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  1. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    The morning after the match before. Still in Aberdeen getting ready to head home. Post match analysis. Feck you lot have taken care of that. Quote of the weekend was yesterday in the Pittodrie Bar when an Aberdeen fan announced. "It's nice to see someone from Paisley who supports St Mirren". It's not all ways easy and as we know there are highs and lows. Yesterday was definitely a low but next week.... Well ..... We can only hope Alfie Jones looked decent.... We're on our way...
  2. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Positive thought anyone. Alfie Jones looks ok, so far..
  3. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Oh dear. Looks like a humping. Lots of buds left already or else it was a max exodus for a pee. Those left still in good voice but FFS saints give us some hope.
  4. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    Horrible smirry rain that goes right through you in NB. Fecking soaked in my summer football kit. Looking forward to the wonderful weather in Aberdeen and the prospect of a dry day. Then again I might just have one pint. Ha! Ha! [emoji482] Quarter finals here we come.
  5. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St Mirren Bet Fred Cup

    All booked up for tomorrow. Looking forward to another wee Day/night in Aberdeen. Not a lot of interest on this thread but I'm sure the usual suspects will all be there tomorrow. We'll give you a wave in Hospitality Faraway. Wonder if we'll have another wonder song tomorrow. "Cammy, Cammy" was a hoot last time. No Stelios to make mistakes tomorrow and (Ha! Ha!) "He's gonna stop you scoring goals" hopefully Bairdy will have his act together. It won't be the end of the world if we lose this one but hopefully we will play well, sneak a result if we can, but more importantly set out our stall for next week. All these big games against top teams but the must win ones are against our fellow minnows. It's a funny old league. So let's all enjoy tomorrow for what it is and save all our worries for next week. No pressure It's in the bag. In Stubbsy we trust. See You tomorrow.
  6. East Lothian Saint

    Why's he no got a song

    Now up in GlasgowA banner caused woeWhen being displayed at a local game It Was erected and was perfectedat Ruining Rangers wakka doo display
  7. East Lothian Saint

    W7 Appreciation Post

    The Old firm have been indulging in Major "Banner wars" recently and it has been fairly big news not only on Social Media but on National Media too. The "You're not Rangers anymore banner" that was transported half way across Europe but was thwarted at the last minute when Celtic's intelligence network broke down and their plans were leaked made big news. The bears went into action and intercepted the banner somewhere in deepest darkest Croatia. This was a major slap in the face (possibly quite literally) for the Celtic propaganda machine. The story was covered on Radio and picked up by most of the main papers. The intelligence networks of both sets of fans were analysed and it was seen as overwhelming strategic victory for the Rangers Fans. Well done W7. The word Sh**e which offended so many on here is in the Oxford Dictionary and has many meanings including "Something worthless, rubbish, nonsense, eg this book is shit’ . This is the description a lot of the PC trolls on here have been using to describe Rangers. It can also mean an Unpleasant experience or treatment. ‘I went through a lot of shit last year’ Is that not how a lot of the PC trolls described their visits to Glasgow when they went to Old Firm Games. This was not about profanities. W7 succinctly put across the view of the B+W army politically correct troll in a well planned operation that went under the Radar of the very well connected Union Bears intelligence service gaining massive Kudos from those in the "game" and displaying a spectacular piece of oneupmanship on the so called big boys of Scottish football. It was so successful the Scotsman got the scoop. They had no interest in the sh** that some folk have become obsessed with. They reported the story as a a failure in the Rangers intelligence network and a victory for the little guy. They knew it wasn't profanity for the sake of profanity. It was a measured response to on going intelligence and they recognised the real news story. Well done W7. Think there may be repercussions at the SDA when they visit. Hope you guys are up to the challenge.
  8. East Lothian Saint

    Rangers extra seating

    Not sure if you were there. Maybe you had an awful experience. Maybe just the idea that Rangers and Celtic fans can be like any other fan threw you. Maybe the idea that other fans can be like Rangers and Celtic tipped you over the edge. I'm not doubting for a second there are Bigoted Morons out there. One or two Morons on here too . Worst post in b&w army history. Do you get a prize for that
  9. East Lothian Saint

