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  1. Speculation. We have had no official comment from the club
  2. Both quality player imo. If we get close to a million for both then it makes good business for the club. We then re-invest the cash on better quality.
  3. No excuses from Goodwin tonight this is garbage
  4. That is the problem. He is doing a lot of tidy play but his end product has been poor. The rest ffs
  5. Only plus point is the 2 commentators. Disappointed with Kiltie so far.
  6. Ethan strolling this without a decent end product. Our final ball is poor and strikers are way off the pace
  7. Hoping to build on our bright start. Team looking decent so far.
  8. Will wait and see but it would be good to move him on. We need someone fully fit
  9. No further news on Ethan or Erwin. Makes you wonder if interest was genuine
  10. Brophy scored a double against Linfield. Trouble is I just dont see him scoring enough. Our strikers trouble me. We need a better option up front.
  11. This is a genuine fear. The team looks good but we have not got a striker who can bag 15 plus goals a season.
  12. Power was immense. He strolled through the game. Jake who??
  13. His development fee would be over £250k. I am yet to be convinced by any of these rumours.
  14. Fed up hearing about JDH. Our team currently lacks width and pace on the flanks. Can we get a couple of wingers in.
  15. Can we now sign 2 wingers and a striker next
  16. Strange one they must be offering much more cash. Not fussed about this. I am happier we signed Kiltie
  17. Lets hope so. He is the gift that keeps on giving
  18. Brad Lyons signs for Killie
  19. His wage would be better spent on someone who can perform at this level
  20. Perhaps not but at least get him out on loan
  21. In my eyes Kiltie takes the McGrath role or you maybe get McAllister to play there to make use of him. If we were signing JDH I feel it was to play the same deeper Role again when asked and he doesn't like it. I would allow McAllister to leave. He doesn't have it at this level. He and Erwin should be let go.
  22. Dylan was the only player with any real pace. I think we lacked pace to start with. JDH was never signing a new deal imo. We should be looking at better who really can take us forward.
  23. I hope so. There is decent players out there
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