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  1. Ideally Keanu stands out and scores a few goals. We then sell him for 20 million
  2. I would be happy to move on Brophey and bring back Offord or Jamieson
  3. Would be gutted to lose Robbo. He is a class act and despite not a great budget to work with he has built a quality team.
  4. We badly missed Gallagher. He is class at the back
  5. You have got it spot on imo. Really good assessment on our play
  6. Shows how far we have come when we nit pick over individual performances. Dunne, Ayunga and Ethan still get it in the neck but they all play a massive part. All players make mistakes but collectively the team are more together than I have seen them in many years. Robbo is showing why we paid the money for him. Nothing beats seeing him celebrating after a win.
  7. Curtis Main what a player. Written off by most including me but under Robbo he is superb. His hold up play is outstanding. Delighted we grabbed the win. It would have been an injustice if we dropped any points. Robbo has got us playing with grit and confidence.
  8. To be fair we had 10 men against the sheep. A game we were looking comfortable in. Today we missed Ayunga and Strain
  9. Would rather Offord given his space in the squad. Brophy is made of glass
  10. How much does the club make on each shirt
  11. Ordered mine at 4pm no issues at all. Dont think they are available until November though
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