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  1. Really not sure what to make of this story. I don’t know enough about Power, and what he could bring to us.
  2. Magennis getting pushed further down the pecking order. Along with Malian.
  3. For me, Tait is one of our best, and most versatile, players and I would not be looking to replace him, without consideration to our current wage structure.
  4. And Aber to provide some “bite”.
  5. I’ve always liked Polworth. I can’t believe he’s only 26, with plenty experience, and just the kind of player we could do with in midfield.
  6. I’m sure JG will already have a number of targets lined up and who he pursues will be dependent on which of our out of contract players accept our offers to extend their stay or decide to leave. T JG e good news is that it’s unlikely to be a huge turnover of players that we’ve had in prior years, however, that doesn’t mean I’ll be any less frustrated at the lack of news or rumours on players signing than before.
  7. Sad that if he is away. You saw what he can do for us when he came on today - United’s defenders couldn’t cope with him.
  8. Agree, pretty entertaining for a 0-0. I also thought Brophy looked very good today and liked the fact he’s not shy about shooting - we’ve been missing that for years. Connolly looked much better today and may have persuade JG to offer him a new contract. There will be a number leaving, but I have every confidence that we’ll replace them with better. Looking forward to next season already. It’ll be a long summer ....
  9. Good to see Reid on the bench. I hope he gets a decent run out today - say 30mins ? Also love to see Brophy break his duck for us, and surely Erwin is due a goal. Surely ... COYS !!
  10. The lack of interest in this match is evidenced by the lack of postings on this thread - must admit I’m finding it hard to get excited by this fixture too. Yes, there’s still a chance for 7th place and “best of the rest”, but outside of that I’m probably more interested in seeing a few of our youngsters get a run out today. And United to do the same. 4-3 Win for the Buddies (goal fest due to both sides playing without fear, and with multiple lapses in concentration)
  11. No idea what this is about. Never heard of this ranking before, or seen this schedule, however, if I’m reading it correctly, Accies and Livi have had their licenses refused, but the committee will be reviewing again in June 2021 a and Hibs in September. Why wouldn’t they be reviewing ours too ? Gold award but UEFA License refused ? Expect one of our much more knowledgeable forum members will explain it all later.
  12. If we score first, and early, I think Accies heads will go down and we’ll run out easy winners, however, if we lose any early goal ..... I think JG will rest/protect several player for the semi so I expect a much banged lineup. I’d also love to see Dylan Reid get a decent run out. COYS !!
  13. Excellent piece - thanks for posting the link. Have read Brookmyre’s books right from the very start when Quite Ugly One Morning was published and loved them all, however, this is the first time I have seen this piece - took me right back to games after school at the “big park” - no width, or the “wee park” - on a 45 degree slope across the pitch. Fond memories. Magical days.
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