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  1. If SMiSA are genuinely interested in Saints fans safety then they would organise a boycott of all Old Firm games.
  2. What a ridiculous idea. Any decent person would boycott games against the Old Firm. Any Saints fan who attends a game against the Old Firm is supporting bigotry and sectarianism. Its disgusting and its shameful.
  3. Oh dear. The forum's prime Old Firm apologist disgraces himself again. Disgusting that any Saints fan would want to give them any tickets.
  4. so 3 wins out of 3 for Stubbs then. What is the problem?
  5. I'm surprised that you are surprised that he is surprised
  6. We need to get past the Mackenzie / Eckersley thing. Mackenzie is injury prone. He missed 22 league games last season. Eckersley is also injury prone and missed a third of last season. Coulson is a decent replacement. We defo need at least 1 centre half, a striker and someone to replace Lewis Morgan (Micky Johnston potentially). I like Magennis & McGinn in the centre of midfield but we need another to offer cover and competition.
  7. Missing 22 league games last season is reason enough to offload him. No point in having a decent player if he is sitting in the stands most weeks.
  8. I'm guessing that Middlesbrough see Coulson as a left back rather than a winger and that Coulson probably sees this as well. I've read that he was a left winger earlier in his career and was pushed back into defence. Just because a full back looks good when attacking doesn't automatically mean that they would make good wingers. It could be that they are good at running at defences when running from deep. Wingers aren't usually able to do this and sometimes also have to be looking to get behind defences to run onto through balls. I would hope that this would be a game where Heaton gets a game. If he isn't good enough to face Queens Park then that would be alarming. Assuming no new signings, I'd go with Rodgers - McGinn, Heaton, Kpekawa, Coulson - Flynn, McShane, McGinn, Magennis - Smith - Mullen
  9. Wish I'd put money on who would reply first.
  10. Yeh, totally agree. Without Morgan I doubt we'd even have made the play offs. The squad that Ross left, minus Morgan, was nowhere near good enough to survive in the top flight. But just one or two players can sometimes make all the difference.
  11. We've missed Davis, Magennis & Morgan - 3 of our best players. If we get in the boy Johnston then he may well be the guy who can replace Morgan. Magennis is still here and Kpekawa shows real potential to replace Davis - and not be injured half the season. I think we will be okay.
  12. Not been the same since they let you out!
  13. Junior Mendes was there for a few years before we won the league! The success was built around the ball getting punted into Yardley & Lavety! The problem was that we didn't have that strikeforce in the top flight and we were up against far superior opposition! Mendes did nothing at Dunfermline in the top flight. Didn't cause them such a problem.
  14. Indeed. And our success in 2000 was very much built around the strike partnership of Yardley & Lavety. We lost Lavety and Yardley had reached the end of the road. This time around, our success was built around Lewis Morgan. He's gone now - not Stubbs' fault. The fact is that much of last season's championship winning side are just not good enough for the top flight!
  15. FACT (see, I can use capitals as well), he was on the bench 8 times. You are saying that they benched him 8 times for a tweet he hadn't yet made? FACT, Gavin Reilly was our top scorer.... and we let him go cos he isn't good enough! 9 goals in 18 starts in the 3rd tier of English football with a massive club that won the league..... hardly "remarkable" nor "exceptional" FACT, he was struggling!
  16. Yeh, that was my reaction to your initial irrelevant and nonsensical quote of my post!
  17. No. You reckon that Man U, Man City, Liverpool, Arsenal & Chelsea don't have budgets far larger than anyone else?
  18. No, I'd say it was totally true! Why else would they sell him half way through the season? He was left on the bench 8 times in the first half of that season before they punted him and he scored only 9 times in open play. They got shot of him and brought in a far cheaper replacement who scored more goals in less games!
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