    Rangers extra seating

    The seating issue is an argument which has pro's and Cons. I won't get into that BUT Some of the language and attitudes towards fellow football fans however is pretty disgraceful. No wonder football fans get treated like second class citizens. Anyone who wasn't actually at the game and reads this forum would think the Saints fans had been subjected to continuous missile bombardment from all sections of the Rangers Support and had to fight for their lives to get into and out of the ground without being maimed, murdered, and stabbed by hordes of Rampaging, Rioting Rangers Fans. As someone who was at the game. My observations were as follows. Yes, In traditional football fan, logic. One or two A-holes on both sides thought the netting on the seats between them provided some sort of force field that made them invincible. As at every ground I have ever visited a few on both sides couldn't stop themselves indulging in some animated banter and it seemed like a couple of people had issues with individuals on the other side of the netting. This was reciprocated both ways. Most of the Rangers Fans in the ground simply supported their team and in the main they did it well. Sure there was the odd reference to outdated traditions but FFS it was Ibrox and that's what they do. It's not right. It's not big or clever but in the main if you didn't bother them they didn't bother you but those boys and girls created at atmosphere. Missiles- I saw a young apprentice - Rangers fan throw an apple. I'm not doubting the odd plastic bottle may have been launched but to be honest the only reason I saw the apple was because I was engrossed by the exchange between the young Saints fans and the young Rangers fans who felt safe enough behind their netted barriers to shout the sort of abuse at each other which would merit a smack in the mouth if it happened in the real world. There are fans in every team like this and to Brandish all Rangers and Celtic fans as animals is an insult to all football fans. On the way to Ibrox, I met lots of decent Rangers fans who gave me tips and advice on how to get there. They were happy to talk football and nothing but helpful. Wearing St Mirren Tops four of us went for a drink in the Louden. Not sure if it's normal for away fans to step in to the bears den but everyone inside was courteous and we had a bit of banter the way we would in any bar near an away ground. The strangest part was despite it being packed to the rafters it was one of the quickest pubs to get served in. In and around the stadium it was busy but no one made an issue because we were away fans. No intimidation, no animosity just fellow football fans going to support their team. After the game.No problems. Walked back to the town centre. No one gave a toss about our St Mirren Tops and everyone was friendly. We ended up drinking with Rangers Fans in the city Centre before dumping them for a couple of birds from a German Rock Group( No Kidding) All in all a good day out. Shame about the result. Read this morning Saints fans had been bottled, subjected to missile attacks and Rangers Fans had to be hunted down, banned from football and exterminated. 99.999% of football fans are good guys. No matter what team they support The 0.001% who are A-Holes are Just A-holes. No matter what team they support. Get things into perspective. Please......
  10. East Lothian Saint

    Sevco FC ( 2012 ) v St Mirren Premiership 12/8/18

    What about Robert Torrance 1978. No one expected that but we won at Ibrox as the North Bank sang "we don't care if the Derry Come". They did and we ran. But we got two points as you did in those days. So no negative vibes it's 3 points today and we're on our way. Football is a funny old game
  11. East Lothian Saint

    Sevco FC ( 2012 ) v St Mirren Premiership 12/8/18

    They won't be able to handle the pressure of 'win and they go above Celtic.' We shall be victorious, not them We will go home Happy and Glorious, Not them I'm off for the train COYS Nasty nic to score at least once and Danny Mullen gets another Brace.
  12. East Lothian Saint

    How far would you travel?

    164 mile round trip and I have a season ticket. I go just about every week. I'm fortunate at present that I have both the time and the resources to go to the games. There are many things you can focus your life around and for the last 40 years I focused my life around family and work. I grew up with the Saints and was a die hard from 1974 till 1987. Thereafter I moved away from Paisley to focus on other things and I rarely attended a game until SMISA put out the call. And do you know what........... I found I had missed it big time. I'll make a wild guess, "the what a waste" was said with tongue in cheek There are worse things to focus on than football. The game can be Crap, the team can be mince, you can get pumped 10-0 but you can't take away the day out. You can't take away the experience. Ok, I like a sherbet or two and a wee sing song. I like camaraderie, being part of something and meeting people. Football is the perfect way to unwind. I'm ready to head for Glasgow, meet my buds and get a few down my neck before travelling to Castle Grey Skull to join the adventure. Win, lose or even get pumped I'll be singing my heart out and enjoying the day. Chances are it'll be just like the legendary 600 who sang their way into the valley of death when we got pumped at Pittodrie last season but you know what I fancy our chances today. I'll come home tonight and focus on mundane stuff like the back fence needs restored, the wife wants a holiday, the waynes want everything and every one of them is sitting on a computer, ipad or phone or watching a box set and I'll think , 'What a waste......' Thank feck I've got Aberdeen to go next week end and don't have to focus on the mundane stuff everyone else does. I plan to live out my last 20 odd years the same way as I did my first 20 odd years "I'll go where ever St Mirren go" I'll see any of you like minded Buds at Castle Grey Skull COYS
  13. East Lothian Saint

    Latest Scores

    Celtic losing 1-0 That could mean Rangers can go above Celtic if they win tomorrow. No way can they handle that pressure. Stevie Gerrard will go into meItdown. It's got to be a Saints win tomorrow.
  14. East Lothian Saint

    Big Nasty Nic - welcome to the Saints!

    Just a number 9 on his back must make him worth a few goals tomorrow. Big guy, Pacey, Number 9 and lots of these Come on Nasty Nic make us all happy.
  15. East Lothian Saint

    Why's he no got a song

    But sometimes causes a penalty Which needs to be saved by Sammy so give Three cheers to Sammy on Penalty save number 24