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  1. Yes, I wish he’d gone down south too, but can’t complain about his attitude playing for us, even after he knew he was off to Ibrox. Still put in a real shift for us.
  2. I got hooked by Fergies Furies - that was me. Hook, line and sinker. Those were the days indeed.
  3. So you expect us to go with the same starting line up ? I’ll be ok with that as long as we are more attacking minded. Against Accies, I don’t expect us to be able to take the lead and then defend until FT. And, even if we are capable of that I’d rather we set out to win, and win well. Which is why I’m a supporter and not a manager !
  4. Ok, so JG doesn’t want to lose this match, but does he want to win it ? If he does, and I hope he does, we need to play with two up top, so the question is who partners Obika ? I’d rather we give one of the youngsters a start instead of Junior - keep him back as a “super” sub. I’d also have Thorvaldssen instead of McAllister. Given the back four puck themselves, I’m not sure of the midfield ? Durmus Foley MacPherson Thorvaldssen COYS !!
  5. And successfully purchased the match - apparently ...
  6. Ok just seen the official site now has some guidance. I’ll give it a shot later this evening.
  7. Have either you or DJC successfully managed to register and buy the game yet ? In the absence of something from our club’s official website, I’ve been (selfishly) waiting to hear you guys have done it before spending/ wasting a few hours on the computer getting increasingly frustrated !
  8. If we can’t get out of this group we won’t deserve to be going any further in the competition.
  9. In light of the breaking Bolingoli story, is there a chance this match could be postponed ?
  10. Agree. Also need to show more attacking intent against Celtic, like Killie did. I’d like to see Thorvaldsson start (instead of Sheron) as I think his speed and presence will cause them unexpected problems. And midfield cannot allow Obika to be so isolated up front - we will need an out ball.
  11. Hearts must now be seriously worried about losing their opening league match, if they weren’t already.
  12. I hope the club at least talk to him.
  13. Obika certainly looked a better player when partnered with Jakubiak.
  14. I think we should be interested in Hemmings but hard not to be gutted about Jakubiak. He was an excellent partner for Obika.
  15. I have no idea if we are pursuing this, but seems to me that our priorities are: CB - ? ST - Chabbi !!
  16. I’m sure he meant McCarthy ....
  17. Love to see him partner Obika
  18. Same for me, although did lose the picture for a couple of minutes late second half. Will use the PPV option again. Be interested to know the viewing figures and the split between ST and PPV.
  19. Couldn’t fault Fraser or any other defenders today. In fact , I think the whole team, plus subs (incl Morais) performed well today. On to Castle Greyskull. COYS !!
  20. Contrary to others on here, I thought we improved when Morais came on. Yes, he missed a sitter, and yes he gave away possession a few times, but overall I thought he proved more of an attacking threat than McAlister had. Hopefully both improve. Defence and keeper were excellent. Great three points for us !
  21. Anyone else lose the feed for a minute or so ? Had to log out and get back in. All good now.
  22. Managed to get my Dad logged on, but he says he can’t see an option for the match - where should he look for it ? I’m PPV and got it fine.
  23. If that’s the worst of the teething problems I can cope with it. For today.
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