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  1. Ok if it's a fact that's fine. Not everything that's printed in Newspapers is a fact though...
  2. Yes I know bùt thought it should be in this thread... Hope that's not a crime?
  3. Motherwell midfielder Mark O'Hara has agreed a pre-contract to join St Mirren on a two-year deal this summer
  4. We are all hoping for 3 pts and a meteoric rise into 4th place. What a lift and boost that would give us. Usually tight, but here's hoping for a 2 nil win. Goals by Gogic and Brophy... smiles on Saints fans faces ⚽ ⚽ 😁
  5. Defence getting pelters on here but their midfield have had too much freedom and 3 or 4 of their goals from midfielders who did not get tracked...
  6. Too static again. No marking the scorers time and time again...
  7. More pushing forward and less of these back passes please
  8. Just watched the Ayrshire derby... Hope we start like Killie and not Ayr tomorrow. Killie still look poor... but were good from set pieces. McGinn and Burke are passed it... Brophy and Ronan with our goals... ⚽
  9. Given it's on the tv too. It's decent. There will be others getting in who are Saints fans too in hospitality and along with Hertz pals
  10. We're gonna do the Hertz again.... 2 v 1 to us.....
  11. 1 point off 4th.... who says we don't have a chance? C O Y S
  12. They, the Dons and we all seem happy with the shake up. Time will tell who got the best deal... hopeful it'll be us...
  13. And their new manager bounce will hopefully be dwindling away by the time we play them. Your right though it's more important our new management duo get more time with the players by then.. We've got some tough matches but Hertz have been rotten recently... hoping they continue that against us at least the next twice...
  14. Excellent appointment. Welcome to the Saints... I'm sure he'll have a good rapour in the dressing room and with the Board... Well done to the Board too. Onwards and upwards.
  15. Don't vote too early... wait and see....
  16. Aye right. I've said elsewhere Malky McKay and which McCann and it's not Neil or Fergus... your just another fellow fan who wants to have a go at a fellow fan... Where's your speculated list? nice guy... cheers
  17. By several accounts yes... Distance, wages and he's likely still being paid by Hibs so might not gain anything working for us. He was interested in the Dons job... so wages mostly.
  18. Heres my top 5 in order MacKay Foreign Guy McCann Naismith Guy not declared yet
  19. McCarthy came on for about 25 minutes against Kelty last week, but not sure if he's played much before since recovering from injury. Suspect he'll be fine, but a little rusty over 90 minutes if he plays from the start on Wed. All depends on whether we appeal or not
  20. Dee battled well and gave a good backs to the wall, hit on the break account of themselves today. 4th blooming place... if that doesn't motivate our players, not much will. It will be a battle but we need to be at it for the full 90. If we can get a couple ahead, the points are ours...
  21. Unless it's appealed and we win the appeal. McCarthy is fit but not played much recently...
  22. Counter to that is fail to do so and his stock dwindles
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