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  1. By paying for the customers shopping ? Apparently it’s a thing [emoji2]
  2. In the Final chapter book , there is a FFF flag from the Leeds guys made I guess when the FFF thing came about
  3. I done it via the mysky app this evening- clicked the coronavirus section on the app - it loads a page once it’s your turn ( took around 10 minutes ) it automatically refreshes page so leave app open - asks you to confirm you want to pause service ( sports ) informs you they will message you when sport resumes IF you want to resume service Click confirm & next bill will be adjusted automatically It’s not live chat just a box to click confirm ( you need to be logged in )
  4. An unprecedented support package improving daily and responding to the people’s needs. A measured and appropriate response and very supportive of all sectors as far and probably beyond what is reasonably expected. No other government and certainly never a labour government would match this.
  5. In the 70s we were either on Knox St or Rosebud bus for away games. Remember one occasion they bricked the bus & put the windows in [emoji15]
  6. Write on envelope ? Posted on ( date ) Open 1 week later ? Similar idea for schools : closing for several weeks : ZERO staff in building for first week : then they can be cleaned safely on week 2 as it’s no longer active on hard surfaces ?
  7. ETA; Perhaps I should start a thread ? Things you thought happened but they didnae really ? [emoji2]
  8. Except I didnae [emoji2] Remember not a jot other than the noise from Saints fans in extra time ( 6 cans of Breaker can have that effect ) [emoji2]
  9. 2 offerings. 1) As a wee boy, we sometimes went to Glasgow Airport in the days you could walk out the gantry style roof & watch the planes coming and going. There were seating areas on it and usual things tables & bins etc. Anyway I was walking backward while watching the planes and fell in and got wedged in one of the large circular concrete bins, soaking wet from whatever was in the bin on a dry sunny day, wasn’t my finest moment. 2) Scottish Cup Final 87 - Had been collecting all the newspaper cuttings & pictures from each round, made a wee Saints hat for the day , the day arrives happy days. Except, at 18 years old decided to get 6 cans of Breaker for my liquid breakfast/lunch. Got the train ‘special’ from Paisley/ Glasgow ( now pished ) don’t remember anything other than waking up in extra time Ferguson scored. Got in Hampden ok ( now idea how ) missed whole game. I do however remember the town that night from my bus stop roof view opposite town hall [emoji4] Happy days
  10. ‘Inside knowledge’ England ready to mobilise military as early as next week. Health staff/Utilities/Carers etc allowed movement - restrictions on everyone else Already Leisure centres closed / Cinemas / Mcdonalds now drive - thru only in places ( shopping centres on lock down & announcement on school closures shortly Currently year 8/9 most schools sent home 2nd/3rd year effectively & schools struggling to get through this week One Academy had 350 kids off yesterday Wonder if we will follow up here as soon ?
  11. I got asked to leave Waitrose, admittedly I’ve been here a week with a trolley load hoping someone might pay for my shopping, didn’t happen. I think they realised because I made the mistake of buying frozen food & the tannoy saying ‘Wet spill isle one’ every twenty minutes [emoji2] I thought about using my panic buy loo roll to mop up the water, but might of drawn some attention [emoji2]
  12. Probably, it does after all have coffin related symptoms [emoji2]
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