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  1. I noticed that too and was wondering the same thing. Would love to have him back. If we’ve noticed then I’m sure the club will have. I trust Jim and Gus are on the case.
  2. And sold him for less than we paid for Heaton ?
  3. I’d have been disappointed if we were not in for him. Struck up a really good partnership with Obika - one which he looked pretty happy with too. Fingers crossed.
  4. Back safe and sound. Terrific performance and fantastic result. Well worth the long journey, and well worth the wait ! Next match will be RC in Dingwall (unless Coronavirus intervenes)
  5. Noted ! Just it the car parked so plenty time for my sandwich and collect the tickets
  6. That’s is just setting off from north Aberdeenshire. Hope we make it in time for KO. Can’t wait
  7. Is JG still registered as a player ?
  8. I agree, but not too hard as we need to keep our discipline and eleven players on the pitch. Naismith also seems to enjoy playing against us. If we can frustrate Hearts, and him in particular, then I think he may crack under the pressure and maybe the red mist will descend.
  9. You can drop your estimate by one. My Dad’s in his eighties and has a ST but decided not to go because of Coronavirus. I don’t think he’ll be the only one making that decision.
  10. I haven’t seen Chabbi yet, is he worth a start partnering Obika, ahead of Jakubiak ? Would like to see us start with two wide men as I think Hearts wouldn’t cope well against threats on both flanks, but that would be tough on MacPherson or Wallace. And I don’t see our manager wanting to start with such an attacking formation. Looking forward to the match though.
  11. W6, towards the back and close to W7. Love the drum and the atmosphere generated by the W7 lads and the proximity to the away supporters. Also like the view.
  12. Just to clarify, I was referring to the surplus £2 pot only. I believe SMiSA should collect the the monthly payments and continue to put aside the funds originally earmarked for share purchase. As I understand it, if Kibble decide they want out of the club at some point in the future, they must first offer their shares to SMiSA and, if this happens, I’d like the funds to be available immediately. If there’s no interest in funding supporters buses, how about the Panda Express instead ?
  13. Interesting comments, don’t think they’ll start in a defensive formation. I don’t think he does defensive. Hopefully we can keep our discipline at the back and our midfielders track the runners. Big crowd under the lights - hope we don’t crack under the pressure.
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