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  1. How come.? To be honest there has been rumours about Kennedy, Jones, Middleton etc. What makes this different to swallow.?
  2. Feel sorry for McCarthy. He is so dependable and misses out. Henderson is quality but is not quite ready to play each week. We will improve but still feel we are 2 players with pace short. Main had a good game just wish he was more clinical
  3. Hope your hearing is off mate
  4. I don't think he will be the target. I hope Jim get's a deal over the line soon.
  5. Stewart would be an excellent signing. His partnership with Brophy was really productive.
  6. Jones or Middleton would be good
  7. The boy Reid will eclipse them all when he is eventually sold. The club is on a strong footing and it is important we keep churning out talent
  8. Speculation. We have had no official comment from the club
  9. Both quality player imo. If we get close to a million for both then it makes good business for the club. We then re-invest the cash on better quality.
  10. No excuses from Goodwin tonight this is garbage
  11. That is the problem. He is doing a lot of tidy play but his end product has been poor. The rest ffs
  12. Only plus point is the 2 commentators. Disappointed with Kiltie so far.
  13. Ethan strolling this without a decent end product. Our final ball is poor and strikers are way off the pace
  14. Hoping to build on our bright start. Team looking decent so far.
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