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  1. I’m sure he’ll be devastated at that revelation [emoji23] Why make a lengthy post all about someone you’ve put on ignore!
  2. If there is such a positive case for Scexit then why is it such an issue for the SNP? The electoral commission has already said a Yes / No question is unfair.
  3. Because, and to use the description of fatty fatcat millionaire banker Ian Blackford, a “disruptive” Scexit would be damaging to the economy of England as well as a disaster for Scotland!
  4. So the SNP wants Labour to grant them a second Scexit referendum in return for their support at Westminster On the assumption that the SNP believes that Leave would win the Scexit referendum and they would no longer send MPs to Westminster then this would put Labour out of power. Doh! Don’t think Sturgeon has thought this one through! Almost as stupid as cowardly @cockles1987 the forum clown! [emoji23]
  5. Mike Russell still trying to rig any future Scexit referendum by attempting to keep the unfair yes / no question.
  6. There will be no DUP or Sinn Fein candidates in the Sky TV debate Irrespective of your political views, this is a democratic deficit for the people of Northern Ireland There will be no Green Party candidate in the debate This is a democratic deficit for the people of Brighton FFS.... #fauxmoraloutrage #carlbeech [emoji23]
  7. Scexit will result in a hard border with England It will be a nightmare
  8. [mention=536]tpafkats[/mention] is quite happy to take the moral high ground at every opportunity He’s also happy to dish out personal abuse to folk he disagrees with My response was indeed personal
  9. No amount of irrelevant whataboutery changes anything Ffs....
  10. Folk avoid politics because of posts on the general nonsense section of a St Mirren supporters forum? [emoji23]
  11. Nicola Sturgeon challenges Boris and Corbyn to a TV debate So she’s resigning at First Minister and standing to be an MP at Westminster? She’s not very bright! [emoji23] A bit like [mention=12278]DougJamie[/mention] [emoji8]
  12. That Nicola and Boris are lying extremist nationalists. What’s your point?
  13. Indeed. Disgraceful. Both groups of extremist nationalists should hang their heads in shame.
  14. Majority of Scots don’t support a right wing nationalist SNP either, yet here we are!
  15. Your missus spurned me last night. Five times in one night was enough she said. [emoji8]
  16. It’s like the Nuremberg rallies! [emoji38]
  17. Real hate..... And she had the cheek to talk of an inclusive Scotland [emoji23]
  18. It’s not morals that’s the issue here Not Jack Ross’ morals anyway If it were true then fair enough But it’s just hearsay @TPAFKATS likes to take the moral high ground at every opportunity but that post gives a true insight into his character
  19. Another dreadful non league signing from Stubbs off the books..... er, hang on a minute.....
  20. This post highlights the sort of despicable character you really are
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