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  1. Wonder when we will get our tickets. Need them for Hartlepool game
  2. Plenty more fish in the sea. Move onto other targets
  3. We can all thank Goodwin when he wins poty in his first season
  4. Would have taken him back
  5. I think you hit the nail on the head
  6. Aberdeen won a watch with Ramsey. Imo he is not as good as Patterson who went to Everton. But hey well done on getting good money. Let's see if the Aberdeen board have any real faith in Goodwin and allow him to spend big. I think Dunne will not be heading North any time soon.
  7. Ethan

    Alex Gogic

    Time to switch to other targets
  8. The cash Aberdeen will get from selling Ramsey will give them plenty money to get Dunne
  9. Still need a new striker as well
  10. I may be in minority but I would not bring Mallen back. I don't see it happening either. Happy to have the post repeated to me if it happens but really cannot see it. I reckon some lower league English players will come on board instead.
  11. This was always a deal I didn't think would get off the ground
  12. Friend of the managers if rumours are to be believed. Still a class act despite age. This rumour just keeps doing the rounds. Hope its true
  13. Good first bit of business by the club
  14. Would happily listen to offers for Ethan. No sentiment in football. We need far better quality
  15. Glad season is over. We now look forward to a positive pre season
  16. A manager is only as good as the quality he has to work with or the attitude of the player. Goodwin has failed with Aberdeen no doubt about that. Robinson has turned the attitudes around of our side with a poorer squad. He deserves to be judged with his own squad. It will be interesting to see how the squad shapes up pre-season.
  17. Totally agree. Would be worth trying to get one or both of them
  18. Would be nice to finish above Aberdeen. No malice to Goodwin at all. I have a feeling Robinson will prove a better manager to take us forward.
  19. Watching the Arbroath Inverness game. Omg both these teams are shocking. Utter garbage.
  20. We need options so I would keep Brophy. I think we need a striker with genuine pace to come in to add to those options
  21. Steven Davis could well be the 4th signing
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