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  1. East Lothian Saint

    Away fans among us

    Most away games I go to, even the ugly sisters, we have good banter with the opposition in the pubs around the Stadium. I have been a guest of fans of other teams on many an occasion and I have behaved myself in their ends. One slight cheer did escape me, when Conclaves equalised at the Cup final, That apart I have always seemed welcome. A few isolated opposing fans splattered about the stands shouldn't cause any problems but it could be different if they were all congregated and drawing attention to themselves. It could get then get messy. Difficult one to solve without upsetting someone but for those games where you could sell a stand and a half, as opposed to two stands. some sort of plan B with another segregated stand might be financially prudent but that would no doubt throw BAWA and all the other forums into meltdown. Maybe we could make it compulsory for away fans, who are not in the North Stand, to wear wedding dresses and we could open a wee wedding boutique to make an extra couple of quid at the same time. Problem solved and extra income.
  2. East Lothian Saint


    To be fair comparing what Stubbs started with and what OK started with is like comparing lemons with grapes. Its not been great I will agree. Just hoping OK gets some fine wine from his grapes because Stubbs lemons left a sour taste in everyone's mouth.
  3. East Lothian Saint


    Is that a guilty person trying to justify their actions? Why defend the guy. He wasn't the best. The future's bright, the future's ORAN GEt with the program
  4. East Lothian Saint


    Lot of posters offering opinions on here that suggest they wish Stubbs was still in charge. Is it possible Chris Sutton has hacked the forum????
  5. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    Settled down in front of the laptop with my Bacon Roll and black coffee for my usual Sunday Morning read of the match day thread and it was same pish, different Sunday. Thinking of the Match itself, It was same Pish, Different Saturday. Still apart from the result it was a good day out and the Aberdeen Fans looked after us well in the Pittodrie Bar. Looking forward to next week. Feck! its the international break . No Saints Game. It will be a Pish Saturday. Maybe It's better going every week to see us get humped than not going at all. I think there maybe something wrong with me!!!!!!!!!! It must have been watching Children's TV in the 60's that caused it. ITS BETTER TO HAVE FOUGHT AND LOST THAN NOT HAVE FOUGHT AT ALL.
  6. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    What's the bet on 365 of us turning up today.
  7. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    The journey begins. See you all in Aberdeen. Breakfast in Edinburgh, brunch in Dundee. Lunch in Aberdeen, Aperitifs in the Pittodrie bar. Main event 3pm. COYS. Apres match celebration back in NB for 11pm. Hope we're all smiling by then.
  8. East Lothian Saint

    Welcome Adam Hammill

    Fair play to faraway he might only go to one game a season but considering he lives over 100 miles away from Paisley he's got a better track record than most of the Paisley residents. I'll wave to you on Saturday from the cheap seats Faraway. Anyway. There's been a fair bit of attention on this thread about the failings of Adam Hammill which excite certain posters more than his ability to do a job for the team. From my point of view, having the prospect of a long Journey on Saturday to support the team, I'm happy about the possibility Hammill will give me something positive to shout about and give us something more exciting to watch than the pish Faraway and I were subjected when Alan Stubbs took the team to Pittodrie for the Betfred cup. So guys try not to piss on the parade till after the match. The prospect of travelling up there to get humped didn't fill me with enthusiasm but Oran and his signings are giving us some hope so let's reserve judgement, until we've seen them in action. I'd like to see Jamieson gets some game time too. I'm quite looking forward to the trip now Welcome to the Saints Adam Hammill
  9. East Lothian Saint

    Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18

    Decent day out yesterday. Driven to the game by a Hibee and Ricky bought me a pint. He was definitely there. Decent performance from the team and a lot of positives in the second half. I was bemused by the amount of space Gray was given when he scored the opener but apparently there was a bit of jiggery pokery going on in the box and players were impeded. I reckon Sammy should have caught it before it even reached Gray but that aside I Thought Jackson was decent but I'm not sure he was man of the match. I thought Flynn put in a good shift and Cammy MacPherson could have edged it too. Jamieson looked the part when he came on and the way he was mixing it with the Hibs players was very encouraging. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him. Things can only get better. There's been a few comparisons between OK and Stubbs records but I prefer watching OK's team to Stubbs team. OK might not be amassing points yet but I'm confident they will come. After the game I was driven back to NB where every Hibs fan I know seemed to be frequenting the pubs and having a few Jibes at my expense but with the two Edinburgh Teams sitting at the top of the league the atmosphere was good. The only blight of the evening was a slight skirmish, not even handbags, which resulted in a guy in a Celtic top getting ejected from the pub. It seems like you can change the two teams at the top of of the league but you can't stop the old firm causing bother. He wasn't tall but he was broader than the rest of our Team and wasn't shy about flexing his muscles. Looks promising
  10. East Lothian Saint

    Aberdeen v St. Mirren 6th October 2018

    Right FECKING RANT. I started making preparations for this game weeks ago. Travel arrangements sorted etc. All I need is a matchday ticket. Normally my mate picks them up from the ticket office as I stay 70 odd miles from the ground. I've stopped ordering them online because they charge an extra £2.50 a ticket to cover admin and postage. My mate is off on Holiday so he isn't going to Aberdeen. No probs I think, I'll pick one when I'm at the Hibs Game. I turn up early and attend at the ticket office only to be told they don't go on sale till Monday. WTF. That is just piss poor customer service. Pay an extra £2.50 a ticket or travel 140 miles to earn the privelage to travel another 300 miles to see your team. I was told The tickets were apparently locked in the safe and a club executive had made the decision not to make them available till Monday. NOT IMPRESSED
  11. East Lothian Saint

    Saint Mirren V Hibernian 29.9.18

    Right here we go again. Not sure what to expect today after last weeks anti-climax. Hibs will be hurting after Aberdeen but hopefully we'll be just as determined after the Hamilton Fiasco. It's backs to the wall and we're several men down. It's remember the Alamo stuff. (has it re-opened yet). If ever we needed a siege mentality, then today's the day. So Hopefully Oran "Travis" Kearney will have the boys inspired and organised , Big Anton "Bowie" Ferdinand will rally the troops and Simeon "Crockett" Jackson will be our next great signing and an ace sharpshooter resulting in Neil "Santa Anna" Lennon getting sent back to Edinburgh with his tail between his legs. Then again I'd settle for anything that doesn't result in us getting massacred. See you all at the SDA Fortress COYS
  12. East Lothian Saint


    First game at Love street was a charity match between the Polis and the Clergy. My mum took me. She was in the church committee and dragged along half the Waynes in the street. 2-2 draw.
  13. East Lothian Saint

    Our Golden Era 1977-1987

    I remember as a fully qualified member of the Northbank heading down to boundary park with a squad of buds for the Oldham Semi Final in 1978. We got feck knows how many trains and once we left Scotland everyone thought we were Chorley fans. After the game, at one of the railways stations, we got caught in the middle of a Barney between opposing sets of English fans. Bury were playing Walsall and feck knows who they thought we were but we had to hide in a station waiting room and barricade the door until the transport Police rescued us. All part of the scene for a 70's football fan. I think we slept that night in Preston Station before heading back next day. 1-1 at Oldham wasn't a bad result though. Billy Stark scored again at Love Street but sadly that wasn't enough. Fun Times
  14. East Lothian Saint

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    On my way. Heading into Hamilton for lunch and pre-match beer. Looking forward to the game at the hope or should we call it the dope stadium. Let's hope we're all high as a kite after the match. Now they have a sponsorship deal with a cannibis producer maybe they sell those girl scout cookies in the pie stalls
  15. East Lothian Saint

    Hamilton v St Mirren 22/9/18

    Does pay at the gate mean buy a ticket from a portacabin to get through the gate or does it mean pay at the gate. Anyone know?