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  1. They should offer all three to punters and include a range of iron-on labels….
  2. If anyBuddie has an interest in what the team should wear next season, have a look here. https://www.smisa.net/component/sppagebuilder/?view=page&id=101 SMIsA members can choose to vote froma rather limited selection. Got to be 2, I’d have thought.
  3. I sense a wet front approaching….
  4. Aye.... causeyside from Canal Street corner. The shop shown (that was on the left, here) was Finlay's (a garden-centre type place did canes, nets etc) There was a good image of it posted earlier in this thread.
  5. It DOES matter what he said! I being “professional” means buying into lies anD continuing to pretend they’re true, then JN is Perfect Buddie for NOT playing that SHITE game! he said exactly what most Buddies would say if they were as witty and sharp as he was. Previous chairs of St Mirren have kow-towed and lent over backwards to pacify the Twin Cheeks. Even Mr Gilmour (blessed may be) bought into the Armageddon shit. St Mirren and Scotland would be healthier without them… the twin cheeks…. but especially without the new club and its bigots
  6. Good guy. Never took himself too seriously. and an amazing dancer - probably spent his latter years slagging off that Strictly thing.
  7. Poor bugger. that could end his career…
  8. I’m no hypocrite. That would be yourself. I’m merely pointing out that if the creatures running the system that you fund are not at all exercised by JN’s humour (which incidentally is sticking a finger into their dirty pie, pointing out Scottish fitba’s nasty side), then why should St Mirren fans be so proactive in denigrating one of their own? Of course, I know the likely outcome - which is WHY I wrote that!!! The JN jokes are like fresh air in a sewer. They mock the poison that persists. Poison that the authorities (and all the football clubs) turn a blind eye to… I’d misguidedly hoped simple fans would support one of their own.
  9. As the SFA don’t think it’s something that warrants them to be concerned or hasty, I can’t see why anyBuddie else should gaf?
  10. 7 mins ET good game to win or just…. Draw?
  11. Ouch. sheridan is it? Achilles looked sore…
  12. They had 8 guys pressing for that goal. Saints were short-handed in defence.
  13. I like Tanser trying, but… he has never managed to get past the full back. yet…
  14. Ah well… stupid is, as stupid does.
  15. Ross County Hibs postponed due to Covid worries.
  16. Whit?!! Which of them disnae chase every baw? Which one isnae competitive, which cannae score unexpected goals? which one isnae over-plastered in daft tattoos?
  17. His power and persistence (and success) have impressed me hugely… recently. best centre forward I’ve seen at Love Street since Thommo arrived. Also made from the same mould as Lyndon Dykes. I like that physicality and aggression.
  18. Take the element of “all gatherings of people during a pandemic” being illegal. And “infected illegal bigots falling into and polluting the Clyde” away… and yes, I kinda see you may have a point. no sense of humour irony, but you may have a point.
  19. Don’t dare laugh at the sad ***. Well… not too loudly! Some in here take the risible *** belief very seriously.
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