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  1. You could be right. Hearing we have a good chance
  2. It will come from the player where he goes if given a choice.
  3. I would test the water and try get him in. Would be a good signing
  4. We looked second to the ball and when we got it forward we could not take control. Make no mistake rangers were the hungrier side. We need a forward to help Obika and for the players to not give the ball away so cheaply.
  5. Wonder if Sheron will feature
  6. Would love to bring him in but he is in and around the first team at Celtic so no chance
  7. Im not losing sleep on this. There are others out there. I trust Jim will get quality in.
  8. Are we really persuing this one. Could be old news. Priority must be a striker
  9. Bayo wanted by a couple of european teams. Oh well there ends that
  10. He appears to be injury prone maybe we should avoid him
  11. I thought Obika led the line really well. His hold up play was excellent. My problem is no one was creating chances for him. Morais was better than McAllister but his mistakes and decision making are a worry. We will hopefully get a striker in. I am liking the team we are building.
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