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  1. Not feeling too great about this one and I fear the worst BUT The guard on the train fancies St Mirren for three points. Maybe he knows a lot more about football than me. The train does pass through Carstairs though. Madness but I'll See you all there.
  2. Fecking ยฃ29 but our support looks like it will do it's bit. I got my tickets on Tuesday but I heard they had sold out last night . I'm hoping Saturday is the day it all finally clicks and everything comes together as our boys realise their potential and we destroy hearts. But at the end of the day if its the usual performance we can take comfort in the fact I love Tynie away days but they would be so much better if we won See You you all there in large numbers it seems.
  3. Cracking day out. They have a good wee set up and looked after us well. Recommend a wee day out at the juniors for anyone who hasn't tried it. Managed to pick up a St Mirren Mug from their memorabilia shack too. The St Mirren Supporters man of the match was Dwayne Hyslop Talbot Number 8 Back to the big boys fitba on Saturday though. I do love away days at Tynie.
  4. Nae big boys fitba the day, so a squad of us heading through to Auchinleck Talbot v Clydebank. Corporate for ยฃ25. Should be fun.
  5. Come on Doug. Where's that Dunkirk spirit. It's backs to the wall and Goody is our Captain mannering organising our last line of defense. Actually you might have a point. I'll stick to Alcoholic spirit. There, I feel more Optimistic already
  6. Phoned up this morning to get 4 tickets. They only had restricted view left. That wasn't a problem but I'm sure the lady said they hadn't sold that many tickets which made me wonder. 'How many unrestricted tickets did we get if we haven't sold many but we're sold out.' I fear the worst but we live in hope. Maybe Saints will win, Obika will score and the green brigade won't bring any political or offensive banners. Taken that too far but the first two aren't impossible See you all there.
  7. Went for an impromptu pint last night which resulted in a fuzzy head this morn. Got to station to find Fecking train from NB cancelled. Scrambled a lift to Edinburgh and now on train to Glasgow. Killie here I come. Had two visions in the haze. One obviously involves a hair of the dog but the other was Magennis will score. It just popped into my head. See you all there Buds. Enjoy my premonition. Now about that other vision. Wheres that hair of the dog
  8. Congrats Doug A memorable occasion let's hope it's memorable for us too. It's pishing down here hope it dries up for your big day. Here's three points. SUPER SATURDAY 1. Big Wedding (Doug Scores) 2. Bexit sorted or thwarted (Boris or Corbyn Score) 3. Fakes doomed to relegation (Obika and Morias score) Have a pushed it too far with point 3. ? Aw well, it's coat on and off for the train. Everyone have a great day. See you all there. COYS
  9. Just common sense really๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ It is evident Fixes 2,4 & 6 are not being put into practise. Loved Fix 3. Score. Some good constructive criticisms. Valid points. Be careful, if GLS reads this you could be the new manager.
  10. I watched Motherwell yesterday, never mind Alloa. Motherwell were much better on the break and made much better use of space than we did, Add a sublime goal into the mix and we were struggling. Their second goal wasn't brilliant but at least Morias had found a lot of space on the wing. Shame our defense was giving it away instead of moving the ball forward. Any chances we had yesterday were scrappy there's not a enough movement and fluid play to produce many chances. Your analysis that we play too deep is spot on and when we get the ball we don't break fast enough to create decent chances. My team against the fakes would be a winning one. Over to you Goody
  11. The only thing irritating me is a St Mirren team that can't score.
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