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  1. Great goal from Tait but they had us hanging on at the end. As usual, nothing up front. I’d say it’s only a temporary stay of execution for the manager, would happily swap him for the Ross County chap.
  2. Commentator kept saying the result equals the worst ever result by a Scottish team. As the old firm have had more tries than anyone else, I assume it was one of them ?
  3. Saw the highlights there, just as bad as I’d suspected. The new signings are very poor but when you sign cast offs from the English lower leagues, what else would they be ? Although it’s possible to make more signings, I dearly hope Robinson is gone before considering such a thing.
  4. Half time tactical substitution, remove the bearded Irishman and replace with a football manager. Probably too late already after only two games.
  5. Only brief radio updates but assume the game is already lost. Very disheartening.
  6. Main source of entertainment may be Robinsons latest excuse for a defeat. As for the ticket fiasco, I agree clubs are deliberately making it difficult to attend away matches. Thankfully I only go to home games, that’s enough misery to endure these days. 😁
  7. Worst Motherwell team I’ve seen, and they still beat us ! Again nothing up front. Grieve could fall over in a gust of wind, the no 7 missed 3 good chances, hopeless. Gallagher and Bacchus looked half decent. The manager should be hunted asap or we are certs for relegation. Find it impossible to enjoy watching saints, and those around me feel likewise. Very poor value for money.
  8. His appalling record shows he is not the man for the job. Better to make the change asap.
  9. Cannot imagine Robinson being allowed to sign any more players, given his recent record. Those brought in appear to be pretty hopeless, just as forecast. Doubt if he will be here for much longer anyway. Sincerely hope so.
  10. If what you imagine is true, this equates to failure without consequences. I reckon it would take a delve into the Guinness book of records to find a football manager with a worse set of initial results than Robinson. Let’s not wait to rack up a few league defeats, because without a goal scorer that’s a certainty, it’s time for the board to own up and admit they made an awful choice. As for the players he has, Stubbs-like brought in, completely hopeless.
  11. Probably just avoid relegation, but entertainment value negligible. Incidentally, I take exception to your insolence, sonny.
  12. I only heard the result, but surely this confirms the dreadful mistake of appointing Robinson as manager. He must be dismissed asap regardless of any economic consequences. Whoever gave him the job ought to be ashamed.
  13. Never mind, there’s still the Scottish Cup and the relegation battle to keep us entertained.
  14. Surely he has long since been found out ? Best to do the sensible thing and replace the manager at the start of the season before it’s too late.
  15. After witnessing the pathetic display in midweek, I will be giving this a very wide bearth. Saw nothing in the new signings, perhaps excluding Ohara, to encourage any confidence in the new season. My opinion on the new manager remains the same as previous.
  16. Well beaten by a faster, fitter team. Particularly unimpressed by the goalie, the guy on the right wing and Gallagher, of the new signings. A rather pathetic performance, but used to it by now.
  17. Meant to say, I’d no idea the player had been in prison. He was, however not good enough for Aberdeen.
  18. The manager has already proved to be hopeless, no need to wait six months.
  19. Seems to be a gap between 2016 and 2017, whilst at Livi. Another Aberdeen cast off. Probably another underwhelming signing by a manager who shouldn’t be there.
  20. I notice now that Clarke has began to react very poorly in interviews. Strachan-esque in his demeanour and with similar insolence when asked a question. Having been given a contract extension in the middle of a bad run of games, it has been mooted that dismissing him would be too expensive to consider. Even ignoring the fact that most international managers usually fall on their swords after failure to qualify for tournaments, are we then to accept Clarke’s failure as being with no consequences ? Seems like the old “I take full responsibility for the results etc”, whilst continuing in his post. Now where have I heard that excuse recently ? Mmmm.
  21. I rather accidentally stumbled upon the documentary last night on bbc. It was shocking to see and hear the conditions of those ex soldiers taking part. Wheat I remember about those days was the feeling of shame that a right wing government (just as we have now) was able to win an election based purely on a war. Not proud in any way of this country and those previously and currently “running things” . Shameful.
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