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  1. got to laugh at this https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/2706568/andy-considine-dons-should-be-aiming-for-champions-league-spots/
  2. Yep and not long back he was getting quite a bit of stick on here 😀. If we could just get goals in the team then we are starting to look like a borderline top 6 outfit. Goodwin Must Go topic is starting to look embarrassing for a few folks ?
  3. Think he's looking for feedback by the back door
  4. Gave me the impression today that his head had swelled a bit
  5. It was a pen in the old handball rules as well as the farcical new one's
  6. Yes but he is better finisher. Obika for me is a huge talent that is completeley unfulfilled. Having said that i think Jim made a mistake subbing him for Erwin today
  7. Obika never has inthe air. He isn't brave enough in the air, better with low balls. Huge weakness in his game. Hence Erwin coming on as we were piling in the crosses. Erwin was a gamble that just hasn't worked. I'd reserve judhement on Dennis. We definitely need to sort it out though as its costing us big time
  8. surely got to get it right sometime
  9. cause he's a fud, checkout his previous posts
  10. hopefully an Irish one. irish recruitment has been exccellant
  11. I'd agree on Erwin but I'd reserve judgement on Dennis
  12. Nah we won't be in the bottom 2. I don't think we'll even be in bottom 3. We are shaping up as a good side. Doyle-Hayes is top drawer and Connolly looked a talent today. We just need the cutting edge through the middle. Jan will sort that
  13. On for his physicality I would say at crosses. Obika offers zero for bravery. Having said that I thought Obika put in a good shift today. Erwin looks a complete carthorse. I'd go easy on Dennis he was hardly on ?
  14. I thought we were excellent today. Dominated Aberdeen the whole match. Huge positives and won't be bottom for long on that performance. Need to perform like this away from home and we will be well out of relegation fears. Goodwin doing a really good job
  15. It really is just staggering. Football apart its just utterly mind numbing that 49 people found this appropriate.
  16. If only we could get the same out of our center forwards we would be in a good place. We are just not scoring enough goals. Its the only part of the team that its just not happening. Thought Durmus and Connelly both did the business tonight but we just don't look a threat down the center.
  17. I wouldn't PM you ever, your a class one fud.
  18. Really ? Still think being on your own pitch helps ? Yes I've watched us this season quite a bit also and we are poor, but guess what Aberdeen are poor also. Lets see how it turns out
  19. I think he's related to shull ? In fact guess what i think he is Shull ?
  20. Yep cause I think the game is 50-50, especially as its at home. Would be a huge confidence booster also to win this one on the back of last week. Hopefully we can start to do a bit more up front this week.
  21. Aberdeen are junk. Overpaid and overrated. Definitely there for the taking. Not saying we'll beat them or we are any better but they are well beatable at the moment.
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