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  1. Interesting, and one of many possibilities. Nice to think that our manager has options, for a change. Whatever personnel and formation JG chooses, I see no reason to think we have no chance in this match. We have every chance of taking something here. Obika and Mullen will both be pumped up and I expect both to start and both to be a handful. Broadfoot will relish playing against his former employers - the manager in particular - and McGinn will be better with 90mins under his belt. Of course, could all go pear shaped if Killie get an early goal followed by a red card for an over enthusiastic Kirk, however, you never know. Even thinking of travelling down on Saturday....
  2. Tickets arrived in the post today. May well be a long 90mins, but not as long as the 9hr round trip ! While a draw would keep them bottom, we really need to win. And that means we must score more than them. No doubt May will score at least one so I think we’ll need three goals. Which is a huge ask the way we’ve played recently. So I’m hoping JG has some changes in personnel and formation in mind. COYS !!
  3. Agree, put Djorkaeff infor MacPherson. Seems like I have permission to make the trip for this match, so hopefully see us score. Asking too much for a win ?
  4. Surely worth coming off the bench shortly after the restart if we still don’t look like scoring.
  5. Have not read through this thread, but my steak pie on Saturday was fab. I accept that my judgement may have been clouded by the fact I was absolutely starving, but no gristly bits and pie case was firm but not brittle. Perfect !
  6. Aberdeen also got two penalties last night, so I think the chances of us getting awarded anything are even slimmer now.
  7. Initially I thought the same, but then wondered if the opposite may be true as they are bound to be less defensive and allow us more space. Just a thought
  8. Is this your prediction for our results in these next 5 games ?
  9. Need Gary back for this weekend to nullify Izepeku up front and Berra at corners
  10. I agree, 8 points. 3 against the Fakes and a point from any one of Hearts, Well or Killie.
  11. Unfortunately not getting the rub of the green opposite in fact. Denied a definite red card and a pen when Junior got hauled to the deck running through on goal. Ref gave nothing. Red also needs to book Accies keeper for time wasting. Every goal kick is taking at least a minute.
  12. Amazingly, I also think that’s possible ! Need Danny Mullen to start though and Andreu to score (off the bench?) in the same way that Imrie always seems to score against us. Accies will not be as defensive as they were against Celtic nor will they be as lucky. Still need us getting a few breaks from the officials too though. It could happen...
  13. Struggling to find any mention of Danny Mullen on the last page of the Danny Mullen thread. Should we rename it the Shankland wage thread ?
  14. Service to our strikers has been very poor. There have been chances, but not many, and not nearly enough. This needs to change, starting this weekend. I would start Danny on Saturday alongside Junior. Durmus on the wing with McAlister to come off the bench when Accies defence is tiring.
  15. He is performing ok in the wide role however when he’s there we struggle to have anyone in the middle passing the ball out to players in the wide areas. Similarly, I feel for our strikers who so far are receiving little or no service. JG will find the winning formation soon.
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