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  1. I would sell. Last year of his contract and he spends more time out than in. Get cash in and actually sign a player who can create chances and a striker who knows the way to goal. Infact tell Hibs they can have Sheron and Morais too.
  2. Never seen such a pathetic performace for years. Toothless and devoid of ideas. Time Goodwin shipped a few out.
  3. Toothless performance. We are shocking middle to front.
  4. Gutted this was a chance to grab a point
  5. If only we could pass the ball.
  6. Morais should have been subbed
  7. Keeper no chance with either goal
  8. Too many slack passes. We are giving the ball away cheaply
  9. He will be a squad player at best.
  10. Is a deal actually happening
  11. Shocking decision. Game should be off.
  12. Not interested how he does tbh. He worked his ticket. Goodwin is the main man who has the club at heart.
  13. Wish him well. Thought he would have gone on to bigger things. On the brief showing Alnwick looks easily on par if not better.
  14. Bring in a quality striker and get the injured lads back and we will have a really good side
  15. If only we had a quality striker up there witj Obika. Morais is trying hard with great work rate but we need a finisher
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