism, our recent performances would tend to lend some credence to your prediction. Personally, if JG sticks to the same defensive formation and line up, I think we’ll lose 1-0 - but only because Utd have problems hitting the net too.
  2. Hope JG changes the formation otherwise it’ll be a dull 0-0 draw or a familiar 1-0 defeat. Need a far more attacking formation. Durmus to start and two up top.
  3. Sorry, just because it’s becoming a familiar type of performance does not mean we should accept it. The opposite. We need to let it be know that we’re not happy about it and that it’s not acceptable. Set up to be hard to beat with little or no plan to attack the opposition and score. Brophy is not a lone striker.
  4. Disagree. I don’t think we made Livi look good. I think we were so poor, we made them look very ordinary. That’s what’s so frustrating about today. We were set up to defend and had no idea how to respond when we went a goal down. Been the same in recent weeks. Set up to not lose a goal, rather than have a go at opponents. I’d have preferred we went and had a go but lost 3-0 rather than set up to defend, not lay a glove on our opponents and lose 1-0.
  5. Exactly. JG selection and formation squarely to blame for this defeat. No doubt he had the players fearing Livi in the same way he has us prepared for matches against the OF. At least there’s the 2nd half of Man U v LPool to cheer me up. Will take the flags down later ...
  6. Much better in the 2nd half but overall didn’t do nearly enough in the final third to threaten Livi’s keeper and the correct result. And so we move on. JG needs to work on us creating chances. (Fakes to win this Cup)
  7. Nightmare for him, and us. I think he’d have been a good option from the bench today. And an unknown quantity. Let’s hope he’s back soon.
  8. Seriously ? Where’s that from ? So, likely only miss 4 or 5 games then .....
  9. My Dad saw 1959, 1987 and 2013, no reason for me to add 2021 to 1987 and 2013 ! COYS !!
  10. I do believe. It is unlikely, but never say never !
  11. Emotional reading and hopefully the kind of materIal JG is using to motivate the players. Actually starting to get excited about tomorrow. COYS !!
  12. So, the bookies favourites have been knocked out. Favourites to lose again tomorrow ?
  13. Interesting that Malian didn’t even make the squad. Injured ?
  14. Evening interrupted by a family viewing of the International Space Station - clearly visible speeding across the skies over north Aberdeenshire !
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