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  1. No idea and its a non event question given he doesnt play for us. My answer previously to another poster was to do with valuations. Given you have stated on more than one occasion you dont rate McGrath as no more than a pk taker and scorer (which is your opinion) and fair play despite actual stats being put up to show what he contributes and how his goals have been scored. McGrath is worth in my opinion 2 or 3 times what offers have come in will prob go for 2x times the current offers with a hefty add on. But Ferguson is rated at what ever Aberdeen deem fit i think £2 mill minimum ( primarily based on games /performances against Old Firm) and its there right to ask that. Personally i dont think he is worth as much as that maybe 1.25-1.5 mill at most.
  2. Total fabrication, but what are Aberdeen looking at for Ferguson? I wouldn't say McGrath should be worth much less than him TBH. £2,000,000 would be a good starting point for negotiations as surly apart from the big clubs, Brexit will make English clubs look north and we shouldn't be getting shit offers in that case either. Fergusons worth is based on performances primarily against the Old Firm over a longer period.
  3. so the club have confirmed it is another ballot for this game clearly they are just accepting the number given to them after lying down to get their belly rubbed. Only we could do this the silence from the club in relation to how this number came about 13% is remarkable. They have said nothing about requesting additional seating like other clubs are and are getting. Im St Mirren through and through 44 years and counting but this is incredulous or are we to believe only our local authority are refusing to give more allocation.
  4. Difference between getting 25% capacity compared to 1039 of a capacity of give or take 8000 roughly 7.7%
  5. At what point do they say anywhere there needs to be trials at lower capacities than 2000. Motherwell played one game at home prior to this weekends kick off dont think Aberdeen played any at home before Hacken amd lets not even get started on the old firm. Why can junior clubs get as many as us for games its a total farce we have lay down and let out bellies be rubbed coupled with the ballot fiasco utter rubbish. But still they ask for money despite missing the boat on more season ticket possible purchases and the strip and merchandise non events
  6. This isnt down to her this is down to our club the shambolic way this has been handled and no doubt just accepted on top of the season ticket shambles amd the strips debacle
  7. So this is the statement put out on July 13th by Nicola no word of up to 2000. The phrase used as below is “at least” 2000. The First Minister has announced further easing of Covid-19 restrictions from Monday, July 19. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced Scotland will move to Level 0 Covid-19 restrictions from Monday - and that has significant implications for football. The FM confirmed a further easing of restrictions from July 19 as she addressed a virtual session of the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday afternoon. Scotland's vaccination rollout has allowed for a continued easing and the latest modifications come just in time for the 2021/22 league campaign, set to begin on July 31. Under Level 0 restrictions, at least 2000 spectators can attend outdoor events, including football matches.
  8. This is the reply I have just had back from the SLO regards the shambles of 1039 for attendance last weekend. Hi just an update to let you know we have some answers to your point and just need to get some more details yet and we (slo) plan to publish some background to the principles before this weekend on our face book and twitter pages, link below.
  9. Dundee have been given the approval on their application for more fans for this Saturday read it on their website.
  10. You would hope it would just be a general sale across the board if we get any away tkts. Will also be very interesting to see what tickets we have for the first home game. Will we just accept the local authority decision on numbers like we did for thistle game.
  11. Yeah seen that on twitter earlier that hibs are getting 2000. If we are getting none i would live to know who made the call and what the difference is from Lanarkshire and Tayside.
  12. I know Dundee were having a meeting with the council etc i think today after their home game at the weekend to discuss away fan entry for this coming Saturday has anyone heard anything about it. Thought i would ask hear as opposed to our club as might get a quicker reply.
  13. We do its been said prior to kick off and after it no mention of what hearts or utd do we are seededend of
  14. Because Erwin and Main offer similar so would be stupid to start them both together. Brophy will come good I think he just needs to find his foil and Main could be it. Everyone knows you cant stand Brophy , different opinions and all that but its become a broken record
  15. Nah that accolade belongs to Craig Levein playing a 4-6-0 formation 🙈
  16. Ethan is going no where in this window and will get better for having the likes of power beside him
  17. How's that good for people who don't subscribe to that channel and don't have a ticket. Take the money and f**k the real fans. Premier is a month by month contract so purchasing it for one game still works out about the same as buying a link to an away game tv station or even cheaper than going since we all cant at this time. Its roughly 40p per day for the month. Ps im a real fans but clubs can only survive with sponsorship deals of our competitions we cant have it both ways
  18. I reckon McGrath will go for 500k plus add ons. Ethan not leaving in this window. McCarthy will go for around 300k plus add ons. That is still on the low side as I personally think he will go on to bigger and better things than McGrath.
  19. As much as am St Mirren through and through and followed the for over 4 decades and counting we are a shambles no strips (no buying the we had to change sponsor at last minute bollocks they must have known what was going on to announce new sponsor just as quick. We are almost at end of July and school holidays for kids and yet cant buy it. Season tickets why bring in a company that cant just add a list of season ticket holders against existing seats, surely the club had back ups of its Tkt holders infact due to GDPR im sure they have to keep records independently of 3rd parties. We now have the shambles of very very limited seats available for the home games with what seems a yes sir no sir 3 bags full attitude with no word on who just accepted the limit of 1039 or once known did we apply to Scottish government for additional fans like you are allowed-to do under The guidelines like other clubs have
  20. There is no direct quote from anyone connected to the club and if there was i wouldnt expect them A. to use a phrase such as up for grabs B. Make it public knowledge as we then maximise what we can get as no one would go beyond that.
  21. I would possibly put well in the fighting relegation pot my well supporting mate reckons its going to be a long season for them recruitment hasnt been very good and performances never mind results so far have bern very poor hope they are right as i am hoping for a bottle of them 2nd season running
  22. I think your right for this game its gone we have 1039 and that is it. We MUST surely get more in for the first home league game or as you say If anyone is “at it” it must stop. On a separate note im guessing we are not allowed to buy tickets for Dundee away sorry if its been posted elsewhere cant see it for looking maybe lol
  23. I emailed the slo and asked how the figure was derived given the government said a maximum of 2000 yet we are only allowed 1039. Who made this decision was it appealed or asked for more but special consideration. I got a reply stating they are meeting with the management tonight to find out and get as much info as possible to allow it to be published on FB and twitter hopefully later. Still a shambles when other teams can have 3.5k plus for friendlies etc
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