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  1. By paying for the customers shopping ? Apparently it’s a thing [emoji2]
  2. In the Final chapter book , there is a FFF flag from the Leeds guys made I guess when the FFF thing came about
  3. I done it via the mysky app this evening- clicked the coronavirus section on the app - it loads a page once it’s your turn ( took around 10 minutes ) it automatically refreshes page so leave app open - asks you to confirm you want to pause service ( sports ) informs you they will message you when sport resumes IF you want to resume service Click confirm & next bill will be adjusted automatically It’s not live chat just a box to click confirm ( you need to be logged in )
  4. An unprecedented support package improving daily and responding to the people’s needs. A measured and appropriate response and very supportive of all sectors as far and probably beyond what is reasonably expected. No other government and certainly never a labour government would match this.
  5. In the 70s we were either on Knox St or Rosebud bus for away games. Remember one occasion they bricked the bus & put the windows in [emoji15]
  6. Write on envelope ? Posted on ( date ) Open 1 week later ? Similar idea for schools : closing for several weeks : ZERO staff in building for first week : then they can be cleaned safely on week 2 as it’s no longer active on hard surfaces ?
  7. ETA; Perhaps I should start a thread ? Things you thought happened but they didnae really ? [emoji2]
  8. Except I didnae [emoji2] Remember not a jot other than the noise from Saints fans in extra time ( 6 cans of Breaker can have that effect ) [emoji2]
  9. 2 offerings. 1) As a wee boy, we sometimes went to Glasgow Airport in the days you could walk out the gantry style roof & watch the planes coming and going. There were seating areas on it and usual things tables & bins etc. Anyway I was walking backward while watching the planes and fell in and got wedged in one of the large circular concrete bins, soaking wet from whatever was in the bin on a dry sunny day, wasn’t my finest moment. 2) Scottish Cup Final 87 - Had been collecting all the newspaper cuttings & pictures from each round, made a wee Saints hat for the day , the day arrives happy days. Except, at 18 years old decided to get 6 cans of Breaker for my liquid breakfast/lunch. Got the train ‘special’ from Paisley/ Glasgow ( now pished ) don’t remember anything other than waking up in extra time Ferguson scored. Got in Hampden ok ( now idea how ) missed whole game. I do however remember the town that night from my bus stop roof view opposite town hall [emoji4] Happy days
  10. ‘Inside knowledge’ England ready to mobilise military as early as next week. Health staff/Utilities/Carers etc allowed movement - restrictions on everyone else Already Leisure centres closed / Cinemas / Mcdonalds now drive - thru only in places ( shopping centres on lock down & announcement on school closures shortly Currently year 8/9 most schools sent home 2nd/3rd year effectively & schools struggling to get through this week One Academy had 350 kids off yesterday Wonder if we will follow up here as soon ?
  11. I got asked to leave Waitrose, admittedly I’ve been here a week with a trolley load hoping someone might pay for my shopping, didn’t happen. I think they realised because I made the mistake of buying frozen food & the tannoy saying ‘Wet spill isle one’ every twenty minutes [emoji2] I thought about using my panic buy loo roll to mop up the water, but might of drawn some attention [emoji2]
  12. Probably, it does after all have coffin related symptoms [emoji2]
  13. Scotland play off v Israel Now June this year ( as it stands )
  14. Joking aside, I’m near Bathgate & it’s been a manic few days for shoppers. Today, seems somewhat ‘normal’ I hope the foodbank donations continue as when we do collections at the stadium they are usually very successful Bigger picture like you say, but ultimately, there is no shortage in the supply chain, people should shop as they normally would
  15. Aye, maybe watch someone panic buy in Waitrose & join the queue & pay for their shopping ?
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