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  1. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    I get all of that, however, it doesn't stop me from wanting to hear more from the club. Happy with the business to date, just eager for more info.
  2. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    There are many reasons why deals may or may not work out, I'd like to hear where the club stands - whether we are, or are not, interested and pursuing. Just nosey...
  3. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

  4. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Sadly, that sounds like a fair assessment of the current situation...
  5. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Actually quite liked Pal. And also Josh Todd - shame injury meant he never got a real run of games.
  6. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Couldn't agree more, which is why I've been keen to find out the situation with Malec - the silence on this from the club is deafening. I'm just trying to work out what the rationale is behind us looking at a young striker (when we already have a couple)
  7. turrabuddie

    January Arrivals

    Not feeling at all optimistic this morning. In fact, having read some of the recent comments this looks like it's totally dead. Move along, nothing to see here
  8. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    Backup for Cooke and Jamieson ?
  9. turrabuddie

    January Arrivals

    That’s my take on it too, but others saying apparently not. If there’s still no positive news by cob tomorrow I’d say the deals dead, but until then I’ll remain cautiously optimistic....
  10. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    God I’m slow...penny only just dropped.
  11. turrabuddie

    January Exits

    Seems he started for their u23s away against Boro on Sunday. Saints won 2-1. H.Coulson started for Boro .
  12. turrabuddie

    January Arrivals

    I didn't see/hear anything on these guys, from anyone. Hope to soon though.
  13. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    I remember thinking that too..
  14. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    I have never seen them play so you are correct, they may be poor players. However, I'm sure our management and coaching staff have seen them - if they've decided they're poor and do not want to make them an offer then fine, let's move on. But if that was the case I'd expect them to have made some statement confirming that to be the case. In the absence of such an announcement I assume we do want to sign them and ha e made them an offer, and I'm edgy because of the delay in hearing they've accepted.
  15. turrabuddie

    Speculation Thread

    When are we going to announce the signing of the two Slovaks ? Still edgy that it's all gone quiet on those guys, however, I will sleep well tonight after Lyons confirmed earlier. Convinced he will be a huge signing for us.