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  1. Should be no problems weather-wise for Wednesday. I'm hoping the Duck is still buzzing from his performance for Haiti. 2-0 for the Buddies. COYS !!
  2. Really disappoined. But fortunately not a totally wasted trip as we'd picked up our eldest in St Andrews first. Lunch and then back to Aberdeenshire in time to watch the rugby.
  3. Bugger. Probably need to let my daughter drop out of the journey due to the potential bad weather. No word of pitch inspection though ?
  4. I see snow forecast on BBC website but where are you getting the "heavy" snow from ? Is the match in danger ? Subject to pitch inspection ?
  5. Perth is relatively close for is, so I'll be there with the family, all five of us. Really looking forward to it - win, lose or draw, always get a buzz going to see my beloved Buddies. COYS !!
  6. And the Villa fans singing (again) : We've got McGinn .....
  7. Dundee getting gubbed buy Accies are ahead at Pittodrie, and apparently playing very well. Come on the Sheep !
  8. As was Ludo. But this new guy certainly looks the business.
  9. And not here on loan. We actually got him on a contract. Well done by all concerned.
  10. Point 2 contradicts point 1 above resulting in automatic qualification for the older category. (Anyone who was there that fateful evening qualifies )
  11. Need Anton to play. Need his experience and presence in the box to counter the physicallity of Hearts. Popescu is good but he can't do it all by himself.
  12. I missed that joke too, not because of a lack of sense of humour, just too old and thick ...
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