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  1. Not a great Scotland fan but always hope they do well of course, however I’m still unconvinced they are as good as many in the media seem to think. Having two home games out of three would normally make us favourites at any time but I cannot see where goals will come from. Clarke appears to have done a decent job so far but closer scrutiny shows we scraped through on penalties and already look unlikely to qualify for the next WC. Prepared to eat my words if we succeed but fear the worst. Fingers crossed though.
  2. I’m sure another new right wing news channel will suit quite a few on here. “It is easier to fool people than it is to convince them they have been fooled “
  3. STV at their patronising best with the preview of tomorrow’s game. How cringeworthy to interview two players, neither of whom are Scottish and then the pundit mentions a few players, all of whom play in England. STV ?
  4. Arnautovic has always been what they would refer to as an enigma but really just an angry man! In other words, riff raff .
  5. Guy who scored the third goal the epitome of poor sportsmanship. Thought the STV all English panel might have made mention of that.
  6. Has anyone else noticed that whilst we have the most famous stadium, in Hampden, all the others so far are much better and more modern .? Looks like we just put up with second best in lots of things.
  7. Decent Scotland team although I’d have Gordon in goal and definitely omit Hanley. Also think England have better players in most positions. Scotland have to win tomorrow or it’s curtains. When they play in London it’s like us against the OF, frightened rabbits. Good luck nevertheless.
  8. I see it’s the English commentary and pundits teams on both channels yet again. Players being referred to in relation to their EFL teams etc. Quelle surprise.
  9. Lol, 1-0 against ten men. Nothing up front, rather pathetic and that’s without seeing any of the game. Ought to qualify from the group but of course, won’t. Also heard some fans are being told to turn up hours before kick off. What a nerve.
  10. I see that STV have decided to break with tradition and show Scotland games in the Euros. Not tonight , of course, as they are ignoring our national team in favour of another country. Oh well, at least we are used to it. 😁
  11. Killie are due to be relegated, never liked them and one less plastic pitch. Fingers crossed.
  12. Let’s face it,Scotland will have 3 games then out. Goals are at a premium so Griffiths should have been included. Too many defenders which indicates how the team might be set up. Glad to see inclusion of Patterson and Turnbull, not seen anything of Gilmour but at least young. A few should not be going though, Hanley, Cooper and Fleck. You could pick a decent side out of the squad I believe but, just like Saints, goals or lack thereof will be the problem.
  13. Yet another game with zero goals. Far too many like that. Glad season is over.
  14. Beaten by a better team, no doubt about that. I did expect more of a fight from Saints but I suppose when you have no goal scorers, defeat is always likely. I went to the ground to cheer the team off earlier and it’s a pity the players couldn’t find the same enthusiasm as the fans. Very disappointing.
  15. Thanks for updating me, I hadn’t noticed any of that.
  16. Have Season ticket but not a laptop etc. Quite happy with bbc 30 second highlights, and radio coverage. Mostly rotten this season anyway.
  17. Saw the Killie game on tv. Unable to get in these days. You too ?
  18. Unlike all the others on here, I didn’t see the game, but an awful result against a poor team. We were not impressive on Monday albeit scraped through but need a massive improvement next week to stand a chance against probably our bogey team. Surely we can’t yet again bottle it at the final hurdle ?
  19. It seems to be forgotten that almost everyone who pays money to watch football does not approve of plastic pitches. Therefore clubs should be compelled to play on grass.
  20. Caught the highlights, we seemed to have more of the play but as usual, nothing up front. I suspect we will end up 9th or 10th so it’s all about the cup to salvage something.
  21. Time to be rid of these dreadful parasites.
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