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  1. Are accompanied u18’s allowed in the supporters club after the game?
  2. Who’d take a playoff right now?
  3. Renfrewshire Is chockablock with courses. It wouldn’t surprise me if 2 or 3 go to the wall in the near future.
  4. The bar at Blairgowrie is run by a paisley man. Great hospitality.
  5. Dornoch Alisa Royal Aberdeen Southerness Nairn. My top 5 for what it’s worth. Forgot to add Muirfield. Top 6 then.
  6. andropv

    Paisley Pubs

    Went today. Pretty decent food. Good service.
  7. New profile. Locked out of old account.
  8. Also heard we’re talking to a number9. Well ken’t name.
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