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  1. Afraid not, he's another Pressley. Overrated and failed totally on his own in England, no excuses. Derek Adams is an example of a manager with talent, done brilliant job at Plymouth, not that he'd come to us !. Maybe we'd get McIntyre and Dodds
  2. Only player I would take to Championship from current St Mirren team is Kyle Magennis. Morgan too if he wasn't away to Celtic. Magennis based on potential with a huge amount to work on
  3. Haven't met a teacher yet who doesn't want to quit !. His girls is the tough one
  4. Yep, most of the top managers in the Championship can't get a sniff at the EPL.
  5. Great post, I completely agree. He would be nuts to reject it. Fantastic opportunity for him and if he gets it right a huge steeping stone to bigger clubs. Massive challenge for him initially in getting to grips with the quality of Championship and the level of player required. Way higher than he has been used to dealing with and what he's played at. There is enough in the current Barnsley team to stay up and from there with big investment he'll have a great chance to push them on. He's done more than enough for St Mirren and wouldn't begrudge him leaving at this moment at all.
  6. Who is saying that Jack Ross got off to flyer ?. Nobody could have, even Fergie, with the team he inherited. Hence he had to bring in a whole new team. So what really is your point ? In fact I would say that Jack got off to a flyer in so much as in the first few months he had the ability to work out what was required and where ALL the weaknesses were. So the impossible to achieve by results was achieved by the work he did working out how to fix the mess Rae and Murray left. Jack Ross has done an immense job at St Mirren, even Fergie would have struggled to equal or better.
  7. Classic stuff. Brilliant how you try to turn your criticism of the manager into a positive, and the last sentence we'll what can you say !
  8. I agree. Other Scottish manager doing a brilliant job in England is Derek Adams at Plymouth. Time will tell
  9. Jack Ross won't be St Mirren manager next season. Would be very very suprised if thats the case. At least we'll get some good money when he takes Magennis !
  10. Their last 2 managers have been quality, young, up and coming managers and its worked for them. If Ross goes there its a big potential stepping stone for him
  11. Have thought for a long time that Jack Ross will bypass Scottish football in his next move. Not sure Barnsley is the right move for him though. Even if they went down to League One, its still a higher standard than Scottish Premiership bar Celtic. If the money is right and the investment in the club is right then he may go. Think he'll want to finish the job at St Mirren though.
  12. I think Jack Ross had big doubts about Baird last season and only offered him a year as he would be cover for McKenzie and Davis. As its turned out he has been outstanding in the Championship this season and proved himself well worthy of a new contract. Be interesting to see how he performs at Premiership level if/when we get there.
  13. Correct. He's a poor defender and nowhere near the quality of Eckersley. Its a total joke the way he's lorded cause he's a bit of a maverick. He's a poor defender full stop. Reasonable going forward but thats it. Eckersley every day of the week IMO. i'm not cremating him over his performance at Aberdeen. I just don't rate him over a long period of time. We need Eckersley back in the side for the Dunfermline game.
  14. Been waiting for it. Maybe not quite the manager he was touted as.
  15. No but Brendan Rodgers has and he's given him a 3 year deal. As I say he hasn't sent him to sit and watch SMFC for the rest of the season
  16. Where did I say McGinn should be replaced by Hill ? What I said was I had a feeling that Mark Hill is a player and that if McGinn's form shades like it did a while back then Jack Ross will play him . Thats a bit different from saying McGinn should be replaced by Hill. Brendan Rodgers hasn't sent Mark Hill to SMFC to watch us. He's sent him to play here as he rates Jack Ross as a coach and trusts his player with him. Same as Derek McInnes at Aberdeen. Rodgers has also given Mark Hill a 3 year deal so he is no diddy ! I ddin't realise that McGinn was now GOD
  17. Not talking about taking McGinn out the team in the Championship. In the Premiership yes as I don't think he's good enough. I think Magennis will replace McShane though in midfield over the next few weeks with Flynn on the right. I also think this young guy from Celtic Mark Hill is a player and if McGinn's form shades like it did a month back then Jack will play him.
  18. In the Championship we don't but in the Premiership we will have a problem with both
  19. No what I am saying is they are very average team and hugely overrated by our media. We had a chance today but abysmal defending killed us. In the first half without the defensive error we competed 100% with them. We arent far away but probably about 4 quality players short for Premiership
  20. Can we stop bigging up Aberdeen, they are nothing special. The way the media talk about them you would think we were playing someone special today. They are average and most of their players are at best League One in England. If Rangers don't beat that lot to second place then something is far far wrong at Ibrox
  21. Have to agree. McGinn and McShane will not do in the Premiership, IF we get there. Both have zero defensive quality. The laziness of both of them for Aberdeen second goal was there for all to see Magennis for McShane is coming soon and Hill will push McGin all the way. I have a sneaky feeling Hill will be a better player than McGinn.
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