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  1. Would happily listen to offers for Ethan. No sentiment in football. We need far better quality
  2. Glad season is over. We now look forward to a positive pre season
  3. A manager is only as good as the quality he has to work with or the attitude of the player. Goodwin has failed with Aberdeen no doubt about that. Robinson has turned the attitudes around of our side with a poorer squad. He deserves to be judged with his own squad. It will be interesting to see how the squad shapes up pre-season.
  4. Totally agree. Would be worth trying to get one or both of them
  5. Would be nice to finish above Aberdeen. No malice to Goodwin at all. I have a feeling Robinson will prove a better manager to take us forward.
  6. Watching the Arbroath Inverness game. Omg both these teams are shocking. Utter garbage.
  7. We need options so I would keep Brophy. I think we need a striker with genuine pace to come in to add to those options
  8. Steven Davis could well be the 4th signing
  9. We have started the rebuild with Baccus, O'Hara and Carson. Does this fill me with confidence for next season? Not yet. We really need pace and quality so will be interesting how he shapes a team going forward. Great result yesterday but it is only a start.
  10. At 24 Ronan should be a first team regular for someone. He can not spend his career on loan. Time for him to get a team and be settled.
  11. Can we actually sign a striker who scores goals please
  12. When does the time start for players to take the blame. We have loan players who have no loyalty to us and players wiith an eye for the exit door. Is it the managers fault or has our playing squad chucked it. Robinson clearly identified this when coming to the club and that is why he cannot get a tune out of some of them.
  13. Not another ex Motherwell player who is a dud
  14. Binning Robinson now would be a gamble and who would want the job knowing they could be the man to take us down and have that on their C.V. The squad prior to Christmas was just as bad as it is now. Robinson was spot on we not good enough in areas and there needs to be an overhaul. I want him to get us through and survive this season. I dont believe we will see the best of him until he has his own team. The job he did at Motherwell was a good one and he can get a team playing. He has made mistakes coming in no doubt about it but Goodwin is hardly doing great at the sheep
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