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  1. Wasn’t going but still disappointed it’s off, however, no doubt it’s the right decision.
  2. Anyone remember how many games it took us to reach 14 points last season ? Or the season before. This is a phenomenal start to the season. Long may it continue. COYS !!
  3. Draws would suit me too, but I think it’s must win territory for both Dons and The Rangers.
  4. Draws would suit me too, but I think it’s must win territory for both Dons and The Rangers.
  5. Apparently a Hearts player down injured and being taken off - what happened ?
  6. I don’t recall a season when we had such a strong starting 11 and so many good options on the bench.
  7. Good. Been a long time since we’ve had some many (good) options up front.
  8. Good for you. Came down from Aberdeenshire last night and to head to Central and GHR - excited to use my (first ever) ST. hopefully enough time to visit a couple of bars on the way. Absolutely buzzing. COYS !!
  9. Agree, but why is there never anything on the club website ? There’s no list of players or even a fixture list. It’s all really disappointing. Very poor in my mind, very poor indeed. As Orwell said, we’re all equal but some are more equal than others ….
  10. Sounds like a really successful tournament, which is fantastic. Just really disappointing that the club’s website has no mention of it. Nothing. Our club really need to be making more of an effort to raise the profile of @stmirrenWfc and their successes.
  11. Doesn’t matter if it is or not, a top league side should be winning this game - easily.
  12. Not much action to report on from the game then ……
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