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  1. Was wondering the same. Could time be running out for TF as CEO ?
  2. That would be good news. I am not ITK, and never will be, but I have a feeling Pop will join us. I think the Gus role will ensure that these type of deals will go through regardless of the turmoil with the manager's position - providing the stability his role is supposed to.
  3. Not unexpected in the circumstances. But what a shambles this whole sorry episode is turning out to be.
  4. We are not coming out of this at all well at the moment. Anything on our website ?
  5. This. Coupled with the promise of pushing to be back where we belong - top four.
  6. Agree. I always enjoyed the wild speculation.
  7. Unfortunately I tend to agree. If he does go on lost I suspect it would be to Dons or Hibs.
  8. Agree. Thought he'd really come on to a game after a relatively slow start. Pretty sure he would have started the remaining matches had he not got injured. Pleased to see him back. Anyone any news on Pop ? I believe that is the key signing for us.
  9. Any sign of the new guys we expected in for training today ?
  10. I hope you speak the truth here as I would be very happy to see all four of those guys back this coming season. I’m not concerned about whether two of these would be loans, for me the bonus would be continuity in the squad. Still need Popescu.......... And a (15goal a season) striker would obviously be the icing on the cake ! Not concerned at the lack of updates coming from the club as I trust Gus, Tony and OK, and do believe it’s good for any talks to be behind closed doors. Although I do admit I find that frustrating as f**k !
  11. Play well ? I actually thought he was OK for us. Weren't we playing him out of position anyway ?
  12. Are you saying sack the board ? Or are you asking for them to acknowledge their error in Stubbs appointment ? I think the board have acknowledged their error.
  13. I think the key fir me here is that OK was able to get the best out of several players. Sign of a good manager ?
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