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  1. Looks like it was played behind closed doors. Goal was pretty soft but I suppose any kind of win is fine.
  2. Not seen or heard any reports from the game, but if the hyperbole from previous postings are to be believed then I cannot wait to see the two minute highlights.
  3. Great result and looked like our best performance in a long time. Hope we can keep this up next week and move up the league. Plaudits to Ronan who looks like a good wee player.
  4. Hadn’t realised the date of the game had been changed until just there. Almost October, season ticket, only managed two games(missed 15 mins of one of them) , no goals and cannot make this match. Such is life being a saint. Hope the team improves for tomorrow. Forgot, don’t have Sky either. 😄
  5. I will answer, despite your rude reply. McGinn had been isolating for over a week and wasn’t fit to play. He was removed after an hour or so. I saw the highlights as I don’t have Sky tv but listened on radio as well. The duds are the players who missed quite a few “sitters” and I include the player who has been the most unsuccessful captain for Scotland, ever. No one should be considered undroppable.
  6. Firstly, why make an excuse for a player when he should never have been considered for this game. In addition, he is vastly overrated and spends most of the game on his backside. The blame lies with Clarke for persisting with duds time and time again. Watch out for his “ not a must win game “ for tomorrow. Laughable if it was not serious.
  7. Was at that game yesterday, good show from both teams, makes a difference from rubbish like saints and Scotland,lol.
  8. Just watched the highlights, Scotland are hopeless. Defence poor and nothing up front. Already out of the World Cup. Long past caring , quite honestly but still dispiriting. Manager should be removed after the Austria defeat.
  9. Listening only. After tonight’s defeat, an excuse will be made( top seeds, any point a bonus etc etc) then possibly win next game against dross before defeat to Austria and elimination. Further excuses to spare the manager from dismissal and save from the embarrassment of extending his contract. It’s the usual story, been using it for decades. Serves us right for putting up with it. An apologists dream.
  10. SFA confirming today that it’s not just Government Ministers who are able to fail upwards. Scrape through to the Euros via the back door and penalties, lose two home games by 1-5 , and by this time next month, be eliminated from the next World Cup. Outcome ? A contact extension. Just been listening to Scoreboard on radio and the apologists are mumbling something about “continuity”. I certainly concur. A generation of continuous rubbish. Same manager, mostly same players, same outcome.
  11. Just saw the brief “highlights “ didn’t bother with the pundits discussion. Saints looked pathetic and the guy in charge could get a job in the government with his “nothing to see here, move on “ description of the capitulation. Assuming JG recovers from his illness, he has a big job on his hands trying to improve that lot before Sunday. I got a call from the ticket office saying my own seat was unavailable for the game and quite honestly I’m not bothered at the moment. That’s how bad it is.
  12. Just back from Johnstone Burch game (won 4-2) , to be assaulted orally by the saints game on radio. Pretty shameful it sounds but thoroughly not unexpected. Relegation dogfight pending - yet again.
  13. Sensing a win today as likely as a Cabinet Ministers resignation.
  14. Every cloud has a silver lining. Being unable to watch the game sounds like a bonus. Terrible result and next league game is Celtic. Oh, dear.
  15. Just relying on radio but it seems that yet again we appear to have nothing up front. Maybe we can improve in the second half.
  16. Hi, thanks again, I didn’t have an account and cannot register for some reason but appreciate the help.
  17. Hi, thanks for your help, but I still cannot either register or log in. Been at this for an hour so will just give it a miss. Hope we are able to eventually get back to attending soon. Very disappointed at Saints as they are no help in this matter.
  18. I find I am unable to access Saints tv and despite trying to contact the club, no response. Anyone able to help. .? Yet again refused access to attend the game, pretty furious about this and regretting buying a season ticket.
  19. Are you always this friendly and understanding?
  20. Yeah, thought an email at least, as not all are interested in social media. Perhaps even something in the written press e.g The Beano.
  21. I just found out, by accident, that as a season ticket holder, I had to apply by last Sunday to be entered into a ballot for a chance to watch what I’ve already paid for, the Hearts game. I think that’s pretty poor, meaning that unless you are either well informed or chance upon it, then you are excluded from attending. I attended my first game since the last Hearts game at the weekend. Johnstone Burgh. Maybe that’s my best chance of watching live football these days.
  22. Was able to acquire my season ticket today at the ticket office. All I hope now is that I will be able to get in to see the matches.
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