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  1. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    Hopefully not Aberdeen TV 4 You 0
  2. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren 16/02/2019

    I thought the thread for this was created ages ago but it appears not. I'm surprised too. This will be the second game this season I've missed. Ironically I've friends from Aberdeen coming to visit. Having taken in the past three Games at Pittodrie and watched the team ship 4 goals on each occasion, maybe my non attendance won't be a bad thing. Sod's Law but hopefully your right. The first time I don't go, we'll bag all 3 points. I hope so. COYS
  3. East Lothian Saint

    Merged: All The Oran Kearney Threads

    Right I'll pin my colours to the mast. I'm in your Gang LETS GET BEHIND ORAN
  4. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    They are not slow in giving it out when griping about me going to old firm games. Their non appearance when the team could have done with some support was noticeable. It was one of three things that pissed me off. The team being the first. You can moan at me next week when I don't go to Aberdeen. Why are you on here anyway. Don't you have a wedding to enjoy. I'm working tomorrow so I'm not in the pub and have feck all better to do than post on here. Get someone up to dance and stop being antisocial and get off your phone. Do something constructive and buy a round. Have a good night and congrats to the happy couple
  5. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    The South stand was empty. The cup is an ideal time to support a family stand. All season I go to as many games as I can whilst others call for boycotts and criticise me for going to away games. Many of these critics claim to sit in the south stand. Where were they today Simple question. And who maintains the scoreboard badly?????
  6. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Each to there own mate. I'm ranting because the season is over. The empty stand was noticeable. It's not your fault but it detracts from what looks like a certainty that we are going down. Do you know the scoreboard maintenance guy too. If so. Sorry again. SMTID unfortunately
  7. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    I sit in the West and if we looked quiet your end was desolate. Very poor turn out compared to most weeks
  8. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Yeah I realised this slight mistake as soon as I posted it but you get the drift. Fixed it
  9. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    Right! Three things pissed me off today and one was obviously the team. Number 2 was the empty South stand. These are the so called fans who scream about boy cotting old firm games and moan about not being able to sit in their own seats. They were all empty today boys n girls. WHY?. The third thing was the score board. Why the feck does it not work. Does it upset the players when they see the opposition are winning. All the more reason to get it fixed. That and the fact the fans quite like to know how long there is to go. I could rant about the team and I want to BUT. SMTID unfortunately.
  10. East Lothian Saint

    Magic has gone..

    I was a little bit morose on Wednesday and pretty pessimistic about playing the Arabs but it's Friday now. Tickets for match and Train secured. 12 O'clock meet in the pub tomorrow and we're on our way. Just when you least expect it, Saints will turn up and we'll be on our way to the next round of the cup. I'll keep taking the tablets.
  11. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Dundee United Cup Game

    A storm started brewing last night that could go into Saturday. The SDA with one end packed full of Arabs will be one grey miserable place if they knock us out the cup just after the game where a lot of fans realised the great escape mark 2 looks as unlikely as Ryan Edwards being nominated for player of the year or Josh Heaton being worth 250k. I have my ticket. I will be there. A win here is vitally important to give us some confidence going forward but I fear the worst. Hope my fears are unfounded and your ferry sails but it looks like we've as much chance of staying up as the Titanic.
  12. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Motherwell 6th Feb 2019

    These midweek matches are murder. Midday cocktails on the Edinburgh train. The Mojito Express is on it's way. Tonight is a big game. I hope to see most of our new signings in from the start. Ethan got roasted on Saturday and seemed totally awestruck as the game just passed him by. Muzek at LB is a no brainer. Tansey also looked lost justifying some of the abuse our fans were giving him. Surely McAlister will play from the start. Paul McGinn is certainly versatile and provides cover for midfield and defence so I would bench him and play corbu at RB. Big Anton looked solid on Sat and with Pepescu and Baird beside him that should shore up the defence. Dreyer looks useful and Jackson has looked livelier in the last couple of games. I would like the Duck to start too but we need a midfield. S McGinn isn't a ball winner so who plays beside dreyer and Mcalister is the problem. And that's before you even consider Morherwell. Football management can get complex which is probably why clubs pay big bucks for managers and don't just let any Shull, dick or Harry with a key board on a forum pick the team. Feck it. In OK we trust. I'm getting back on the Mojito Express. See you all tonight.
  13. East Lothian Saint

    The International Rangers v St Mirren - 2nd February 2019

    As they say in the song. We'll go wherever..... and that means a wee trip to Hell n back today. Hopeful as ever. Not many songs about Ducks emerging victorious from the fires of hell but.... The first was scored by Duckens would be a heavenly start.
  14. East Lothian Saint

    January Arrivals

    Oops made a mess of that edit. What fecking button did I press there
  15. East Lothian Saint

    January Arrivals

    Ibrox = Big Ugly Building and so is Grayskull BBC Weather girl warned rangers fans on way to Ibrox of an impending storm at Castle GraySkull. Grayskull is Ibrox. Confirmed by BBC so its a fact