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  1. Not our usual defence so bound to be a bit rusty
  2. We should and sign him for next season
  3. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat to a better side. Dont think we bottled it.
  4. Better team winning. Our midfield is not good enough.
  5. Spot on. Winning a lot of headers and giving them problems. So close with his chance
  6. Our midfield lets us down. Living dangerously so far.
  7. I just want us to be competitive in this game. We have not played at all well recently and that includes the Killie game. Our midfield is crucial if we are to haveca chance.
  8. He did more than Dennis and Quaner put together when he came on.
  9. Just as well as he has been poor.
  10. Worst performance of the season so far. The saintees will have no problem winning next week on this form. Total inept all over the park.
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