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  1. Another good win for Caley tonight. Looks like they’ll be taking some good form into our Cup tie. Unlikely to be the straight for tie I was hoping it might be.
  2. Had a great game today. Would have loved to see him get a goal, but he ran Accies defence ragged this afternoon.
  3. Agree. Thought Obika had one of his best games for us today - almost unplayable at times (well, Accies couldn’t cope with him). I thought Erwin also had a good game. Dennis was superb - really glad he’ll be with us next season as still to see the best of him. We should have been out of sight after 30mins and lucky Accies didn’t equalise straight after HT. Great match for the neutrals and although we deserved to win, the score line does flatter us. Could have won 4-3 or even 5-4. Looking forward to the draw tomorrow. Morton at home ?
  4. 10th April seems a long long way away. Not helping my lack of interest in hear remaining fixtures. However, I am looking forward to the Cup game against Accies - even more so now, knowing that we’ve already gone further in the competition than Hearts.
  5. We are going to absolutely hammer Accies in this match. Hammer them.
  6. So, after reflection, in the cold light of day, we still blew it, defensive tactics were wrong and I’m still disappointed. But not angry any more. However, we have to put the disappointment behind us and move on. Congratulations to the Fakes. They’re a much better team than us and deserve their place in the top 6. It won’t be easy to hold on to 7th slot so we’ll need some big performances in these last 5 league games and a decent cup run. Players will be playing for contracts, especially our strikers. Bottom tier means less money available so probably more difficult to keep the players we want and bring in new talent to replace those who will leave. Hope Dennis is back soon. And that we find out the situation with Quaner.
  7. Lac ferry certainly knows where the goals are, but I wouldn’t want him in our dressing room. We do need strikers though. Hopefully Dennis and Brophy can strike up a good partnership. I like Obika, but think he’ll be away at the end of the season.
  8. Because we were lead to believe we had it in our own hands - by the media and our club.
  9. We got exactly what we deserved. A big mistake when we took off Erwin and set up to defend our lead after only 55mins ! All that did was encourage Accies to continue pressing and attacking us. This was compounded when we took Obika off, and left us with no striker. As someone else said earlier, we didn’t lose out on 6th place today, we lost it by not picking up enough points in those six home games in February. Not sure how many of the remaining 5 matches we will win ...
  10. Normally, and certainly in the recent past, I would be in complete agreement with you, however, I do genuinely believe times have changed and we have a very different side. Fully accept I could be full of delusional and misguided optimism ! But I hope not.
  11. I’m even more optimistic (deluded) and think we’ll win 0-3 with Durmus, McGrath and Obika (or Dennis) getting our goals. COYS !!
  12. Anyone got an update on Dennis ? Will he be available for selection tomorrow ?
  13. That mindset must change for the Accies game - we need to be set up to attack and go for the win. From the start.
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