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  1. Regardless of today it shows we badly need a goalscorer.
  2. I cannot see many leaving. Goodwin has said we are not looking to move people on and we have ran too small a squad.
  3. Cant wait to see our new guys in action next week.
  4. Hope not he is not any better than what we have.
  5. The only way Baird will be back is if we drop down a division imo
  6. Delighted to see Jim get players in early. Hopefully they will all be a success.
  7. If this lad is as good as Sean then it will be a good bit of business.
  8. He is definetly a player we should be looking at. Better option than Lyons imo
  9. Are you his agent? You are touting him everywhere.
  10. Shows how bad our strength in depth is. No S McGinn either.
  11. We have to keep McLoughlin if possible. He has kept the defence together brilliantly in the absence of Kirk etc
  12. No point in even debating this. Its not going to happen.
  13. He is not a natural finisher but to be honest if he was there is no way he would be with us. He is finding his feet getting used to our game and for a club like ours he is a good option. I would have him in the side before Jackson anyday.
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