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  1. Poor communication from the club. Get this sorted. We have players to recruit.
  2. Really disappointed with the lack if response. The club are letting the fans down. I realise there are legal implications but come on lets get this sorted.
  3. Goodwin would be my choice but lets see who else would be interested before making any appointment.
  4. The club have yet to comment so it will be news we already know.
  5. Cannot believe the club have not released a statement.
  6. Could we feck this up any more than we have already
  7. We won't get to the truth on this. It points to OK wanting to leave and trying not to paint himself in a bad light with fans. This looks like he has changed the goal posts and Scott has acted. Time to get Goodwin in and move on.
  8. Looks like the game is up for Oran. No going back from this now. It will be done tomorrow now.
  9. The only way I see this is that GS wants to force Ok out of the club. He clearly has an agenda. If he was 100% behind the manager this would not have been an issue. I suspect OK will leave today.
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