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  1. My concerns were always turnover/treatment of staff,/having to pay out of court settlements for staff./season ticket chaos/Involving HMRC./Rangers and Celtic fans on our board,/Stewarding contracts/catering contracts/.As a season ticket holder,Smisa monthly contributor and sponsor i feel i have every right to ask questions and if that is construed as moaning then i am guilty as charged.I dont hide behind a keyboard.My name is Ian Brown Snr.
  2. They /he will not retract the statement and i,m told it was watered down as he wanted to say so much more.. I have not been asked to the meeting tomorrow but no surprise there as my relationship with the club is at an all time low but its funny how they were all my pals when getting Kyle to sign a contract extension.
  3. This one would be a belter if he can stay fit.
  4. I have never intended sitting on the committee of either the fans council or Smisa due to constant bickering and backbiting by people who claim to have the best interests of the club at heart.I often despair listening to members of both belittling each other and even worse the splits in their own camps.The position of board member puts you up there to be shot at and i applaud anyone who takes this position as they will be branded Gordons puppet from the outset.I do not think for a minute that the position can or will be Gordons decision overall but i,m sure he would not allow the appointment any old muppet.Thats why i,m not running.
  5. At the moment it feels like your glamorous girlfriend who gave you 11 beautiful children has left you and she has been substituted by an unglamorous girl with children who dont or cant do as they are told.I hope that their ipads are taken from them and they are exercised to full fitness and shown what it means to play at this level.Adding a few more siblings who they can actually learn from may bring us future joy and happiness. On a serious note we have always said we are in this together,St Mirren family etc.Alan and the players will get my full backing and i will judge them over the next few months.Its far to early to start swinging the meat cleaver.Come on you Saints.
  6. Obviously did not take too kindly to big Gary Macks Rangers tattoo.
  7. Hi Callum.£3192 was raised and i thank everyone for making it a great day.So proud of our club from fans to players.
  8. Macgennis.Is that the haggis munching guy who runs about Penilee. P.s you,re not as well informed as you like to think you are Stu.
  9. Josh has moved on from the drum and is now the megaphone man.
  10. It does as some clubs wait on players contracts running down and pounce for smaller transfer fees as the selling club would get nothing if said contract runs out.Kyle will command a bigger transfer fee and i know that there has been interest in him already.Hopefully there will be a bidding war when the time comes as more money to the club and more money to Kyle.Win win for me personally.
  11. I,m taking it you mean Kyle who is very much admired by Jack and James.For the record he is on a long term deal with us and i would be extremely disappointed if he was sold for peanuts like previous young players.Kyle will go at some point and that will mean he and the club have been successful and hopefully this will make our club a lot more money than we have received in the past.I,ve also got to put my other hat on and hope that Kyle gets a move that makes him financially secure for the rest of his life.If thats at Sunderland then so be it and i know that he will be well looked after. If on the other hand you really meant Josh then hold out for 3 million.In fact he,s priceless.
  12. Basher now confirmed to play.What a team this is turning out to be.Cant wait.
  13. The legend that is Shuggie Murray has confirmed that he will be playing in the above game.There are still some places available for the fans team and anyone wishing to play should DM me.What an opportunity to play with our stars of yesterday in what is sure to be a great day and for a magnificent cause.
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