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  1. Thank feck that is over. Absolute dire. Tactics and formation wrong
  2. Worst perfomance of the season. We will probably lose a last minute goal
  3. We are intent on giving the ball away at the back
  4. Goodwin has to change this at half time. Dreadful performance so far
  5. The set up of the team is all wrong. Poor performance so far
  6. Scrappy start with Well having more of the ball so far
  7. Team looks knackered. We will be lucky to win this
  8. I will only judge the player when he has minutes on the park. It is unfair to write him off until he has played properly. I hope he is the difference in getting us 6th or higher. We certainly need something extra with McGrath out.
  9. Really good player but his lack of pace is evident
  10. I dont see a draw as a good result at home. Second half was poor apart from last 10 minutes. We again were slack and final ball as always lets us down. McGrath is still a huge loss for us.
  11. The 3 at the back is allowing Livi too much room to get crosses in. Obika playing really well.
  12. Early days. Great goal but need to do better at the back. Every ball into our box gives me heart failure
  13. If we dont stop the crosses in our box we wont recover. Between that and our final pass.
  14. To be fair Tait won the ball it bounced off McCarthy into the net! He won the ball bit putting it in a dangerous area. We need to clear it. Do we actually work on our final ball? We hit aimless balls into the box
  15. We cant defend a high ball into our box. Fecking gift of a goal.
  16. Does anyone else think Shaughnessy is not the long term answer in defence. Again I felt he allowed players to dominate our back line with high balls into the box and he could have done better at the goal. He went for the ball and it ended up in the net.
  17. We gifted away 2 points. After we scored we allowed Accies to keep hoofing the ball into our box. We lost the midfield battle and we didnt make the ball stick upfront. This was a poor second half. Can anyone tell me what Erwin brings to the team.
  18. I agree. I like Obika. Very good squad player.
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