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  1. East Lothian Saint

    St Mirren v Aberdeen 15/12/18

    Little flakes in North Berwick. Light snow too. On my way to watch our little lambs run about like sheep and get pumped by the shaggers. We need to sign Ralph and Sam to keep the coyotees at bay. Anyone remember them. That was some central defence. See you all there
  2. East Lothian Saint

    Motivation Required

    How about some pychological witchcraft. If we adapt Top Petty's I won't Back down and convert it to "we won't go down" and just tell the team that going down isn't acceptable "We won't go Down" No, we won't go down No, We won't go down Alan Stubbs took us to the gates of hell But we won't go down Yes, We'll stand our ground Oran can turn it round And we'll keep Our Team in The Premiership Gonna stand our ground And we won't go down Just Imagine if the whole ground gave the players that message. If they didn't pull their socks up we'd all look stupid. Might work.
  3. East Lothian Saint

    Motivation Required

    Now we're Talking and hopefully we'll all be singing. Just hope the players can play their part and give us something to sing about.
  4. East Lothian Saint

    Motivation Required

    Ha! ha! 3 page thread on utter pish. You're right Aldo. All through my professional career I was subjected to all sorts of motivational training which seldom changed the ethos of the workplace. The one phrase which lasted throughout the tenure of my Profession was "The Job's Fecked." It was the one everyone subscribed to and remembered irrespective of their motivational inspiration. The deadwood blamed the job for their lack of inspiration. The go-getters blamed the deadwood and the journeymen blamed everyone else however "TJF" sort of united everyone in a way that motivational training couldn't. So Back to the Football. The Team's Fecked. Can we as fans Help motivate them and get them back "on their way".
  5. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Another good day out The Livi fans were very hospitable, even before they humped us, but what a woeful second half from the Saints. Where did that first goal come from. Our seats were probably in the worst part of the ground to get a decent view of that goal but even with a restricted view it was obvious someone had gifted it. Saw the TV coverage and suspicions confirmed. A fecking shocker and it was all down hill from there. Did you see their keeper Kelly strutting about his own half right up to the fecking centre circle. You could almost hear him challenge us "ADAM FECKING WHO" that's how fecking ineffective we were second half and how confident they were. I was not amused. Only 580 of us Brave buds turned up. There was a mass exodus when they scored the third and those of us who stayed to be waved out by Captain Fantastic and his fellow flops felt we had been short changed. What Now? After the Kilmarnock Game at Paisley I spoke to some of the Board who were out in Paisley enjoying a beer and even then they all placed their cards on the table and said The January transfer window was all that could save us and they were getting geared up for it. It wasn't really the answer I expected or wanted but Since then GmcP and JN have been added and It seems they are going to support OK in his attempt at the Great Escape II. Its not all over yet lads they have a plan. II. Coming to The Single Digit Arena Soon Clutching at straws but I'll see you next week.
  6. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Tickets available at the side of the Almondvale suite. Cash and card accepted
  7. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    If anyone arriving at Livingston North train station. The 25 bus is £2.10 leaving at 14 29 44 And 59 past the hour. We're on our way. I update re match tickets ASAP
  8. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    I hope so. Problem solved
  9. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Not sure what the script is with Mullen, Magennis and Cooke. Assuming they are out and Jackson is still suspended (2nd game )then my temptation would be to go with P McGinn at left back with Hodson on the right (Both flying up the wings) 3 Centre backs Anton Jack and Alfie S McGinn and McPherson in the middle with Hammil and Etheron playing off them and that only leaves Throw the toys out the pram, I won the league, I shouldn't be playing in this position Smith, to play up front out of Position. That's the plan fecked. No one to play up front. Can anyone play centre Forward maybe we could try Josh Heaton????? does anyone know who plays up front for the reserves.? Subs Lyness, Edwards, Willock, Heaton, Ekersley I'm sure Oran is a man with a Plan and a better one than mine. Good Luck Saints. Buds I'll See you all there.
  10. East Lothian Saint

    If Only....

