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  1. Looking forward to watching tomorrows game on St.Mirren tv. High hopes for a big win with Gallagher and Shankland among the goals. COYS
  2. I share the concerns that Ton may be more up for this than us, which is why we need to have Thommo and Goodwin on the park from the start. I'd be willing to risk a red card for JG for the leadership qualities I believe he'll bring to the side.
  3. Watched from Dubai: Black screen when I logged on, but picture appeared once I refreshed it. Too late to see any build up and switched off as soon as game was over, so cannot comment on that, however, the picture quality for the match itself was pretty good and Mr. "Bubble diddnae Burst" Turner assisting with the commentary was a good idea. TV broadcast was better than the two young lads who were on Saints Radio pre-match, but I am sure they'll get better with practice - which Im sure is the whole idea of the venture. I'm looking forward tot he next match already.
  4. Agree. Goodwin and Thommo both need to start on Friday.
  5. First name on the teamsheet for Cappielow.
  6. Will now be able to watch Gallagher score his first goals for us on Saturday !
  7. With a lot of overseas travel, this is right up my street. Signed up already and cannot wait. Long overdue and great to see the Club exploring different revenue streams, and engaging with local educational establishments too.
  8. I'd go for 240 + 60 - there should be an opportunity for members to sign in a limited number of guests.
  9. Gallagher, Agnew and McMullan all on the scoresheet in a 5-1 romp against Dumbarton. Calum to score +15 this season and sign a new 2-year deal as we get promoted having beaten Killie in the play-offs. Too early for another celebratory beer ?
  10. Regardless of the level or opposition in these clips, there is no doubt he has an eye for goal. Welcome to St.Mirren and hope you score the first of many goals on Friday: http://www.rangers.co.uk/teams/first-team/item/415-callum-gallagher
  11. Rather than speculate on who we may or may not be signing, who do we want to sign ? Most fans seem to agree we need another striker and an experienced CB and acknowledge that money is tight, but does anyone have any suggestions of who we should be looking at ?
  12. If the club knows what the fee is, will they now allow Murray to pull the trigger on some of the signing targets he (apparently) has ?
  13. Shankland started but subbed after an hour - anyone have an update on him ?
  14. 0-0 at HT and seems Langfield has made several great saves - any update on whether he may leave Aberdeen and join us ?
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