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  1. Hopefully Hammill sounds like a already replacement for Morgan
  2. Couldn’t make the game today as I’m abroad on holiday but this lad seems to be promising by all accounts, where did we get him or is he from our academy?
  3. Well done Saintargyll great post, Whydowebother why actually do you bother?
  4. I’d rather have Duffy than McIntyre, just my opinion
  5. I’m completely confident that Stubbs will [email protected]@k up and sign nobody and we will struggle all the way till January
  6. Think Stubbs needs to move on before other players arrive!!!!!!
  7. Faraway I agree don’t think we will get much from the top 6 but will add going by the Livi game we will struggle to get anything from the bottom teams either
  8. Don’t visit the old scum, boycott both grounds
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