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  1. Fecks sake for once I find myself agreeing with shull. Looks like I'm in a minority but the away strip is rank. It looks like it was designed by a drunk guy with a paint brush. Did I meet a Joma rep one night in the pub. Nightmare.
  2. Shull give it a rest. Football fans come in many guises. For those like you who see their team as some sort of leading light through which the virtues of society should be set for all to see. I can understand the pain. Prices should be fair; integrity should present, and good moral standards should be set for all to see. Its almost a religion to guys and gals like you and all you see is corruption, deceit and disappointment. What a let down Mate. I feel your pain. Well I don’t. Most folk I know give passing thoughts to their team’s politics. Bigots excepted but probably most of them are in it for the football too. We go to the football for fun. Yep it’s a weird concept but it can be a great day out. Meet your pals, catch up, have food and drink. Travel to weird exotic places and have some banter and a sing song. They go to the match feeling part of something bigger than themselves. That’s the key thing. We can all be billy big fish in our own little ponds of life but there is nothing like the excitement of been part of a team and donning the black and white on a matchday gives you an identity in the wider world where people normally wouldn’t give you a glance. The adventure starts with the planning and ends when you collapse on your settee on whatever day you return from the game. Winning is sublime but it’s not all about winning it’s about taking part. So, for you and your fellow mourners of Scottish football, who want to dance on it’s grave and wallow in its failure. I’m sorry but the game still means a lot to most of us. We work hard for our money and through football we give a lot back to all the communities we visit and the town we support. We don’t just waste it on Football clubs. We support the local businesses who supply food drink transport and anything else we need on our travels, even Taxi’s. More people use the trains on Match days across the UK than they do for work. Being a Buddie, an Arab, A *** , a Hibbee or a whatever, is a life style. Embrace it. It’s got to be better than being a moaning faced, Victor Meldrew. Did you know Richard Wilson (below) was born in Greenock. It's funny how you made me think of him but it sort of makes sense.
  3. 2-0 Brentford 36 min gone FFS 3-0 now (HT) 4-0 brentford 4-1 Jak scores 30 mins left 5-1 brentford. McAllister must have got injured he was doing so well until the last replay. 5-2 saints score Jak again Andreu on 6-2 we're OOT If only Danny Mullen had stepped up to take the penalty instead of Kyle.
  4. 4-3 saints Jak scores 10 mins to go 4-4 in ET Another replay
  5. 2-1 McAllister scores 3-1 McAllister again Penalty . McAllister saved by keeper Half time 3-1 Saints Brentford pull one back 2-3 we hit the post Bollock 3-3
  6. Replay starting soon https://www.twitch.tv/frampyy7/ 1-1 Mullen again
  7. HALF TIME 1-0 SAINTS Saints playing well 30 min left Brentford sub on 20 mins to go Morias on for Durmis McPherson on for Mcallister 10 min left Equaliser 1-1 Replay
  8. Good save hladky Danny Mullen playing still 0-0 1-0 saints Mullen
  9. Yeah leyton Orient came up with the idea and its caught on. Skybet has sponsored it for 25k. I believe they're taking bets and even live score are displaying the results. I think the intention was for club players to participate but since fans have become involved its now professional e-players who are representing some of the teams. Hopefully Kyle has been practising and does us proud. There's no other football on at present. As a resulting of watching this I also saw F1 are doing similar stuff with golfers, drivers, footballers and E sport F1 players. It actually looked quite good and the graphics were better than FIFA 20. The commentary wasn't bad either. This e sport stuff will be big in the future. Players are already making a few quid. Its a bit cheaper for the fans too. Shull will love it.
  10. Saints game confirmed for tomorrow at 7pm . Kyle McAllister representing Saints. Brave boy, as a lot of Professional E sports players are taking part. Check out Livescore if you don't want to watch on Twitch. They are giving live updates FFS.
  11. Next Match Sheffield Wednesday v Cambridge. Live in 11 mins. 2-1 to sheffield
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