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  1. Don’t think he’s the marquee one Stubbs has referred to. Ross Stewart may be used as part of the deal.
  2. Bid accepted for Kris Doolan, I’m hearing. Nowhere near the “six figure sum” that has been touted but likely to be announced by close of play tomorrow at the latest!
  3. I’d definitely take Miller as long as he’s willing to take a reasonable pay packet here.
  4. I think this would be the most likely although I'd hope compensation wouldn't be an issue!
  5. Absolutely. Couldn’t care less what it is called - sell to the highest bidder!
  6. Is what we’ve renamed the stadium to for the next 4 years. ”Six figure sum”
  7. Only played 31 games (mainly as a sub) since leaving Hibs in January 2016. Would be a risk but he was certainly a good player for Hibs.
  8. Jim McAllister will be very fortunate to get a League One club.
  9. Mcintyre would fill me with fear. Any County fan would tell you that it was the chairman’s deep pockets that bailed them out - he went through 50 odd players in two seasons, paying off umpteen contracts costing the club a fortune.
  10. Micky Mellon's assistant is called Michael Jackson - surely this is some sort of windup? Micky Mellon Mirren manager goes with McGinn & Magennis in midfield.
  11. Dont understand all the fawning over McIntyre. He was terrible at County and was bailed out umpteen times by Uncle Roy.
  12. Junior scored twice - he looked fit as a fiddle and lasted the whole game along with Shuggie, McGarry & Vanzy... Frazer from the Bankhouse also scored a couple, and McGarry scored. Can’t mind the other two! Ludo saved a penalty and looked in really good shape too. Vanzy put in a great show second half as a roaming midfielder and Shuggie slotted into centre half when Trigger came off!
  13. JR has recommended we sign Truro City goalkeeper Tom McHale according to the papers.
  14. Henrik Larsson has entered the betting list on various sites. Also believe this is 100% true but one side is more keen than the other. Still, if he was to be interviewed next week, I'd think he's got as much a chance as anyone.
  15. Haven't seen Jones name mentioned yet - where was this reported?
  16. It depends what a 'decent fee' is. Anything below £750k will be chucked out the window IMO. We've been easily pushed over with paltry fees for McGinn, Mallan, McAllister, Morgan due to contracts running down but I think we'll stand firm on this one with two years left on his deal and the player being content. The ball is our court for a change.
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