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  1. Eel be there tomorrow anyway!!
  2. Please, let’s not Roe there!!
  3. Should Rice go too? To completely clear out the ‘old guard’ and then start afresh??
  4. Cheerio Darren!! He didn’t look as if he gave two hoots, poor body language, had the persona of someone who couldn’t care less!!
  5. Seeing as he’s all that’s left for now, we should be twice as nice to Rice!!
  6. There used to be a sweetie factory in the hillington estate, they did the lemon rock and those clove rock type swedgies. Awesome!!
  7. Got to respectfully disagree Ricky with the poisoned chalice term, these boys just won a league, some intelligent early to mid window signings to augment the winning team would have clearly been better than what we have now. Obviously hindsight is a wonderful thing but we are in big trouble here and the teams will be queuing up to give us a pasting. I unfortunately don’t have the answers but if we carry on like this we are doomed!!
  8. I don’t want him to fail, Sure he’s probably a good guy and was a good player, you are not wrong BTW the ‘established’ players have not been great, however most of his signings have been shocking. Something is badly wrong though cause the swing from good to bad in three to four months is phenomenal!!
  9. I personally think AS has no chance this season due to his tactics, management style and the personnel he has collated. The big question for me is what do GLS/TF do about the situation? Or in other words how do they gamble, do they take the hit now and get rid or hold out and likely (based on form) take the inevitable hit later, I think they would gain far more kudos and respect by being strong now and getting rid. If and I say if there are lessons to be learned maybe they GLS/TF need to structure the contacts better for management in future, say weighted in line with targets, risk/reward etc?
  10. Really cheered me up did that after yesterday’s ruined day!! Do you know who I am??? [emoji3]
  11. Like the idea of pushing Coulson further up the park!!
  12. This is a well balanced post with valid enough points, I do agree that Hodson shouldn’t be talking about Miller at his press conference, however it’s quite a story (potentially in the making). Forgetting the Sevco case and Livingston mess and purely judging him as a player I personally think it’s a no brainer, if he can stay fit he could maybe score 10 goals for us this season. Lastly if we could do it in time it would certainly brighten up this Saturday!!
  13. St Ricky, if we can identify (and galvanise) what we have done well to get the increase in our season tickets to date and we should be heading in the right direction (season tickets numbers wise). As I understand the numbers are up. 1) a good team on the park. 2) a genuine bond between club and fans. 3) good match day experience (W7 boys) It’s very difficult to pinpoint why the uptake isn’t even higher, this is part young in cheek but I do wonder if we had a maverick (Gallus) type player would that bring more numbers in??
  14. I was there with my daughter yesterday where we were seated (row O) we felt reasonably ‘comfortable’, however we had a clear view of the threats from their contorted faces, my late mother used to say one thing that I will never forget to my own dying day and that’s that “their both as bad as each other”!! I don’t think I’ll be going back again, I don’t need the stress of covering up my colours and watching my daughter like a hawk to and from their stadium!!
  15. Absolutely agree on Mullen & Coulson, I thought big Willock did well too, that was obviously a tough game yesterday (big challenge) where we should not drop our heads, we move on with our heads held high. I thought the behaviour and seeth of their fans yesterday was disgraceful, the anger and threats, a stick thrown from the govan stand, a young guy taken out by paramedics after allegedly being hit by a bottle only for their fans to sympathetically clap him off. Not our problem but I said to my daughter during the match, imagine being a Celtic fan in amongst all of that!! As I stated glad it’s over, glad we’re out of there, let’s hold our heads up high and once we’re more settled hopefully we’ll take 2 or 3 points off them when we take them on at our place next time!!
  16. Great post ELS. My daughter & I will be there today as well, and I too have a funny wee feeling today we’re going to be just fine, 2 nil to the Saints!!
  17. Too little too late for Celtic, John could have been on their books for 10 years!! Villa are a great fit for him at this point and I fully expect him to thrive in that league and higher. Good luck John!!
  18. I’ll be there with my daughter, the £27 is very steep, not looking forward to the vile abuse we will likely endure from their fans, if it gets too much we’re out of there, would love to get out of there with at least a point or 3!!
  19. We sit in M6 so I only really got to see Coulson up close in an attacking sense (in the second half), on that basis I was quite impressed, he is quick and tricky and is good at throw ins. I thought all the players (Mullen especially) worked their socks off too which was quite pleasing.
  20. I’d said to my daughter in the first half that I thought the Dundee keeper looked ‘dodgy’, imagine my smugness and credibility with said 14 year old when he makes a complete arse of himself to gift us all 3 points, very important that we beat teams like Dundee (particularly at home)!!
  21. Great atmosphere today, well done to all!!
  22. Was at the ticket office there, both bridges at Murray street and Greenhill Road very badly flooded!!
  23. I just sense the need for some controls to be put in place, there’s an old saying “don’t wash your dirty linen in public”. Of course these ‘issues’ get magnified if the team appears not to be doing well, a couple of signings with a few good results and everything will be rosy again......I hope!!
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