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  1. Ross took a Sunderland who were in chaos to Wembley twice last season, o lying two managers in England have better success stats, that's Klopp & Guardiola. At Hibs he will get them playing again, wouldn't be surprised to see him in for Magennis or another of ours in the new year. It would take a lot of cash to get Magennis. I can't see that one
  2. Wallace would do a job. Goodwin clearly likes a team to be hard to beat so he would fall into that bracket of player.
  3. Kirk has been awesome. He has learned a lot since he left us and is now better for it. He is a class act.
  4. I think it is better to celebrate the success our youth programme has rather than be negative.
  5. Shankland deserves his place on the national squad. He has clearly got his act together since leaving us. He is doing well for Utd as they play to his strengths. Would he score as many for us that is the question. I doubt it. We are not creating enough. McAllister, Durmus and Magennis have to do more in setting up the front players. Do we miss McGinn? Yes for games against Accies or County where we can attack more but no against Rangers or Celtic where his inability to track back and defend is obvious. Shankland has moved on we need to look at what we have and how to get them scoring instead of what could have been.
  6. First booking was a definite red card.
  7. Can someone tell him to stay off the goal line as he is actually stopping us from scoring.
  8. Both Morais and Obika are too similar. The also lack basic ball control. We never look like scoring and any chance we get is fluffed. Pity we didn't give big Ross Stewart proper game time and kept him. He is banging them in. Can only hope Cooke gets fit to give us a different option.
  9. I don't think we have found our best starting 11 yet. We are not getting the best out of our strikers and we are not capable of stopping cross balls into the box. We need more urgency and energy throughout the team. Ross County were really poor that game was gifted to them.
  10. This was a game we should be looking to win. Instead we were slow, the strikers can't hold a ball up and we had a lack of creativity from the middle. Real lack of urgency. Shocking performance.
  11. Wish him well. Sadly never worked out for him here.
  12. Superb from the colts. Only youngsters to make last 16.
  13. Great bit of business. He is experienced at this level and would not have made the mistakes that cost us both goals against Livi. Solid big guy well done on getting him.back.
  14. Looks like we are going with what we have.
  15. Livi are a settled well organised side and are ahead of us because of they havent had to build new team after new team. This was always going to be a difficult fixture for a number of reasons especially the pitch. We came up short today. What is obvious is our lack of instinctive or poaching striker. I would have pushed the boat out for Shankland or even Nelson of Raith. We need a goalscorer as our second half play was crying out for.
  16. McGinn has started really well in the EPL. I would be surprised if he doesnt get a bigger move.
  17. Great to see wee Cammy get a goal. He was a class act for us.
  18. There is no way Morgan will be back.
  19. Ethan

    Stevie May

    Phew dodged a bullet there.
  20. Would be an excellent signing. He may be getting on a bit but he showed what he can do in this lesgue.
  21. While Popescu was good he tailed off on form especially in the play offs. I actually think we already have better in McLoughlin. This lad is a real prospect and will go onto bigger and better things. What we need is another experienced CH in the same mould as McKenzie.
  22. Will MacKenzie play that is the question.
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