    Ha! Ha! it took all of a micro second to register before I started laughing but I like you're thinking. A Little bit of poetic licence on your part but your headline is definitely better.
  11. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    You're right I often feel Clubs are trying to discourage me from buying tickets. Glad its Just not me. Ha! Ha! But seriously sometimes the hoops you have to jump through to get tickets are ridiculous. Heading through tomorrow without a ticket and hoping for the Best. Livingston is not the easiest ground to get to by Public Transport either. 20 mins by bus from the Railway Station. It's a fecking nightmare but all part of the adventure. I'll see you all there. Lets hope the Saints make it all worth our while. If we get 3 points then all the nonsense we had to go through to see it will make it all the sweeter. Fans should come first but still we are treated like second class citizens. The recent report that football fans add more to the Scottish Economy than the commonwealth Games, the Open or any other sport for that matter should encourage them to look after us but I think it just makes them believe they can rip us off. Oops I'm beginning to sound like Shull. Maybe he has a point
  12. East Lothian Saint

    Livingston v St Mirren 8 December 2018

    Livingston apparently have a new ticket system but its not very clear. Our game is listed as All ticket. Prices (ticket only – no cash gates) £24 Adults £16 Concessions* £10 U16s NO cash turnstiles Pre-sale of tickets – This will be DEBIT CARD ONLY You can phone up to purchase your tickets and then pick them up on Saturday from the Ticket Office located outside turnstile 2 Please phone during office hours which will be published on our Website There will be extended opening hours which will be published on our Website Tickets available on day of game for Home Fans from the Ticket Office but there will be ques, so please try to purchase your ticket before the day of the game There MAY BE tickets available on the day of the game for Away fans but this will be managed on a game-by-game basis and as instructed by the Police and visiting club This is also subject to resources available to Livingston Football Club and we would urge ALL away fans to purchase their tickets from their respective clubs prior to the game. From late October 2018 you will be able to buy your ticket online and pick them up prior to the game from the ticket office. PHONED LIVI. THEY SAY TICKETS WILL BE ON SALE BEFORE THE GAME BUT IF YOU [email protected] PAY BY DEBIT CARD THERE MAY BE ISSUES>
  13. East Lothian Saint

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Fair do's from our end all you could see were our players looking to the ref and Kyle when Hibs were getting on with scoring their first goal and not a great view from the St Mirren end for either Goal but during our first Goal-less Half Anton was instrumental in keeping a clean sheet. He might not be infallible but without him we're lost. IMO
  14. East Lothian Saint

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    Absolutely Brilliant Night with so many Highlights. Big Anton marshalling the Defence and keeping Rogers up to speed for kick outs and throw outs while keeping the youngsters under control. Paul McGinn scoring was deserved reward for his efforts so far. Adam hamill say no more Except. The fight isn't over till the whistle goes. Twice he pulled out of contests complaining and Hibs ran up the park with the ball. I forgive you this time but don't let it happen again. I sat praying my life away in the latter part of the second half willing us to hang on. Someone on the forum suggested they were so nervous they had chewed their finger nails to their elbows. There were more than a few Elbow clappers when the Final whistle went. What about the Adam Eckersly warm up in front of the saints fans. You couldn't have wiped that grin of his face with a wire brush and Dettol when the fans started singing "If you hate Alan Stubbs Clap your Hands." That grin said it all. The injuries are worrying. Maybe thats why OK has been chopping and changing every week because he was thinking about injuries. Probably not but I've got that fecking football blindness again where I thing we can compete and 3 points are already in the bag against Livingston. Some body save me from my own delusions. See you all there on Saturday COYS
  15. East Lothian Saint

    Hibernian v St Mirren 5 Dec 18

    I'm smiling and they're miserable. Thank you lads. You made my night. Fecking screamer Adam... awesome