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  1. Just common sense reallyπŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It is evident Fixes 2,4 & 6 are not being put into practise. Loved Fix 3. Score. Some good constructive criticisms. Valid points. Be careful, if GLS reads this you could be the new manager.
  2. I watched Motherwell yesterday, never mind Alloa. Motherwell were much better on the break and made much better use of space than we did, Add a sublime goal into the mix and we were struggling. Their second goal wasn't brilliant but at least Morias had found a lot of space on the wing. Shame our defense was giving it away instead of moving the ball forward. Any chances we had yesterday were scrappy there's not a enough movement and fluid play to produce many chances. Your analysis that we play too deep is spot on and when we get the ball we don't break fast enough to create decent chances. My team against the fakes would be a winning one. Over to you Goody
  3. The only thing irritating me is a St Mirren team that can't score.
  4. Thanks Ged. I'm Happy again......Goody Goody gies a wave. I do love the Goatee.....
  5. Cheers LPM After Goody raising my spirits. You send me back into depression. Goody sounds great on TV and with that Black and white Goatee he's a Bud Through and through. We got to Believe..........or pray....or something. I know we could score..........Miracles. we need a miracle......
  6. Goody says "Don't Panic we're only three points off 7th. It's not like we're adrift at the bottom" Thanks Goody that's so reassuring. I feel safer now.
  7. Your attention to detail is noted. I thought I'd post the white one so I couldn't be accused of a Silva-esque crime Cockles.
  8. It's good to talk mate. TBH you do a no bad job yourself. Even if you are slightly more eloquent than me.
  9. Sorry Faraway. I thought we gave you enough clues. Maybe I expected too much. I thought I might try some sober October virtual signalling and try a night in the virtual world but it got boring fairly quickly. Things were slow on here so I went to the pub to meet real people instead. So much more rewarding. My mate was sitting next to me in a puffa Jacket and I said "Fecks sake Jim you look like the Michelin man." (thats the big white dude that used to advertise tyres but it didn't really work cause he's not really that fat) Thank goodness no one from kick it out heard me. None of us in the pub were particularly PC but when we came across a less fortunate soul there were plenty of good Samaritans who clubbed in to make sure the unfortunate who was stranded in our little town got back to Edinburgh safely. EAB and stewart Lee might even have praised us for our humanitarian efforts but then again our P's and Q's were probably in the wrong order so we'd just have been slated for being native and affluent. It's obviously our fault the poor lady was destitute. Yes she was white but it wasn't her colour it was her situation that elicited the humanitarian response. Surely there are enough proper racists to target without picking on folk who don't really mean any harm. I get the point that Silva should set an example but surely he's allowed to respond to his mates twitter post or even rip the knitting out his MATE without a national scandal. Then again hanging him is maybe the answer. People who have a genuine hatred of others or discriminate against them in a way that is detrimental to their well being should face the full force of the law. Maybe Silva should too. It probably should be a crime to have a laugh at anyone's expense (even if they are not bothered about it) because of the bigger picture. Now you know the whole story faraway you can maybe help me now. You can keep me awake on social justice issues I just haven't woke up to.
  10. Feck - You must be hungry Can I suggest Instead but then again they might taste shit too. Never tried them.
  11. Not as Badly as it could for Silva though. Mendy has also written in support of Silva, saying he did not take offence But the PC monitors are out to get him
  12. Possibly a crusade against the PC Brigade but that wouldn't be very PC so I'm just spending a quiet evening fishing.
  13. This of course could mean Free Faultless Silva (at double speed)
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