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  1. FFS. If it's no TV fecking up the fixtures it's the club. What chance do supporters have.
  2. Obviously as one of those all booked to go I would be pissed if this gets cancelled. (Some may argue I will be pissed even if it doesn't but that's a mute point) I was scouring twitter looking for confirmation of the 'Jim Goodwin, Peter Huston being a done deal' report which is apparently all over twitter. My tweeting skills are pretty non existent so I failed to find it BUT....... I did find a list of SFA approved friendly fixtures and guess what.... Our trip to Ireland wasn't on it. Are there any precedents for games being cancelled like this and fans being left out of pocket? What the feck is there to do in Coleraine if there's no Fitba. Be-Jeebers, I could be really Pissed.
  3. Good point. On a similar theme, is a metrosexual someone that likes shagging on the subway? Apart from the train spotting fetish I believe they must also wear cerise coloured shirts. (our away kit will do) and wash the dishes.
  4. Fir Fecks sake be careful. All those Dutch people might drown if you outlaw Dykes.
  5. The cheapest flights I could find were from Edinburgh £96 each. That's departing Friday and leaving Sunday. If you book the ferry via a bus company it's cheaper than booking the ferry direct. it works out about £65 return from Glasgow to Belfast and you can have a wee lager shandy on the boat. There are possibly cheaper fares if you are more flexible with your times. There's not much available hotel accommodation around Coleraine but Airbnb have a few locations. I vowed the close season was too short and I wasn't getting involved in the Pre-season or Bet-fred pish but I'm now looking forward to this little jaunt. Hopefully we'll have signed someone new to watch by the time we go.
  6. No luck mate but I'm sure you'll have a ball. After the playoffs and the almost immediate fixtures in the Betfred Cup I went in a huff over the lack of a summer break. I vowed I wouldn't be going to any games till the start of the season proper. However within 10 mins of the Ireland tour being announced the gang was mustered the ferries and hotels were booked and we were on our way. Fecking couldn't help ourselves. As we just found out life's too short mate. I'll no doubt end up at most of the Betfred games too but the plan is to give them a miss UNLESS we have exciting signings we HAVE to see. Make the most of the lakes. See you at the Betfred.
  7. Fiona was a legend. Often met her at home and away games (she seldom missed any) and drank with her in the club and Hospitality a few times. She was a True Bud. She supported all the players and wouldn't hear a bad word against any of them. She was always 100% behind the team and the club. As a few on here have eluded she wasn't called the screamer for nothing. She was a very vocal supporter and very proud to be a buddie. Puts life into perspective I was getting all excited about a trip to Ireland and then bang. She is no more. Bummer. I don't know her family but my thoughts are with them. If Anyone gets any details re the funeral. Post them on here. Thanks. RIP Fiona.
  8. A wee Ireland Trip 28th and 29th June. Ferry Booked. we're on our way.
  9. Injury-plagued St Mirren midfielder Greg Tansey is pushing to be fit for the new season after having potentially career-saving surgery on his groin. (Daily Express, print edition) Just more corroboration he is in the frame for next season. I know he got absolute pelters from the fans in his early Games. Him and Ryan Edwards were the scapegoats for just about everything that went wrong in our early games. I thought he was actually coming on to a game just before he got his famous red card and his condition was properly diagnosed preventing him from returning. when he gets back to full fitness I think he will be a decent addition. Good luck Greg
  10. I'd forgotten all about that. Another reason to be cheerful. Hopeful we won't need penalties or extra time.[emoji209] [emoji209] [emoji209]
  11. New Indian carry out opened a couple of months ago. The tiger coast sit in has been replaced by a bistro. The only downside of NB is you cant get a decent ruby anywhere local
  12. I'll get the factor 50 on and ditch ma coat then. Order a San miguel and find ma sombrero.
  13. Its chucking it down in the East what's the weather like in Paisley
  14. A travel bud would be good. NB is a cracking place to live. In the premier the away days at hibs n hearts are Brill and theres another Chinese if you just want a carry out and don't fancy the excitement at Tony's
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