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  1. Robinson drafting his letter of resignation ? 😁
  2. Taylor and Small are both hopeless, into the sea with them. Our end to last season was worrying, just nothing up front and goals scarce. We must qualify from a very weak L Cup group at the very least. Hope the keeper signs back on and maybe the new Irish lad can score a few goals. Won’t bother going until league season starts , that’s if season ticket arrives 😁
  3. Record in signing strikers has been poor so hope he doesn’t try the same kind of players who have proved insufficient.
  4. I ordered mine quite a few weeks ago, specifying a card as I don’t feel the need to take my phone to the football. Still not received it though.
  5. Seriously though, our recent form is relegation standard, just as well we were exempt from that. Yesterday had the air of a pre season friendly, Saints were awful, next season could be a worry. Finally, there was never over seven thousand in attendance.
  6. In my last post, I was overly pessimistic about us only winning one point from the last 21. Thankfully we doubled that. 😁
  7. I do, but only for home games. In fact, just renewed today for next season. 👍
  8. Watched the highlights, really poor and good riddance to the guy who got sent off.
  9. Chucked it after reaching the top six. Out of their depth.
  10. Be very surprised at anything other than a heavy defeat as usual. Our achievement in reaching the top six without a forward line is commendable but the late season collapse could see us quite easily have just one point from the final 21. Maybe we should try next term with some forwards, who knows what we could achieve. 😁
  11. Threw it away yet again. Great first half then sat back and let Hearts dictate. Could see the equaliser coming. Of course if we had a goal scorer we would have won easily, but nothing up front as ever. Strain our best player.
  12. Well beaten in the last two games but despite that, top six status secured. Killies tactics yesterday, particularly the faking of injury, was pretty disappointing but their determination made us look poor. Regarding the player who was cautioned twice in a minute, then dismissed, I would send him back to his host club as he is not up to much in a playing sense. Only downside of ending up among the big boys is the inevitable heavy defeats against the OF. At least relegation has been avoided. 😁
  13. Ok don’t wish an argument but may I point out that each of these teams have given us heavy defeats this season as well. Maybe best you ignore my posts , we don’t agree on anything.
  14. One of the downsides, should we reach the top six, is the potential maulings yet again from the OF. Only listened to match on radio and turned off as we lost the third goal but disappointed to find out later we collapsed near the end. Note that yet again none of our “ forwards” scored. Must do much better next week although I fear for our results should we make the top six.
  15. Some pretty good signings this season, Carson, Strain, Gogic, Ohara, Baccus. Improvement from a few already there. Less good are Taylor, Olusanya and Ayunga, but on balance more good signings than bad. 👍
  16. On Hearts fan forum pre match ,most were not confident of a win, yet furious after an expected defeat ! Seems like their manager (originally a Saints fan I believe) is heading for the door. As for us, I anticipate a defeat next week but a good game v Killie following that. Possibly break our ground attendance at that one ?
  17. My reverse psychology seems to have worked 😁 . The highlights seemed to show Hearts having most of the play, don’t know how accurate that was, not having been at the game. Decent result nevertheless and keeps top half of the league a possibility still. My comment from earlier still stands though, we have nothing up front and most goals come from defenders/ midfield.
  18. Reckon we have the worst forwards in the country. Nothing up front, such a pity.
  19. Agree with the crowd prediction. As for the match, just like Saints, nothing up front. Back to earth with a defeat and no prospect of topping the group. Think it’s rather pitiful we are reduced to relying on an Australian and English players to try and score goals for us., none of whom I’d even take at Saints. Wonder how the managers contract extension will look should we be on the end of a bad defeat. They certainly pick their moments to make decisions. Just on another subject, isn’t Facebook the platform to boast about your foreign holidays ? 😄
  20. Penalty is awarded when a player is fouled in the box. There was no foul. Perhaps he just fell. 😄.
  21. Had a feeling we would lose this beforehand, but a draw is still an awful result. Yet again no goals from our forwards, pathetic. According to radio we came into it more in the second half but I think it’s maybe better to avoid the top six and save us more misery from the old firm. Leave that to big teams like Livi.
  22. Very bad decision to play Taylor, he is hopeless. Think we will lose to the worst team in the league.
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