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  1. The temptation to settle for any kind of win is perhaps understandable whilst no one is able to attend, but cannot continue if fans are ever allowed back. I’ve just seen highlights so far and have not been convinced of any improvement since the last miserable campaign. One lives in hope though.
  2. I admire the optimism on this thread, particularly the hope an English non league player and a forward with one or two goals in a season will inspire an avalanche of goals. Hope it happens but I doubt it. No harm in being upbeat though.
  3. I think it’s a little hyperbolic to claim 6 out of 9 points is fantastic, considering both wins were very hard won and against Livi and Hamilton. The other game was a bit of a mauling from Rangers. I’m not denigrating it but we are always clinging on due to the inability to score enough goals. Perhaps the return of Flynn and Magennis will improve things but we desperately need a goal scorer and I’m afraid the posters who believe Morais will come good ( what? after a season ?) will be sorely disappointed. I hope to remain optimistic, better times ahead.
  4. Okay my feline friend, the 6 Pts apart, what else do you disagree with ? Good goalie ? Need a goal scorer ? Plastic pitches ? Religious cyclists ? I was merely stating my opinion, not rubbishing anyone’s point of view.
  5. Only saw highlights and some radio reports but , goalie apart, pretty unimpressed with that showing. Unless a decent forward is brought in we will not score enough goals as the front two yesterday are not of the required standard. I also think the plastic pitch should be banned when paying customers are allowed back. It spoils the game. 6pts from 9 is reasonable but a forward urgently required.
  6. It seems that the reason for cancellation is Celtic being told they mustn’t play. A real sportsman would offer to concede the match in a case like this, as it’s no fault of the opponent. Over to you Celtic.
  7. The game will take place and Celtic will win easily. Anything else is just wishful thinking.
  8. It’s nothing personal, he is not good enough at this standard of football. I’ve already said, easily dispossessed, rather weak, lacks fighting spirit and although has scored a few goals(mostly sitters) far too deliberate when offered a goal scoring chance. My evidence is........I’ve seen him play.
  9. And your counter argument is what, exactly ?
  10. Obika is a waste regardless of where he plays. Way below the standard required at this level. Very weak in a tackle and lacks any kind of pace. Need a replacement urgently.
  11. To the names of Rudi Skacel and Leigh Griffiths may be added Morelos. Easy to score against us. Despite radio Clydes pundits making more excuses for us than the Daily Mail for Johnson, the score line tells it all. From what I could gather, no shots at goal, although with the poor excuse for a centre forward we have, it wouldn’t matter anyway. On now to the next so called free match and whilst I have come to expect nothing against the OF, I also unfortunately expect no fight either. Perhaps I ought to expect a barrage of abusive comments from those who are “realistic” about our place in the scheme of things.
  12. No radio commentary but Clyde giving updates. Sounds like the usual defeat before a ball is kicked and no doubt the usual excuse of a “free” game etc. Nothing up front so no chance of a goal even if we did try to attack. Pathetic effort from saints.
  13. If the game is on wireless I will listen in and watch highlights later on tv. I predict yet another loss and more to follow midweek. We rarely put up much of a fight against the big two these days. Don’t see the fuss if some fans want to watch the game live somewhere, anyway it’s too nice a day to be cooped up inside watching tv.
  14. My mistake. Have tried to erase it from memory. Still lost though.
  15. Only a genius could mastermind a team to lose to nine men in extra time. And even survive it to avoid dismissal.
  16. Avoid this one like the plague. We badly need a striker, not a crock.
  17. I know it’s not saints fault that no fans are allowed but until we can get back into the ground , I will just rely on radio and highlights on tv. I may renew the season ticket later but who knows how long this situation can continue?
  18. Isn’t that damning with faint praise.? Proper forward required.
  19. Just watched highlights, good goal from Tait and a few others. Was Obika playing.? Not a sight or mention of him,lol. Business as usual.
  20. Cannot understand why Morais has been retained for this season, he is a pretty poor player , certainly not good enough for this level of football. Must be replaced immediately.
  21. Forward desperately needed, nothing up front. That’s without even seeing anything.
  22. Game live on radio and highlights later,so quite happy with this. Sounds like it was a good goal from a debutant.
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