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  1. great sound on the SaintsTV feed with the commentator talking and then about 20 seconds later the same being played again so its like a loud delayed echo might have been me or they have resolved, restarted and seems ok now
  2. Never said he wasnt, in fact I said one of the best for JG. Martindale has done wonders, JR at Hibs, Goodie, although older Mcinnes is a very good manager even if they have a rough spell right now.
  3. While Jims good the jurys still out on whether he is the best young manager in the league, I'd say one of the best. However you have to laugh at the muppets going on about how Gerrard is so good, I agree he is good but he has been given no challenge as he has had almost limitless funds (compared to his competitors) and his only real competitor imploding this year. If Gerrard had started at a lower club and done as well as Goody or JR then I could agree but for me again the jury's out. At least when you compare to Joey Barton (whose an arse) Fleetwood they punched well above their weight in that league and have been in freefall since they sacked him. SS
  4. Totally based on your opinions of our players, some would never get a game and do
  5. I thought Setanta only went bust due to trying to pay the extortionate amount the EPL demanded but was relatively successful when it just did Irish and Scottish football https://footballpink.net/setanta-premier-league/
  6. Thankfully you don't make decisions at the club
  7. Its a feature of football fans, they also wrote off connolly and Dennis and currently Brophy without considering the time it takes for players to learn how each other play and understanding which runs they will instinctively make etc. Very few players are of the quality of JDH to show their worth in game 1. The whole team is coming together very nicely now and hopefully will continue to improve, if we can hold onto the current crop and enhance them with the continued development of the academy graduates we could be in for a very good spell as Saints fans, after all these years we know how to appreciate the highs as we have had plenty of lows. SS
  8. You started it except you weren't political bashing you were rah rahing but hey ho
  9. Where did I say they weren't? if you re going to call me out on something try to keep up I said overpromising and under delivering , pledge 40 new hospitals, emmmm no only 6 have been given any money to upgrade/build new by 2025 the rest have received afew quid to apply for planning between 2025 and 2030 not to build https://fullfact.org/health/six-hospitals-not-forty/ Pledge 50, 000 new nurses , but later forced to admit only 31, 000 with 19,000 hopefully retained however govmt ministers still refused to admit that they were lying/fudging the numbers. The pledge to add 31,000 new nurses is currently in doubt due to Brexit https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/jul/09/boris-johnson-pledge-to-recruit-nhs-nurses-in-doubt Boris Lying......think everyone knows too many examples of that.
  10. On the other side of that coin https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/oct/02/johnsons-37bn-for-40-new-hospitals-in-england Boris likes overpromising and underdelivering as well as lying, his main character
  11. 6 points, 3 games in hand and +26 goal difference , not a chasm and not saying we are safe but more comfortable than just the Killie game Hopefully no stupid errors and the Saints of the Utd and Tic games turn up
  12. kick on as in holding 6th place and perhaps slowly catch if we can get some consistency , we have 2 games in hand so potentially only 4 points behind Livi which is not insurmountable but a big ask if we keep blowing hot and cold
  13. Luckily Lyness looks a decent backup option with Jak out for afew. Overall still happy with the team just need some consistency and we could kick on
  14. Fraser for the Pen I agree but dont know who was meant to be marking Porteus so still dont think the whole defence was shit as some are making out, same as the whole midfield wasnt shit just because JDH was
  15. dont understand the issue with the defence (fraser aside) Hibs did not get a sniff until we went down to 10 men plenty of pressing but since we went to 10 the defence has constantly been pushed back often 3 or more attackers coming in
  16. I agree Fraser was poor for that and agreed in my post but my point was that the defence does not deserve any hair dryer treatment as 3 of that back 4 have played well. Fraser has been poor tonight when he is usually solid
  17. The Defence? didnt know JDH played there. 2 moments of madness 1 terrible back pass and 1 stupid penalty, Hibs were gifted a goal and an extra man. Defence has been good when you look at the pressure they have been under
  18. so how are they the better team when there wasnt much in it before the sending off?
  19. slack is being kind, that was a pass of the shittest order
  20. Peter Godfrey , Still one of my favourite players ever to don the stripes
  21. What a game and for the second game in a row tremendous from every player, not one played badly and gave their all. Connolly has improved as has Dennis as they have gotten used to the team. Happy Happy Happy
  22. Phenomenal performance so far and the 2 of the best worked goals for saints since the Barcelonaesque one afew seasons ago Keep it up Saints
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